In this decade, dating and seeking women online is embraced due to technological advancements. Online dating can lead to having these women as brides. People tend to shy away from the traditional ways of meetups. It could be because of people committing to their careers hence less social life.

Anywhere in the world, even in your country, dating is bound to have differences in culture. Dating Chinese women also comes with its own unique culture. Chinese culture might be unusual to some people, especially from the west, accustomed to particular dating culture. If you are looking to date Chinese women, understand their culture to get an advantage.

This article focuses on dating Chinese women with insights on their culture, what they prefer or like, how Chinese women are like, and ways as a foreigner to win Chinese women over.

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What is the mindset of Chinese brides?

To date and acquire Chinese brides, you have to understand their mindset. Some might find this different and be challenging for some foreigners. In China, good looks equate to success, prestigious boyfriends, and well-paying jobs. Therefore, Chinese women value their beauty.

Chinese women are very ambitious and focus on their careers. Therefore, they prefer foreign men to their local men since the men see them as unwelcoming. The women are loyal, caring, and family-oriented and will stay even when things go wrong.

Chinese women like traditional approaches. They want you to take charge and show that you have control over them and the relationship but still give them the freedom they require. The women are into long-term relationships and do not indulge in hookups and short-term affairs.

What are the perks of dating a Chinese woman?

From my experience, dating Chinese women comes with many benefits that you will find appealing to you as a foreign man looking for a Chinese bride.

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What is it like to date a Chinese bride?

When you are looking to date a Chinese woman, you will have to learn their culture first. However, dating a Chinese woman is the same as dating any other girl from around the world except for a few noticeable things:

In Chinese culture, it is unsatisfactory for you to play with the feelings of Chinese women. They do not like easy flings. Chinese women enjoy and love cooking. It is great to have a Chinese girlfriend as she will cook you tasty delicacies.

Chinese women will always help you out with anything you need that is within their reach or power. They get uncomfortable when you display affection in public. When committed, they have an entitlement sense and act as they own you.

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Chinese women, when it comes to the bedroom, show great love. Chinese women are honest and will always be straightforward with you. They tend to have superstitions that were instilled in them by their parents and culture.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true:

Chinese women like to be treated as a man in the relationship. It stems from their culture and they always accept traditional roles.

TOP stereotypes about Chinese women

Most ethnic groups always stereotype other ethnic groups across the world. Stereotypes are misleading even though they can help someone understand a culture. This article tackles a few stereotypes concerning Chinese women that the westerners hold.

There is the stereotype that Chinese women do not eat and starve themselves and work out instead. It has been changing over time as more ladies visit the gym.

Chinese women are bad drivers. Recent times show that most Chinese women drive skillfully. Chinese women are exotic and objectified. From their history, there is a belief that Chinese women possess special sexuality.

There is the stereotype of Chinese women not being leaders and can only work as part of a team. Chinese women are submissive, quiet, and passive. They are not to stand up for themselves or speak up.

Chinese women are service workers. They work at a low gendered job. Chinese women are always ready for marriage. Chinese women traveling solo are not accepted. The value of Chinese women is in giving birth.

What do Chinese women seek in men?

Chinese women look for trains in foreigners looking to take them as brides. You must possess some personality to have an advantage over the women. Chinese women seek ambitious men. As a man, you must have dreams and goals that you want to achieve. Chinese women like a man who is working towards giving them a better life.

Chinese women like good looking men. You must try to look good and show that you can groom well. You must also be assertive. Having a lot of connections with friends and other people is likeable by the women. Foreign men are always free-spirited, unlike their regional men. Chinese women want to experience something new.

They equate western men with money. Having a western husband, even if not rich, is seen as prestigious. They view foreigners as accepting. Foreigners understand life and have no problem with one’s past and exes, unlike the Chinese men who track and embarrass the lady. Instead, foreigners appreciate them.

How to choose the reliable and legit Chinese dating site

In this era, dating apps are popular and a critical part of the dating culture. However, China has different dating apps to what is common around the world. You will have to try using the local dating apps to be successful.

If you are single and looking to find something serious soon, you probably would go for an app with unlimited matches and get you to a perfect match. You should seek a dating app with detailed profiles. It gives you a highlight on who you are messaging. You should also find an app with a compatibility ranking. Members that have updated their profile with an extended bio are more credible.

Personal politics on a dating app is also a factor to consider. Daters scrutinize political views in deciding on partners.

Dating services to meet pretty Chinese bride seeking love & dating

Various dating services give you access to Chinese women. These apps have different qualities that you assess to know which one is most suitable. Most offer free standard membership. Gold and platinum membership has a monthly fee to access more features. The following are the most popular dating services to meet Chinese women: is a dating company based in the USA with offices in every tour city. stands out as one of the oldest dating sites in the dating business. It has been in the market for over 30 years and seems to have a footing in the industry.

How Does Work

For this site, you had to sign up and leave your name, age, location, and email address. After the account setup, you could browse the women’s profiles and pick the ones you preferred most. Locating matches was straightforward, and sending messages on the monthly plan was simple. Other services on your plan include express mail discounts, three-way phone translation, packages on tours, and reading emails.


When choosing my payment options, I noticed that only has a platinum subscription plan. To enjoy this, you must pay a one-time fee of $95.00 and then renew monthly at $29.95.

Who is for and not for? is for people seeking serious relationships. It is not for those looking for erotic adventures and casuals.

Is Service Scam or Fake? has a rating of 3.88 from the reviews on Sitejabber. This indicates that most clients were satisfied with the service. This makes it a legit site to find a Chinese woman.

Founded in 2006, is over 15 years old in the dating scene. As the name suggests, it is mostly dedicated to people looking for Asian women, particularly Chinese.

How Does Work

I found the site convenient to navigate. For instance, you can use the basic search criteria such as filtering by age, with photos only, and those who were online. You also able to perform region searches and only find people in your location. You can use the webcam chat service and talk to a few women you are interested in.

Other features available upon premium payment are email and live chat, invites, see when your matches are online, and get real time updates to see when you match is typing. Once you make contact, you can initiate a physical meetup and know more about your potential lover.


The site has a gold membership plan. Here are the charges you can expect:

Who is for and not for?

The site is for anyone looking for a serious relationship with Chinese or Asian women. It is not for jokers or people looking for short-term relationships.

Is Service Scam or Fake?

Considering its services, accessibility, and pricing, I believe is legit. I also didn’t find any complaints regarding the site on Trustpilot.

The site is focused on connecting interested men with Asian women. For more than six years, the site has consistently connected lovers, and I found it pretty exciting to use.

How Does Work

To access the services of, you need to have an account with the site. After this, you will get chat invitations from potential matches and engage in conversations with them, thus knowing them better. It has a friendly feel and allows you to see information regarding your potential matches. All the user accounts on the site are accessible to everyone. With profile photos and images well displayed, you get to really know who you are talking to.


When writing this review, the site did not have a subscription plan. However, I got to buy credits to chat with the women. Some of the services (such as chatting) were $0.5 per minute, which is relatively high.

Here is the credit purchasing plans:

Who is for and not for?

Asiansingles2day is dedicated to those with serious intentions of finding a lifelong partner or relationship leading to marriage. However, you will likely have a hard time if you want casual relationships.

Is Service Scam or Fake?

While it is a good site, I noticed that so many users reported fake profiles, which can be disappointing. Overall, it is a legit site.

Meeting a Chinese woman: What to consider?

These are some of the things you consider and please Chinese women, especially as a foreigner. When you go on a date, you pay the bills and always help her solve her problems. You can carry her purse too.

You should never talk about feminism. You should also not persuade a Chinese woman into sex and dump her instead of sticking to a committed relationship.You should let them be shy.  Chinese women get uncomfortable with public displays of affection so give them time.

To impress Chinese women, express interest in her and her family, talk seriously and have job security.

In conclusion, Chinese women are different due to their rich culture. They are loyal partners who are family-oriented. It means they take dating seriously. The focus on their careers indicates that they prefer an ambitious partner. Additionally, they are great cooks meaning that you will always have a wonderful meal. You would find great pleasure as a beneficiary of all these qualities when dating a Chinese woman.

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