Indian women are very traditional; they practice most of their traditions and customs. Most of them still have arranged marriages, so most of them don’t date around much. There are places where they are free to choose their husbands. Culturally, these women are close to their families; they mostly live together even after marriage.

As a result, most of them will sacrifice for their family. They make good mothers and wives, especially because of how they were brought up. The upbringing also helps them value marriage as the ultimate dating goal. These women mostly live their lives through their close families; if they are happy and content, so is she.

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What Is The Mind-Set Of Indian Brides?

Getting married is very important to Indian women. Whether it’s an arranged marriage or not, they deeply care about their life partners. When getting married, their minds are normally centered on making good homes, bearing children, and raising them.

If you have read Indian dating magazines or watched Indian movies, you will realise that these women take a lot of joy in their marriages and children. Some of the Indian brides are educated, and so they might be very ambitious and have personal goals.

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The wedding day is very important to an Indian woman, the reason why she will go all out on her wedding. Weddings usually reinforce conservatism on the bride. They are submissive brides; she will let the man take charge of all family matters. Most of the brides are likely to be housewives.

What Are The Perks Of Dating An Indian Woman?

An Indian woman will put her marriage and family above everything else. As demanded by her culture, she will be loyal enough to help you build a home. They are good cooks; traditionally, these women grow up learning how to cook from their mothers from a young age. They are known as money-savers, as a result, she will not spend money unnecessarily. They also know how to bargain and get good prices on items.

Divorce is not an option for them; thanks to their values and customs, they will make their marriage work at all cost. They have a natural tan, which makes them very pretty; they are also known for their thick dark hair. They are very festive; they will hold celebrations and holidays expertly.

Random facts that you won't believe are true:

Indian women leave property and wealth matters to the husband. They believe that letting the man take care of all those things is the secret to a long-lasting and peaceful marriage. They also hate confrontation and conflict.

What Is Like To Date an Indian Girl

Dating Indian girls is tricky. That is because dating is still a new trend in India; because of the traditions, they would rarely date, the ladies would go straight to arranged marriages. In recent days, dating has become a trend there. When you date an Indian girl, her parents would want to know all your moves; they will be actively involved in your relationship.

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Dating is still an alien thing to them so they may be a bit naive. They will not be showing any affection in public; they hold their beliefs and values so close. They believe in keeping their virginity until marriage. They are not likely to date for the fun of it; they mostly want a committed life partner.

Top Stereotypes about Indian Women

Many women in India are believed to be housewives. Although some of them work and provide for their families, they have been reduced by their culture. People believe that all of them know how to dance. Because they have grown up in the Bollywood scene, they are all believed to know how to dance to their beats.

People assume that all Indian women are conservatives. Some of them are open-minded and have adopted a lot of western cultures. Another major stereotype is that women are not educated. People tend to think that most Indian girls don’t go to school; rather they wait to be married by a wealthy husband. Even though society has undermined them, these days, many of them have a good education.

They are said not to marry non-Indians. Most of them would marry local men because of arranged marriages. As the culture is fading away, many women are marrying foreign men.

What Do Indian Women Seek In Men?

They like ambitious men; their ideal man should be well developed financially. If not, they should have goals they are working towards. Go-getters are found very attractive. Honesty is also treasured a lot among them. If a person is able to be honest about their personality, it’s a great quality to look for. They want a life partner that will respect their family.

The quickest way to lose an Indian woman is to come between her and her family. They want a man who is open-minded and who can allow them to be themselves. They don’t find men who want to control their wives’ lives attractive. They are known to talk a lot, so they treasure a man that is not as talkative and can listen to them.

They also like being treated well and with respect. Most of them are submissive, but they are not weak; they like being respected.

How to Choose Reliable and Legit Indian Dating Sites

Choosing the right dating site is challenging. Chances of getting scammed are high online. You might find many fake profiles that are easy to fall for. It’s important to find a reliable and legit dating site so that you may be able to access the kind of women you want. When choosing an Indian dating site, you should first make sure the available profiles are real Indian women.

You can check reviews about the site and learn how legit it is. Consider their communication services; if you are a foreigner, their communication services will be very important. Make sure you are able to talk to the women anytime. Before you choose one, you can go through several dating sites.

That will help you narrow down the services that you want more. To avoid any fraud, make sure it’s a recognized site before you start paying for any of their services.

Dating Services to Meet Pretty Indian Brides

Keep in mind that people lie online. Because you are attracted to Indian women, you should be sure the site you are using has access to them. Some women might set up fake profiles to attract men for their selfish gains. They offer access to Indian women. welcomes heterosexuals from all walks of life to try their hand at online dating. It’s ideal for singles interested in dating, leading to marriage rather than casual interactions.

I gave its search engine a try and realized two things:

Anyone can run a search on, but unregistered users can only see your profile picture and age and nothing more.

The website has a responsive design allowing you to use it on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.


Please note that doesn’t have any free or trial memberships. Paid subscriptions will cost you the following:

Who is for and not for?

I recommend it for: is, however, not for:

Is a scam or fake?

All indications point to being legit, as email confirmation is needed for every profile. Nonetheless, the chances of interacting with fake profiles are significant. is among the oldest sites for connecting Western men to Indian and Indonesian women still running today. The site started 15+ years ago and has amassed over 10,000 members.

It operates as a part of the World Singles Network.

When it comes to its search functions, I noticed that it has two plans: free and paid search. Users on the basic/free plan will have limited access to the search results.

Its primary goal remains to connect men from diverse cultures with single Indian women.

Costs has free and paid memberships. Paid memberships attract the following rates:

Who is for and not for?

You’ll like using if you’re interested in the following:

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Is Scam or Fake?

Numerous security features are in place to protect your identity, including the ability to block offending user IDs. Nonetheless, the lack of manual photo verification calls for increased alertness to avoid interacting with scammers.

Meeting an Indian Woman: What to Consider

When you are meeting an Indian woman, you should be mindful of her customs and traditions. Since they are serious about their culture and religion, it’s important to make sure you don’t look down on any of her traditions and customs. You should consider making room in your life for her and her family.

Dating an Indian woman needs a serious man who is willing to go for marriage. You should know that these women are normally very conservative, it’s important to go with their pace while dating. They are vegetarians. Don’t take her out on a date to eat meat. Make sure you learn about their culture before the meeting.

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