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About Krystyna,
an intercultural dating coach and founder of, a knowledgeable romance tour guide

Krystyna was born in Kiev, Ukraine. When she was still a child, she moved to the north of Ukraine along the coast of the Black Sea. When she became an adult she moved to Frankfurt, Germany to continue her education. She has earned a Master’s degree, specializing in Turkish, English and Italian studies (with majors in Sociolinguistics, Gender & Cultural Studies). This means she is entirely proficient at understanding many different cultures, as well as how they interact with each other.

Putting this knowledge together, Krystyna has the ability to understand the challenges of intercultural dating. Living in Germany and United Kingdom has given her an eye into the Western mind, allowing her to be a great cross-cultural dating and relationship coach for the Western men who are looking for a special woman from abroad.

Nowadays, intercultural relationships and marriages become an ordinary thing. Thousands of Western men make a serious decision to find a wife from Russia, Ukraine, Asia or Latin America because they are appealed to their beauty, old-fashioned values and morals. Whereas many Western women are focused on their careers and accomplishing demanding goals, a big percentage of Russian, Ukrainian, Latin and Asian women are still focused on family values and personal growth within their marriage and family.

Krystyna knows about the concerns and problematic issues of intercultural dating. Modern online dating services are full of fake foreign brides’ profiles and very often men are desperate and frustrated about failures in their foreign women adventure. Looking for an alternative to paid dating sites is one of the most actively discussed issues in International online dating today. Free dating sites, social networks, individual and group romance trips are other possible ways to find a woman in Russia, Ukraine, Thailand or Columbia.

In regard to all current concerns, Krystyna founded, an educated romance tour guide including destinations, city descriptions, what to expect during marriage trips. In this guide, you find all necessary information, advice and tips how to be successful on a romantic trip of your life and find your perfect foreign wife.

If you have any questions on intercultural dating or romance tours, please get in touch with Krystyna, your personal intercultural dating coach.