If you are looking for Japanese women to date, you are in the right place because I will elaborate on everything you need to know about them and where to find them.

It is not easy dating a Japanese girl, especially if you are from western culture. How do you even know yes mean no and no means yes?

Don’t worry. By the time you are done reading this article, you will know what to say to a Japanese woman and what not to say. By the way, did you know that 1 in 30 marriages registered in japan was between a Japanese and a foreign nationality?

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What is the Mindset of Japanese Brides?

The way of life in Japan is interesting. They are known for their rich culture, food, and their unique entertainment. One more interesting thing about Japan that people cannot forget is their women. Japanese women are interesting, just like their culture. Although they are considered to be shy at first, you can always have fun with them once you get to know them.

Due to their strong cultural background, you must understand their way of life to get a Japanese bride. Japanese brides are family-oriented. From a young age, they are taught how to cook and clean. Without a doubt, once you become family, they will be ready to handle the utmost priorities around the house.

Japanese women are also very independent and busy. They are encouraged to look for part-time jobs right from college. Whether they live with their parents or not, they feel the need to find a job. Therefore, expect your new bride to be busy with her work most of the time.

What are the Perks of Dating a Japanese Woman?

If you want a long-lasting relationship, you better expect to have a nurturing and caring experience. Otherwise, you will be in misery in no time. Japanese women are one of the best kinds of women you should date.

Japanische Frau kennenlernen

To say that Japanese women are family-oriented only, that is an understatement. These women are fun-loving, well-mannered, agreeable, clever, open-minded, and educated. If you are a serious man trying to find a long-term Japanese partner, most definitely, these are the traits you are looking for.

Apart from that, Japanese women are well-mannered and rarely stray from the conduct they were brought up with since they respect and love their culture. They are also polite and don’t like making people feel bad. That is why most often, they will use the word, yes, to mean no and stay silent to mean yes.

Our advice to you: Learn how to differentiate certain words in their culture to avoid ending up disappointed.
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What is Like to Date a Japanese Girl?

Dating a Japanese girl is not hard, and at the same time, it could get difficult, especially when it comes to the communication style. Since Japanese people are very well-mannered and prefer to associate with people who understand their culture, they will be watching out for certain traits.

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It is wise first to understand her culture, what she likes, and how you should portray yourself to have a successful relationship. Ensure that you watch your attitude when talking to her. This means that you should act as a gentleman and do not boast about anything you have.

Japanese women also love men who dress well.

Therefore, you should have a sense of fashion. This is not to say that you must spend a fortune to dress well. Find something that will look good on you. While dating a Japanese woman, listen to her, send messages, and send her flowers and letters from time to time.

Top Stereotypes About Japanese Women

Women in Japan have been recognized as having equal rights as men. Despite this, people still believe that Japanese women still face strong Stereotypes. Most people think that Japanese women are housewives, but this is not true. Last month alone, 530,000 people joined the labor force in Japan. 90% of them were women.

People also believe that all Japanese women are fond of their Kawaii culture since Japan is known for cute girls who love dressing up like dolls. When you travel to Japan, you will realize that not all women or girls are into the culture.

Although Japanese women still hold fewer leadership positions, about less than 8%, people shouldn’t assume that Japan Women are subservient and docile.

What Do Japanese Women Seek in Men?

Are you interested to know what a Japanese woman may be looking from a man? If yes, keep reading to gain insight, as you might be the perfect guy. The process of finding a life partner may be challenging. One, you don’t even know what she may be looking for or what characteristics she expects to see in a man.

It is a big world, and there is no time for dating and knowing everyone. To avoid wasting your time, here are a few aspects that Japanese women seek from a man. Japanese women prefer to be with tall, thin, and muscular men

When it comes to the trait, they consider the traits, but they also want hardworking men who are responsible and can look after a family. Since these women are family-oriented, they rarely focus on sexual compatibility but rather focus on what a man can do.

I would suggest you ask her what she seeks in a man as women are different and not all desire the same thing.

How to Choose the Reliable and Legit Japanese Dating Site

You can make your dating experience fun and enjoyable by finding a legit and reliable dating site. Dating sites differ, and some have fake profiles. This is what you should avoid at all costs.

Before choosing a site, consider its credibility, look at what other customers say about the dating site. Besides that, check the services offered by the site and how they can help your search. Also, check at the usability and the communication features the platform offers since communication is very crucial when it comes to dating.

As much as there are plenty of Japanese dating sites, it is wise to consider what type of dating site it is. Not all sites have been designed for finding a serious relationship. Lastly, look at their privacy policy and if they have anti-scam policies. I have mentioned these few things enough to tell you if the dating platform is legit or real.

My advice: Learn the language if you want a long-lasting relationship with a Japanese Woman.
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TOP3 Dating Services to Meet Pretty Japanese Brides

Now that you know how to choose a legitimate dating platform, it is time to try some of them. We found three incredible Japanese dating sites that you may consider using to find a good Japanese woman. I have tried to simplify them for you so that you don’t have any trouble deciding which one is best for you.


Loveme is a great site to find Japanese singles. It is an international platform that attracts Japanese women living all over the world.

This site is commonly known as A Foreign Affair (AFA). It was founded in 1995, and ever since, it has aimed to help users meet people around the world for fun, friendship, and marriage.

How Does Loveme Work?

There are several ways you can find Japanese women on the Loveme dating site. There are pages for Japanese women and foreign ladies where you can explore profiles of women from the country. You can also use the advanced search features on the site. The matchmaking engine will also get you the best matches.

There are also other tools to connect with these women, including express mail, three-way translation and video calls. The site also offers regular tours to meet singles in Japan.


To enjoy the premium services, you pay a one-time fee of $95. The site charges you $29.95 each month to maintain the subscription. This subscription gives you access to different features at reduced rates, as follows:

Who Is Loveme For and Not For?

This site is great for finding Japanese women for long-term relationships. It works well with people who do not mind the distance. However, it lacks tools for casual hook-ups and no-strings-attached relationships.

Is Loveme Service Scam or Fake?

Loveme is a reputable dating site. It has features and services that actually work. You will find real Japanese women looking for love.

YYC Dating App

The YYC dating app is primarily focused on singles in Japan. This makes any single woman on the site a potential mate. It is popular in the country.

yyc review
How Does YYC Dating App Work?

On creating a profile on the YYC dating app, you can use the matchmaking feature to get quick recommendations for potential mates. It also has an advanced search where you specify the characteristics you wish to have. For connection, you may use chats, emails or video calls.


The premium subscription costs $19.99 a month. This price affords you discounted rates for chargeable services such as video calling and sending gifts. This app is free for women.

YYC dating app
Who Is YYC Dating App For and Not For?

This app is ideal for anyone looking to find love, specifically in Japan. It is also good for those who would like to date privately. However, it is not for those who need quick hook-ups or same-sex relationships.

Is YYC Dating App Service Scam or Fake?

This dating service has been around for long. It is reputable and has verifiable services. The site has not had any scam reports.


AsianKisses.de is an Asian-focused dating platform where you can find Japanese brides from across the world. You just need to use filters to find the right woman.

How Does AsianKisses Work?

AsianKisses categorises women according to their backgrounds and other characteristics, such as preferences, personalities and age. You can use the advanced search to get the exact type of woman you need. As for communication, you can use email, video calls and chat to connect with them.


The subscription rates are as follows:

Who Is AsianKisses For and Not For?

AsianKisses allows for casual and long-term relationships. It has tools to help develop friendships with women. However, it does not have features for same-sex relationships. Therefore, it is not ideal for it.

Is AsianKisses Service Scam or Fake?

AsianKisses has maintained a good reputation over the years. It offers real dating and communication services. Besides, it verifies profiles to ensure that they are real people.

Meeting a Japanese Woman: What to Consider?

When you meet a Japanese woman, it is important to find common ground so that it becomes easy to start a conversation. Consider her culture and allow her to express herself first. Remember, your first words matter a lot whether she will like you or not.

Be kind and show her that you respect her culture. Also, it is important to ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t like so that you don’t make the mistake of introducing a topic that will put her off. Lastly, think about the language.

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