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St. Petersburg
A marriage trip to St. Petersburg is an opportunity for Western men to be able to meet lovely Russian women and visit one of the most beautiful cities of the world. The Russian romance tour will definitely not disappoint you!

Why St. Petersburg?

  • Visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the world
  • Meeting hundrends of lovely Russian brides
  • Learning Russian culture
A romance tour to Kiev offers Western men the matchless opportunity of meeting thousands of attractive Ukrainian women while visiting one of the most historic cities anywhere in the former Soviet Union.

Why Kiev?

  • Visiting one of the most historic cities in the former USSR
  • Meeting thousands of beautiful Ukrainian ladies
  • Sights and dates on one trip
marriage tour thailand
Thailand romantic tours are taken by Western men in search of an exotic, interesting and mysterious woman for life and marriage. Start packing your bags for beautiful Bangkok, Thailand!

Why Thailand?

  • Visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the world
  • Meeting hundreds of exotic Thai women
  • Visiting the best places to have fun and excitement
Philippine romantic trip
A Philippine romantic trip will offer you the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful and exotic women from Asia. A soul mate might be waiting for you on the Philippine dating vacation.

Why the Philippines ?

  • Gaining the most fantastic dating experience of your life
  • Meeting the beautiful exotic ladies of the Philippines
  • English is the primary language there, you can communicate with women without any translator
Romantic Tour to the Dominican Republic
One visit to this beautiful island with have you wanting to never leave and yearning with desire to come back for finding a beautiful, warm Dominican woman for a relationship, marriage and family.

Why the Dominican Republic?

  • Visiting the Caribbean’s most popular tourist destination
  • Meeting hundreds of exotic Latin women
  • Beautiful landscapes, biking, bird-watching, and sight-seeing
Columbia romance trip
A romance tour to Cartagena allows meeting hundreds of beautiful, lovely Latin women who are very interested in a long term relationship and marriage. So come on the romance tour and take the journey of a life time!

Why Cartagena, Columbia?

  • Visiting a remarkably romantic city in Colombia
  • Meeting as many of Latin beautiful and sincere women as possible
  • Gaining an unforgettable dating experience
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Stop struggling with the Western dating game that can leave you scratching your head in dismay. If you are serious about meeting a woman that could have an entirely different outlook on life, try a romance tour to Russia, Ukraine, Asia or Latin America. The woman of your dreams may not be found in your limited space, but could exist in other parts of the world.

Romance tours as an alternative to online dating

A romance tour (also marriage tour, romantic trip, single trip) is a splendidly prepared journey that takes you to different parts of the world and introduces you to foreign women looking for love, marriage and family. You will be a part of like-minded people, learn new cultures, and experience women that are hoping for the same.

Where do the doves of love take you away?

There are several parts of the globe where romance tours are headed. Arrangements for transportation, translators, and social events are all planned in advance so all you have to do is select a country and board a plane.

Romance tours to Russia

Russia is unique in its tone for preserving architecture, culture, literature and historical attractions. The sights of a tour will include the magnificent buildings, plus plenty of comfort foods that is woven into a traveler’s delight. Continuous mingling with the locals, and available women, will present an enjoyable time. Vodka and tea are the most popular drinks of Russia :).

The popularity of Russian women has recently been growing with men hoping to return to the traditional family values offered by women from Russia. Most Russian women are looking for a husband in the Western world that is sensitive and loyal. I suppose they believe that men in the Western world have the potential to be better husbands and fathers than when compared to men in their region. Marriage tours to Russia give the unique opportunity to meet different Russian brides and in that way they have the probability of finding one that may be interested in getting to know them better.

russian girl dating
A Russian romance tour is an opportunity for Western men to be able to meet beautiful and sincere Russian ladies and visit one of the most beautiful cities of the world. The Russian romance tour will definitely not disappoint you!

Why Russia?

  • Visiting the most beautiful and unusual locations in the world
  • Meeting hundrends of charming Russian brides
  • Learning mysterious Russian culture, traditions and rituals

Romance tours to Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most interesting country in Europe. It is a state which became independent in the rapid and bloody twentieth century. Ukrainian people were recognized as a non-Russian nation with their own language. The Ukraine has a trove of rich natural resources and it is an important vendor of raw materials. The high productivity of agriculture in the region has encouraged the development of extensive industries and the production of agricultural equipment.

Ukrainian-Western dating becomes more and more popular all the time. As you know, more and more men from Western parts of the world are interested in meeting women from Ukraine because of their family values and traditions. There is stability and confidence in a stable cultural environment at home. A stable culture at home often results in a stable, happy family.

ukraine girls
The man who undertakes a Ukraine romance tour is helped to visit different cities like Kiev, Odessa, Mariupol or Kharkov where he can meet eligible single women who have previous been screened by AFA.

Why Ukraine?

  • Visiting one of the world’s most fascinating countries
  • Meeting lovely Ukrainian ladies for life and marriage
  • Learning Ukrainian culture and traditions

Asian women romantic tours

Asian women have become a welcome sight in the Western world. The old world practices have delivered many ancient answers to questions of health, work and simplicity. Meditation and respect for others continues to reign strong in Asian countries. Plant supplemented diets and fish are prominent in most societies. Many Western men are attracted to Asian (Chinese, Thai and Philippine) women for their stunning good looks and family-oriented values.

A romance tour takes you to three great countries like Thailand, China (Shenzhen, Chongqing) and the Philippines that increase your probability of meeting a future wife. During the romance tour, you are even introduced to a large group of Asian women, so you can discover first-hand how truly amazing they are. Of course, there are so many different cultures and ideologies found in each nation, you can either visit one country, or seek out several different Asian marriage trips in order to find the perfect location and love for you.

thai woman
A Asian romance tour takes you to three great countries like Thailand, China and the Philippines that increase your probability of meeting a future wife. You will be introduced to a large group of Asian women!

Why Asia?

  • Visiting three great countries (Thailand, China and the Philippines)
  • Meeting exotic Asian brides for a happy family life
  • Enjoying nice beaches and great weather

Latin romantic tours

If you love music and dance, you will find plenty of opportunities on your trip. Latinos love celebration with bright, festive colors, quick-paced rhythm, and playful dance moves. Spicy foods keep you energized with maize-based dishes and drinks made of coconut water or rum make a yummy mix. Latin women have many cultural features that appeal to Western men who are seeking a family-oriented woman with old-fashioned values and morals.

A marriage trip takes you to four great countries like Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic that increase your chance of finding a future wife. With Latin America comes the people who call this part of the world home, including some of the most beautiful women you will ever meet. Latin women are the epitome of exotic beauty, there are no blue eyed, blonde women to be found here. Skin the color of caramel, espresso bean hair, and big, beautiful, brown eyes, these women take gorgeous to a completely new level. Of course, their exotic beauty is not their only enticing feature. Latin women are considered some of the most faithful and loyal women in the world, and Colombia is proof of that with the lowest divorce rate in the world.

latin bride
A Latin Romance Tour is a great opportunity for any single jet setters that are looking for a lovely Latin lady to spend lifetime with. A romance tour takes you to four great countries like Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Why Latin America?

  • Visiting four great countries with beautiful wildlife
  • Meeting gorgeous Latin ladies for a relationship and marriage
  • Enjoying great culture, beaches and nature

Traveling for the experience, adventure, and possibly love, is a treasure that can never be forgotten. Treat yourself to a romance tour where love in all the right places could be waiting for you.

romantic socialWhy I decided to become a partner of A Foreign Affair ( There are so many International dating and marriage services… BUT… AFA is a romance tour company that offers the best benefits for its clients. These benefits help to provide security, confidentiality, and increased romantic success rates for Western men looking for a special woman abroad.

All of AFA tours are escorted by a group leader. The tour operator is able to provide useful information for the men while on the tour that could help them when needed. Also, each destination has an AFA office in that particular city. This helps to add security for the men. AFA offers the best refund policy in the industry which helps men to secure their investment. The deposit made on the tour is able to be transferred in the event that you will need to cancel. In the event that you cancel less than 30 days prior to the departure you may incur a $750.00 cancellation fee and forfeit between $1,400 and $4,900. Though this amount is high, it is still a great deal when compared to other romance companies.

These romance tours are 100% confidential. No need to worry about a co-worker or friend finding out the reason for socialsyour travel unless you tell them.

AFA is dedicated to you finding that special someone. They have been in operation since 1995 and understand how to properly conduct personal and group tours. Their expertise can assist you in finding that special someone. Also, to help increase your romantic success rate, AFA tours allow you to search through profiles of available women that will be on the romance tour. This is important because this can help you to determine what tour to pick. If you enjoy the presence of Latin women, then you first strategy to finding that special one is to book one of the available Latin marriage tours. Booking a tour that is outside of your preference will more than likely be a failure because you may not connect with a woman that you are not physically drawn to.

Once you understand your preference, search through the profiles of available foreign brides. These profiles can help your tour to be successful by assisting you to choose the best AFA tour option. If you search through the profiles and Cartagena toursfind women that attract you then take note of their area. Are most of the women in the profiles mostly reside Kazan then there is the location to where you should probably book your tour.

AFA provides ample amount of time for you to connect with that special someone. On average the tours last from 7 to 14 days. Men that are in need of more time may be able to extend their tour up to 45 days.

If you are able to find that special someone during your tour, AFA tour will help to contribute to your relationship being a success by providing you with the necessary materials to bring your fiancée back home with you. The professionally prepared fiancée visa kit prepared and authored by an immigration lawyer, will contain a guide and necessary forms that will assist you in bringing your dream girl home.

AFA is currently the top romantic tour company. With the help of much experience AFA is able to provide its clients with security, confidentiality, and better chances at finding romance.

My input and experience regarding AFA Romance Tours, …GO! Just GO! Do not write ANY letters unless you have a seat on a plane! No substitute for being there, no real need to waist any money writing anyone… the key factor is; You Must Be There Physically! Arrive with a list of possibilities or sort through the profiles when you get there…but you have to get there!

When you have Plane Tickets. then if you are really compelled to do so, only write to a few women. Starting a letter with “I am coming to (Her city) on (Date)…I find your profile interesting maybe we could get to know each other a little before I arrive? That format will get a response, if she is genuinely interested… no lady that is serious about a relationship wants a pen-pal or e-mail buddy…THEY WANT TO SEE YOU, Touch You, Look into Your Eye’s and know you are real! Isn’t that what us GUYS WANT TOO? No letter can do what one actual meeting can accomplish.

I know because I wrote two women before I arrived on my tour. One of those women is now my Fiancée…we were engaged after our first meeting! Sometimes you write expecting her to be the one, and she is not. No Chemistry, nice lady but not your future. In my case the chemistry was WOW! The in person meeting could not have been a better meeting; it by far exceeded both her and my wildest expectations!

Both women (yes only two) that I corresponded with were over forty which was in my desired age group…what your preferred criteria may be is your criteria, you may eliminate the perfect woman for too strict of a requirement list …but stick to it and focus! Not easy to focus with over a hundred pretty ladies, and girls, with bright expectant brown eyes, and long black hair, all trying to get your attention! The socials are a whirlwind of fun games, laughter, talking and meeting with every lady! It is a lot to take in…keep notes and stay …focused! Your may actually find the woman of your dreams…I did.

One final note. Do not sell yourself or her short! Deciding on your future partner in life for the rest of your life is not an offhand decision. It takes time and turmoil of emotions for both of you. Get to know the woman, and let her know the man. Take as much time to do that as you possibly can…stay for the two week tour (or longer is possible) a week or ten days fly’s by entirely too fast.

As you can see, my experience was wonderful and I am thankful.

Mike S.

This was my first trip abroad and first romance tour. AFA staffing was terrific the entire time. We went to Kiev first then to Poltava, Ukraine. Each day was better then the last. I felt as though I had died and gone to heaven. At the second social we seven tour members were in a club with 190 beautiful friendly graceful and charming ladies. How would thus make you feel? Get on the plane and find our boys. Nice guys do finish first in Ukraine.

Sincerely, Kevin P.

I just want to tell you what an incredible time I had on the tour. I met so many young beautiful women. After the first social I had 8 dates and they were 10, 15, and 20 years younger than me. I was dating three girls a day. I just could not make a decision. I loved going with a group, it was great to go out with the other guys on double & triple dates. One night we all went to a night club and had the time of our lives. I do not think any of us will ever forget that night. I never thought so many young women would want to date me. I dated more hot young girls in that one week than I did in 4 years of college. I can’t say enough about your tour. Best vacation I ever had! James
Regardless if it works out with the girl I am seeing, I will never date in America again. I just did not realize the differences in the way women were from one culture to the next. To actually meet beautiful women who are so nice, caring, and sincere, it was refreshing to meet women who are actually looking for real love, not just a penis with a wallet. And the best thing is they are much more beautiful and younger than the women I meet in America. I only wish I had discovered this 20 years ago. Robert
I have been on many singles tours, but AFA has the best of all. I meet more quality women on one tour then I did on six of your competitor’s tours. I only wish I had joined you first. Thank you AFA, I no longer need to go on anymore tours, I found the women of my dreams. You’re the Best!

Steve K.