Have you ever dreamt of that Thai actress in the movies? Or admired the Thai maid you keep on seeing in your apartment block?

You are not alone. Thai women are like pieces of art. They have angelic beauty and slim model-like bodies that attract men from all over the world.

Well, if you want to meet and date the girl of your dreams, I would like to help you out. There is a lot you should know about: the mindset of these girls, what it is like to date one and what they expect from you. Settle in and get some coffee as give you some tea (pun intended).

Why Trust Doves-of-Love

What is the mindset of Thai brides?

That said, every girl is different. While I may not be capable of telling you what exactly is on her mind, you should keep it casual and simple. If you get a chance, talk about food because Thais love food more than anything. Also, talk about family, shopping and tell a few jokes. This chat should loosen her up.

Partnersuche Thailand

At the same time, there are things that you should avoid. Do not talk about money. This topic is typically the last thing on her mind and should come up later if things get serious. Also, avoid talking about your job, sex (they are shy) and bad things about their country.

What are the perks of dating a Thai woman?

Thai girls never seem to age. If you date her and things get serious, you will be the envy of many as you grow older because your wife will always be youthful.

Other than that, you get these perks:


Thai society has strong family values. Therefore, if your Thai lady sees potential in settling down with you, she will do everything to make things work so that you have a family in the future.

Less Complaining

Of course, if you do something stupid, you should expect consequences. However, Thai women are more forgiving and do not complain as much when compared to western women. If the issue is small, she may let it slide by with just a slight warning.

Always Optimistic

Part of being less of a grouch is an optimistic attitude. Thai women try to make the best of every situation. As such, they always enjoy life and will give you an easy time.

You Are Always the Boss: Men like to be in control, and Thai women understand that. So long as you treat her right, she will let you have your way and always support you.

What is it like to date a Thai girl?

If you are used to western women, the first thing you will notice is the culture change. It will not be easy and requires getting used to, but once you passed this, the reward is worth it.

You will be treated and respected as a man.

Thai culture instils these qualities in women, whereby they respect and care for their men. Because of this, there is little feminism in the country, and if you treat her right, you will have a generous reward.

TOP stereotypes about Thai women

Let us be honest. There is a picture you have in your mind about Thai women. This thinking is due to how Hollywood movies and other western films portray them.

Contrary to what the silver screen shows you, women from Thailand are not dangerous. Films like The Hangover, Bangkok Dangerous and The Beach depict them as prostitutes, poor, drug dealers or thieves.

Random facts that you won't believe are true:

Not all Thai women are not looking to gain from you in exchange for sexual favours. Also, not all are poor and have strange, illegal occupations.

While some Thai women match that description, this should not scare you. Every country has good and bad girls, and Thailand is no exception. Just be cautious and trust your gut. You will find a good girl.

What do Thai women seek in men?

All you need to know about why Asian brides are looking for Western men:

A family man

As stated earlier, the Thai society places a lot of emphasis on family. Thus, a woman from this country expects you to value family so that she can have a stable home.


You should have goals to impress a Thai girl. As much as she can provide for herself, she needs a man who can work hard to secure a future. Also, men with clear goals are sexy. Do not forget that!


Most Thai men are spoilt and treated like royalty because they are heirs to family fortunes. Therefore, they might not be mature enough to deal with life issues. This reason is part of why women there seek western partners; they are more responsible.


Due to Thai culture, a majority of Thai men see their wives as possessions. Women do not like this, and thus, they seek some form of independence. Do not be very clingy. Give her space to be herself.

A good body

Western guys like to work out a lot, and this is very sexy for Thai women. On top of this, since they take good care of their bodies, so should you.

How to choose the reliable and legit Thai dating site

I am a bit shy, and from experience, it is easier to meet a girl online, rather than approaching her on the street. If you are like me, you need a reliable and legit dating website to find the right Thai girl. That said, you need to dip your feet in the water to see if the site is reliable.

First, identify popular sites that have lots of members and social media integration. Dating is a numbers game, and social media helps to verify identities.

Create your account on these sites, providing only the basics. Do not give your credit card info.

Look at the search preferences & filters and matching systems. If you know what you want, make sure there are filters to narrow down your search. Otherwise, look for a matching system for suggesting compatible women.

Dating services to meet pretty Thai brides seeking love & dating

Considering the points above, if you want to find genuine, exotic Thais, I recommend these three dating sites.


Loveme is an international dating website that also includes Thai singles. You can connect with and meet Thai women through the dating platform.

How Does Loveme Work?

At Loveme.com, users enjoy an advanced search for Thai women. It has a section specifically for Thai women. You also access other services to connect with Thai women, such as a three-way phone translation if you meet a woman who does not know English. It also offers express mail, video calls and periodic singles tours to Thailand.


You join the premium subscription for a one-time fee of $95. Then, you will be required to pay a recurring monthly price of $29.95. Some services, like express mail, translation and sending gifts, are charged separately. However, they come at a discounted rate for premium subscribers.

Who Is Loveme For and Not For?

Loveme is for anyone who wishes to create friendships with Thai women who are not necessarily near them. It works for long-term relationships, too. However, it is not ideal for same-sex relationships or flirting.

Is Loveme Service Scam or Fake?

Loveme is not a scam site. You pay for services that you actually get. You also meet real women from Thailand who are looking for love.


Thaikisses.com is a Thailand-based dating site that welcomes users around the globe who would like to find love in the country. It has Thai women in and out of the country.

How Does Thaikisses Work?

Apart from matchmaking services, ThaiKisses offers unlimited messaging for premium users. There is also a translation feature, web calling and access to contacts for the profiles you like.


You can subscribe to a monthly, three-month, six-month or 12-month subscription as follows:

You get a discounted price of $27.00 a month for the auto-renewal monthly plan.

Who Is Thaikisses For and Not For?

Thaikisses is a site for people looking for love in Thailand and okay with long-distance relationships. It is not good for same-sex relationships and casual hook-ups.

Is Thaikisses Service Scam or Fake?

The dating service offered by ThaiKisses is authentic. Users get to meet real Thai singles and communicate with them.


ThaiFriendly is another dating site that focuses on Thai singles in and out of the country. By narrowing the focus, it increases the pool from which you can find Thai love.

How Does Thaifriendly Work?

Thaifriendly offers matchmaking services for users of the site. It has a mass messaging feature that allows you to chat with many profiles at once. You can explore websites, like them and block unwanted ones too. The site has advanced search features that help you narrow down characteristics like age,location and personality.

Who Is Thaifriendly For and Not For?

Thaifriendly is ideal for people who would love to find Thai women away from the country. You can find long-term love on the site. However, it is not ideal for no-strings attached relationships and casual hook-ups.

Is Thaifriendly Service Scam or Fake?

No, Thaifriendly offers legitimate dating services. It connects you to real Thai women looking for love and offers communication tools that work.

Meeting a Thai woman: What to consider?

First things first, study the Thai culture so that you know the dos and don’ts. For instance, do not be too quick or bold, especially on the subject of sex.

You should also be a gentleman because this will always win you the lady. It will set a good example that will earn you a second date or probably more. Who knows?

Put some effort into it. Dress well, smell good and be well-groomed because appearance is everything. Look for a perfect date location to seal the deal.

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