When you want to court an Asian woman, and it’s your first time, you will definitely have endless questions running in your mind. This dating guide will benefit you immensely. Asian women are highly influenced by their culture and traditions. They don’t like expressing themselves openly. 

Their families may put a lot of pressure on them to get married by 25. If you enjoy a sumptuous meal, then an Asian woman is all you need; they have very many traditional dishes they can prepare. These women are fashionable, beautiful and smart. Their dating culture is very different from western culture.

The ultimate goal of an Asian woman is marriage, making them a better choice for serious men.

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What Is The Mindset Of Asian Brides?

Asian brides like western men, this is why they build relationships that have led to marriage with them all the time. Their sexual attitude is conservative and traditional. Most of them value marriage and family a lot making them good wives, both socially and domestically. An Asian woman is very trusting once you have proven yourself.

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Most of them are educated and intelligent. Asian brides are generally referred to as ‘Asian doll‘ to mean they are very beautiful. They are open to learning new cultures and likely to dim their shine for their life partners; they will make sacrifices for their family.

What Are The Perks Of Dating An Asian Woman?

They enjoy playing hard to get; thus, you should be ready to be taken for a long chase before you can win them over. You will enjoy dating an Asian woman, especially if you like the chase. They are stunning, from their silky skin to their petite figure. They age in reverse; a few years down the line, you will still find them attractive.

People always find it hard to guess the correct age of Asian women. They are kind and warm. When you meet them, you will notice a very welcoming personality to make you feel comfortable. They are family-oriented; their culture and customs are mainly centred on the family unit. These women are known to be very classy.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true:

Asian women understand femininity better than most women. That is because of how they were raised. Most of them are not drawn to having children. Although they were raised to be good mothers, the attitude has shifted with time.

What Is Like To Date An Asian Girl?

Asian girls like foreign men. They can be flirty but not in public. They are fun and outgoing. As much as they are fun, most of them are likely to take your relationship very seriously. They are good girlfriends because of their adventurous nature. They find it hard to believe that Europeans and Americans can maintain serious and long relationships.

When you want to pursue an Asian girl as a foreigner, you will have to work and earn her trust. These beauties are not easy to forgive you if you cheat or lie. Their family customs are not the same as western family customs. They are likely to make their homes in their own customs and traditions.

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Just like any other woman, Asian women are jealous; you should focus your attention only on them.

Top Stereotypes About Asian Women

Many people believe that Asian women are naturally smart. People think that they are good at math and sciences. Some of the women from Asian countries are believed to marry foreign men to escape their financially challenged homes. They are also believed to be very tough. Since they are not easy to show their emotions in public, many people assume that they are cold and very strict.

Some of them are said to be independent and are not swayed by male attention. They are believed to be very conservative; many people, mostly the westerns, think they’re submissive women. People believe that all Asian girls are petite and short. There is a general assumption that Asian women are service workers; it’s a generalisation that most westerners have.

They are also seen mostly as sex objects; many people don’t see these women for any other thing apart from their sexual nature.

What Do Asian Women Seek In Men?

They mostly want a successful man. The man has to have a good job and financial stability. Independence is likely to attract most Asian women. They look for ambitious men with a life plan. They want their men to be calm and very mature. Winning an Asian woman over will require a lot of confidence from the man.

Humour is also essential when you want to court these women. If you can’t make her laugh, chances of having a second date are very slim. Asian women will have a hard time accepting a weaker man. Especially when choosing a husband, they will look for a strong man and one who is better than them in many ways.

A lot of Asian women are fascinated by foreign men from the west, especially blondes with blue eyes. They like men who can challenge them in life and help them do better.

How to Choose the Reliable and Legit Asian Dating Site

Unfortunately, there are dating sites that are a scam. You should be careful when selecting a dating site; it will save you the embarrassment of being catfished. First of all, make sure the dating site is well recognised, don’t go for cheap sites. They might not be offering any access to real Asian women.

Consider their communication services. When you want to date Asian women, make sure your dating site will provide effective communication means. Go online and read other people’s reviews about the site; you can learn a lot from reading other people’s stories. If they offer access to real and legit Asian women, you will know.

Some sites have free profiles that you can go through. Pass through the profiles and see if they are legit. You should register to different sites since it’s mostly free. When you find the one that works for you, then you can start paying.

Dating Services to Meet Pretty Asian Seeking Love and Dating

Dating sites are very convenient to use. Make sure you create a desirable profile that can attract women easily. Use good pictures that will flatter your good features. When you start dating the women on the sites, don’t be carried away quickly. Engage them in conversations first to know who you like better.


Loveme is a popular platform for singles. You can find love from women across Asia on the site. Its international status means you can find an Asian woman living near you.

How Does Loveme Work?

Loveme connects you to Asian women looking for love through its matchmaking engine. It also has tools to enable communication between potential partners, including three-way translation, singles tour events, messaging and express mail services. You can also search profiles by location and age.


When you want the full experience, you should get a platinum membership that has an activation fee of 95USD and 29.95USD monthly payments.

Users get discounted rates for chargeable services like express mail, three-way translation and sending gifts.

Who Is Loveme For and Not For?

You can use Loveme to look for a long-term partner if you do not mind the distance. However, it is not ideal if you wish to have a quick hook-up or no-strings attached friendships.

Is Loveme Service Scam or Fake

The services you receive from Loveme are authentic. This site has real Asian women and you can use the tools to reach potential lovers.


AsianKisses.de focuses on the Asian word and cuts across north to south. You may find women from Burma, Thailand and China, among others.

How Does AsianKisses Work?

You can use the country filter to narrow down the Asian women you want to date. Other filters include, age and personality. The site has an app for mobile users too. You can connect with potential matches via chats, email and video calls.


Who Is AsianKisses For and Not For?

AsianKisses is ideal for growing long-term relationships. You can also get casual hook-ups from other users. However, it is not for quick hook-ups, as it takes time for people to build friendships.

Is AsianKisses Service Scam or Fake

All the services you enjoy at AsianKisses are authentic. You communicate with real people and the matchmaking engine is effective.


As the name suggests, Asiansingles2day is a platform for singles from across Asia to meet and grow friendships. It allows users from around the globe to find love in Asia.

How Does Asiansingles2day Work?

In addition to its matchmaking engine, the dating site provides guides to Asian culture. It also provides three-way translations for those who don’t speak English. The site organises trips across Asia and enables video chats with potential mates.


You buy credits to access the premium features of the search. The costs of these credits are as follows:

Who Is Asiansingles2day For and Not For?

Asiansingles2day is ideal for all those who seek to get Asian brides across the world. It has tools to build relationships and enable you to narrow down your preferred partner. However, it is not ideal for casual hook-ups and quick meet-ups.

Is Asiansingles2day Service Scam or Fake

The dating site offers true and authentic services. But always be aware of fake accounts.

Meeting an Asian Woman: What to Consider?

I know it can be challenging to meet women, more so during this coronavirus pandemic. Online dating has been the saviour of all things romantic. When you want to interact with an Asian woman, I would advise you to find a legit dating site.

Meeting an Asian woman in a foreign country is rare. You should know they are cultural women; they value family and marriage. They like successful and independent men. Confidence is essential when meeting them.

They are open-minded about dating foreign men. They also want attention from their partners. They are also excellent cooks, and they make good wives.

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