Love has the purpose of connecting people and keeping them close irrespective of the long distances. Did you know that you can never live a happy life without love?

In this article, I will compare EliteSingles vs. eHarmony if you are looking for a wife online. We are going to analyze each of the online dating sites and the features making them unique and at the end, you will be able to analyze eHarmony and EliteSingles and pick your preferred choice that suits your dating preferences and goals.

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eHarmony or EliteSingles: Which Site is More Popular?

From my experience, it would be interesting for you to know that EliteSingles and eHarmony are classified as the most popular sites for online dating users. They are two competing sites that make the users feel as if they enjoy similar benefits.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true is that users prefer EliteSingles because it is more beneficial to them since it is free; this means the site does not charge a subscription fee.

The eHarmony users also like the site since it has many users; this means that you can easily find your woman online and for you looking for a foreign woman, this should be your preferred site  (Read our eHarmony review: eharmony Review: Is a good dating site?). in a brief overview

eHarmony is an online dating site and from my personal research, it was the first online platform to use the scientific-based approach to help match compatible singles at a reliable and higher rate. 

From personal experience, the site does not practice any form of discrimination; this means that you will not receive any favor based on education, race, income level among other discrimination lines, rather it looks at who you are as a person.

From the personal use of the site, I can attest that the platform has a simple layout that is comfortable to most users. in a brief overview

EliteSingles is an international dating platform whose costs differ depending on the available membership rate that is charged on a monthly basis. My experience with the site revealed that it offers two membership options; basic and premium.

EliteSingles review

I will recommend you go for premium subscription since it will help you to realize full benefits, including accessing all features of the site, and you will be a step ahead to find a long-term relationship with your preferred women online and foreign.

Sign-up process compared

The questionnaires help to match you with your preferred search. These questions help to know what kind of a person you are and why you visit the site.


The sign-up questionnaires can take between twenty to thirty; thus the signup process is time-consuming. My advice to you; sometimes you can choose to take a break during the questionnaires and then come back later if you still need the sign-up.

I recommend this approach since it will help you get enough time to think deeper about your answers that reflect accurate reflection and reasons for your signup.

Some of the questions that require you to prepare as the questionnaires get deeply involves are:

For eHarmony, there is no good reason why you should leave anything unanswered. The site offers you an opportunity to pose questions you should have asked if you were to find the person you need to start a relationship with.

My advice to you is to add your photo during the sign-up process; this will help your account to look real and committed to your course of online dating since impression really matters.
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EliteSingles requires you to fill out a personality test when setting up your profile. The particular questions that you are most likely to be asked when signing up include:

Our advice to you

Answering some particular questions thoughtfully is important; however, you should not rush to answer them, and you should take into consideration that the results will be displayed on your profile.

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles: User Usability and Design in Comparison

Both EliteSingles and eHarmony are best suited for people who are looking for a serious relationship.


It is designed for users who are predominantly 30 years and above. Another interesting aspect that makes it suitable as your preferred dating site is that it does not discriminate against any user. 

eHarmony supports you in finding partners who will undoubtedly suit you and people who fit your lifestyle and preferences.

It gives the best attraction to users looking for serious relationships that will eventually lead to marriage. It also caters for you looking for a partner to hang around and enjoy the moment but with mutual consent.


From my experience, this site targets well-educated users. Random facts that you won’t believe are true is that EliteSingles has around 82% of the users who are bachelor’s degree holders.

Therefore, I am convinced that the site is best suited for users looking for a stable relationship and a high-achieving partner. Mainly, the site is used with persons aged between 30 to 50 years.

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles: Services in comparison

Both the EliteSingles and eHarmony sites provide plenty of resources for both their members and non-members. The negative thing that both sites share in common is that it is a bit tricky for the users to contact customer services if they need help or additional information.


This site has an FAQ center that favors the members since it is easy for members to get answers for their enquiries.

The site has a search bar that allows you to search for the terms or challenges you face while using the platform. I found the site easier to use since it provides the “contact us button” where you can call or email support for more information or clarification.

My advice to you is to call the support team since they respond immediately, and you will get responses quickly compared to contacting them via email.

eHarmony is very active on social media where you can reach the support easily and get assistance within a short period. It has inbuilt communication channels such as messaging, live support, and email that you can use to contact the support team.


From my experience after I interacted with this site, the platform offers a FAQ page where you will get answers to the questions that you might have.

To conduct the customer support team, you will scroll to the ‘contact us’ button at the top of the page, which will direct you to another page. Where you will feel the form and raise your issues to the support agent.

eHarmony Costs vs. EliteSingles Costs: Which site is more expensive?

Whenever you want to shop for a service, pricing is crucial, and it is a major factor of concern among the users when it comes to dating sites. For any person who intends to date online, it is his or her favor to find the best partner or the best relationship.

In fact, you may end up using the platform for a year before getting someone fit for you. Therefore, you know that you do not need to break the bank while trying to find a date.


The eHarmony does not offer a subscription for less than six months. If you cannot afford a six-month subscription fee, this might be an expensive option.

The site offers a bonus to the users since the registered users are given a discount for one time subscription. eHarmony gives a perk to its members during special occasions like valentine’s day.

eHarmony has several plans with different prices such as:


It offers two membership options which are the premium and the basic membership. It is interesting to know that the basic options give free services, but they are limited.

For the premium membership, users must be able to subscribe for at least three months since there is no one-month option.

The subscription options for the EliteSingles includes:

However, the random fact that you won’t believe is true is the prices may vary from user to user. This means that the prices can fluctuate and our advice to you is to recommend that you should note the prices changing and keep that in mind when signing up. This will ensure you are not limited to accessing the site due to extra charges.

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles: Safety and security in comparison

EliteSingles and eHarmony have something in common that sets them apart from the other dating sites. The one particular thing that you should understand better that makes them different from others sites is their questionnaires.

The sign-up process has some questions that help the users provide their real identity without pretending to be someone they are not. Also, because most people on the site are in it for a long run, the sites are costly to subscribe to; this helps to reduce fake profiles.


The site is very good at ensuring that its users are safe and secure. It assures the users that whoever they are talking to is who they say they are and not someone else. This is achieved with the help of the identity verification process.

It is interesting that the site habitually closes accounts that they believe to be unfortunate for various reasons. From my experience, the site gives the users a room to report a profile that may sound unreal or abusive.


For safety and security purposes, EliteSingles has a habit of checking each profile manually to assess your legitimacy. The EliteSingles also secure all your data by the use of fraud detection and SSL Encryption.

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles: Quality of profiles and matches in comparison

An essential factor to consider for the EliteSingles and eHarmony sites is the quality of the match. It is necessary to assess the quality of the people you would like to be connected to because it will allow you to choose the person of your taste and standards.

Most users waste their time getting a higher number of matches and later find that all the candidates are below their cutline.


For the eHarmony to match the users, it uses a science-based method that helps evaluate the possible impact you may have on each other’s feelings after dealing with both of your traits.

On your partner’s profile, you will find their about and compatibility where you can get an accurate understanding of whether the particular person is right for you or not.

eHarmony matches you with other users based on what you like or dislike, and it matches you with more thoughtful items such as your view of the world. It is exciting and valuable to any user to compare how they sound or how they differ from others in good areas.


Like eHarmony, the EliteSingles matching process is the same since it uses a science-based method. The only difference is that EliteSingles does not have a compatibility component. EliteSingles will recommend and provide you with around three to seven matches daily.

The provided candidates take into account some of your things like:

Interestingly, in the EliteSingles site, the about section for the users is ordinarily brief and descriptive even though it does not have compatibility as an advantage. Therefore, the site is concise and descriptive, because it helps the users to get a proper grip on whether they like someone.

eHarmony vs. EliteSingles: Which customer support is quicker?

Both the EliteSingles and the eHarmony sites are easily accessible. The two sites have always remained updated so that all their users can always get the best services.

The sites provide the best platforms that allow the users to reach them quickly and get all the information they need. These sites make sure that they are easily accessible to avoid frustration and confusion to the users.


It is a simple site to use, and they welcome all age groups that have reached the legal age, including persons aged 60 years and above. Since it includes even the older people, the site ensures its platform is widely accessible and easy to use.

The site gives you careful guidelines so that you can understand how to go through the setup process.

After the user has provided the required information about themselves, the site makes it easy to proceed since the rest of the work is very straightforward; for instance, the process is straightforward since eHarmony has no searching features meaning that everything you need is at the click of a button. It allows you to get a set of matches on your profile daily to view your preferred matches.


EliteSingles provides you with the required guidelines to help you throughout the primary stages of building your profile. The site provides the user policy and you can only proceed after consenting while at the same time it encourages you to always perform the process independently.

When users do the process on their own, they make the platform more efficient and adhere to confidentiality user policy. The layout is very straightforward, but since you cannot search your matches directly, this makes the site somehow difficult for some of the users.

And the winner is eHarmony.

While comparing eHarmony and EliteSingles, both sites seem to have trendy choices. It will be interesting to know that eHarmony is better than EliteSingles because of its advantages, usability, security, sign up process, efficient support, membership subscription, and quality of matches.

Here are some of the things that makes eHarmony better than EliteSingles:

Our advice to you

is to choose eHarmony dating site if you are looking to have a new love, a working relationship or if you are looking for a foreign woman.

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