Are you searching dating websites to find an attractive woman who can enhance every aspect of your life? Let me reassure you that you’ve now chosen the best. Filipino women are adored for their natural beauty and their unwavering devotion to those who love them.

I’ve compiled this useful guide to tell you everything you need to know about finding a Filipino woman who could be your perfect partner. You’ll discover tips on what to expect, the stereotypes to ignore and the best dating sites where you can find the love of your life.

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What is the Mindset of Filipino Brides?

Filipino brides have usually been raised conventionally. It gives them a traditional view of marriage where they believe complete obedience to you as a husband is their main priority. They love to please their husbands in every possible way and do all they can to create an intimate, affectionate atmosphere every day of your shared life.

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A Filipino bride is always determined to show her skills as a devoted wife by creating a settled, cosy home where there are no disruptive arguments. She’ll love to welcome you home with wholesome meals she’s prepared herself and make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable by being attentive and affectionate.

What are the Perks of Dating a Filipino Woman?

I’ve explained how Filipino brides want to please you and Filipino girlfriends are exactly the same. Whenever you call at your Filipino girlfriend’s home for your date, she’ll always be ready and waiting for you, and won’t ever waste your time.

As Filipino women are very compliant, she won’t complain about where you take her on a night out and will always show you how appreciative she is that you chose her as a companion.

Filipino women usually have natural beauty and pretty features, and they always take care to dress in a way that’s guaranteed to delight the men in their lives. It means that on every one of your dates, your Filipino girlfriend is sure to look absolutely gorgeous.

What is it like to date a Filipino girl?

I can tell you that when you date a Filipino girl, she’ll do everything she can to make you feel like you’re the most important man in the world. Filipino women are brought up to be respectful to the men in their lives and show concern for how they’re feeling, so even if you can only afford a takeaway dinner, she’ll make it seem like the best meal she’s ever had.

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Every time you go on a date with your Filipino girlfriend, you’ll be able to relax in her company as she’ll always let you make the decisions about where you’ll go. Filipino women have such excellent manners and considerate personalities, that at the end of your date, your girlfriend’s sure to reveal how much she values you, making you proud of yourself and your special relationship.

Our Advice to You: Only join a reliable dating site and always be kind, caring and respectful, and you'll have incredible opportunities to meet your ideal Filipino woman.
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TOP Stereotypes about Filipino Women

If you believe Filipino women registered with dating sites are weak, uneducated and desperate for your money, think again.

Random Facts About Filipino Brides that You Won't Believe are True:

Filipino women are highly educated: The education system in the Philippines is excellent and girls are given the same opportunities as their brothers. They have strong characters: Filipino women believe in being resilient and determined to ensure their families are disciplined and hard-working. The women speak English as well as you: Filipinos learn English alongside their native Tagalog throughout their schooling. Her job could be better than yours: A high proportion of Filipino women are in professional occupations. Filipino women want a husband for love not money: They believe marriage and relationships are far more important.

What do Filipino Women Seek in Men?

Filipino women adore men who are courteous, respectful and treat them like genteel ladies. They love to form a particularly close bond with their boyfriends or husbands where mutual love and friendship can truly flourish. Filipino women are usually attracted to men with strong characters combined with a romantic sensitivity that allows her to show how much she cares by showering him with affection. 

A traditional family life is very important to a Filipino woman, so she’ll always look for masculine qualities like strength of character, loyalty, a determination to keep her safe and to help her provide stability for the home you might be sharing together.

How to Choose the Reliable and Legit Filipino Dating Site

There are many dating sites that are scams or have a very poor reliability, so you owe it to yourself to take your time and research them thoroughly before joining one. I always reassure everyone that the Filipino women with the best qualities will only be found on a legitimate site.

Check how long each dating site has been operating and read some of the reviews to verify its reputation. Find out if it has a membership that offers free use as this will give you an idea about if you like the navigation and the way the site is organised.

Check the terms and conditions to find out any hidden clauses about different levels of service and how much contact you’re allowed to have with potential Filipino girlfriends. Make sure you understand the pricing structure before signing up.

Dating Services to Meet Pretty Filipino Brides

We’ve selected some of the best dating sites where you could meet the Filipino women of your dreams. Consider what level of service you might prefer and if there’s the flexibility of upgrading to gain additional amenities.

Previously known as A Foreign Affair, is an online dating platform with a positive track record of almost three decades. Launched in 1995, the site has helped millions of people find compatible partners for long-term relationships.

How does work? has a sophisticated matching algorithm that takes into account your preferences, interests, and personality traits to ensure that you get a compatible partner. The platform has a “matchmaker” feature that allows you to search for potential matches based on their location and interests.

Other services available on this platform include:


The basic plan on this dating site is free. However, there are two premium options. The first one costs 19.99 USD per month, and then there is the VIP premium membership plan that costs 29.99 USD monthly. There is also a one-time activation fee of 95 USD for all members.

Who is Loveme for and not for?

This dating website is best for those looking for serious relationships and open to international dating. It is not a great option for people seeking casual companionship or dates.

Is Loveme service scam or fake?

This is a leading dating site with a 28-year track record. It is licensed and has thousands of positive reviews.

Filipinokisses is an Asian dating platform that was launched in 2006 to help Filipina women find international love. It aims to allow women to meet men from across the globe and form lasting relationships.

How does work?

Firstly, you must register, then set up a profile on the dating website. Afterwards, you can access other member’s profiles and look at their photos for free. You can also use the advanced search tools to find a potential match. Additionally, you can create a list of your favorite profiles.

There are several services available on this platform. They include:


This platform has one paid membership plan called the gold plan. It costs:

Who is Filipinokisses for and not for?

This site is for Filipina women looking for international love, and potential marriages. It is not for people who want casual hookups.

Is Filipinokisses service scam or fake?

The company behind this dating website has established several dating sites across the globe and serves thousands of singles. Therefore, its legitimacy is not a question of concern.

This is a religious online dating site that was established in 2009. It helps Christian Filipina women find international love.

How does work?

Signing up to this platform is free. After signing up you can start browsing profiles to find a suitable match. You can use the search feature to find a potential match. This feature allows you to search for a match based on their location, age, online activity, personal traits, and interests.

The services available on this platform include:


The premium plan here is called the Gold plan. It costs the following:

Who is Christianfilipina for and not for?

This site is for Christians looking for serious international relationships. It is not for people looking for one-night stands and casual hookups.

Is Christianfilipina service scam or fake?

This is a registered and internationally recognized online dating platform. It is ranked highly by users and has hundreds of positive reviews.

Meeting a Filipino woman: What to Consider?

Using a trustworthy dating site can help you find an attractive Filipino girlfriend and begin building a loving relationship that could lead to a long and happy marriage. I’ve given you lots of useful advice about Filipino women’s characters and the qualities they look for in a prospective boyfriend or husband. Now it’s up to you to find yourself an adoring Filipino girlfriend.

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