So you are thinking of getting a partner, where would you start? Thanks to the internet, you can sign up for a dating application, and match up with a compatible mate.

So, you have buckled to eHarmony and Hinge and you are confused about which is better?

This article will key down between eharmony and Hinge.

Below you will find out most of the details you require to decide whether eHarmony or Hinge is the right choice for you, including prices, differences in features and services as well as the dating app matching mechanism.

Why Trust Doves-of-Love

eHarmony or Hinge: Which App is More Popular?

Eharmony is one of the pioneers of online dating networks. However, Hinge is more popular. It uses mutual contacts of other social media platforms such as Facebook.

Also when it comes to marriage seeking, many people will overlook online dating, because they might not trust that they will get a serious mate, using that method. This makes dating apps that focus on casual relationships to have more popularity. in a Brief Overview

eharmony is an online dating platform that started in 2000 (Read our eHarmony review: eharmony Review: Is a good dating site?). It is geared towards marriage seekers. Its owners are Nucom e-commerce. Also, it is interesting to know that a psychologist named Neil Clark founded the website with his son-in-law Greg Forgatch.

Between 2000 and 2010, eHarmony had close to 34 million members. Nucor e-commerce bought eHarmony in 2018.

Hinge in a Brief Overview

Hinge, on the other hand, is a smartphone dating app that can be accessed on iPhones and Android phones. It is oriented towards serious relationship seekers

This mobile application has drastically revolutionized the procedure of online dating. Did you know that its founder Justin McLeod created the application to solve his relationship troubles?

hinge app

Sign-Up Process Compared

It is essential to know that eHarmony is among the most trusted sites for long relationship matches. The website requires you to sign up and set up an eHarmony account. It is a simple procedure.

The sign-up process is easy to go through, even for older users. It does require a subscription fee. Open Google browser and search for eHarmony. When you open the website, go to the sign-up icon, and create a new account.

At this point, you will provide personal details such as your name, email address, and password. At the bottom of the page, you will find the second page. Click the next step. The second page involves more subscription information.

There are a couple of deals you can choose from. You want to pick one that interests you. The deals are also priced differently. Expensive deals have more features than others.

You can find a deal with a video date and have a longer-term. Soon after this step, eHarmony will ask for your payment details. It is easy to pay eHarmony, since they permit all credit cards. You can also use PayPal.

Hinge has more than 500 million members. You must register for the application to become a member. As a registered member, you are free to connect with other registered users, and find a mate for yourself. Hinge is also considered to be a trustworthy dating network.

So how do you sign up to Hinge? Signing up to Hinge is free. It makes it stand out from other dating networks. It is also a quick procedure. You need to first open your browser, and log into the hinge website. You will be asked to key in your phone number.

Hinge will send you a download link. From here, click the link and download the application.

You can then start providing personal details.The details you will require, include email  address, username, and password. You will have to state your gender, and then you can click on the sign-up icon.

After this, set up a preferred date to begin interacting with other members. Please note that the procedures mentioned are for those using computers.

eHarmony Vs. Hinge: User Usability and Design in Comparison

When it comes to using a product, customers value the ease of use. Eharmony is easy to use. This applies to the dating app as well. Eharmony has done a suitable job in arranging its features on the forefront of the website.

It is difficult to miss any feature with eHarmony. It is also easy to navigate. Everything is visible and described well. In addition, there are minimal ads which is a big plus.

eharmony has designed its page using a minimalistic layout. The website looks clean and organized. It also has a beautiful color scheme with beautiful display pictures.

Hinge as an app is relatively okay when comparing it with eHarmony. Hinge application is more compatible with both Android and IOS, just like eHarmony app.

While eHarmony has few pop-up ads, Hinge is Ad-free. Hinge applications allow users to use GPS to meet people. It makes it very efficient for users.

Eharmony permits you to rate compatible matches. Hinge assists in creating real-life meetings, unlike eHarmony. Eharmony allows you to add personality traits as a user. This feature helps you become more noticeable.

It also enables you to get mates with similar attributes. With eHarmony, users can inform other members that they are interested through a wink/poke feature.

Eharmony allows users to pay with many options. You can use VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, and more.

eHarmony vs. Hinge: Services in Comparison

Both dating networks aim to offer high-quality service. They are both trustworthy sites. Hinge aims to sell you off. Unlike other dating applications, you can upload up to six photos. Some apps only permit you to have three photos. More pictures allow users to display more of their life, increasing their chances of getting a mate.

Eharmony is similar. With eHarmony, you can add the TV shows you like the most. You are not only limited to TV shows. Eharmony allows you to put information about music and sports making it very modern.

Eharmony does not allow you to search for mates. It has no search feature. Eharmony will scan compatible mates and send them to you daily.

Eharmony does a good job in getting compatible matches. Those matches will want to talk to you. You will avoid getting a thousand “heys’ from random individuals.

Eharmony also does the work of scanning creepy and socially awkward people. It monitors every user’s site activity which prevents you from getting inappropriate messages.

Hinge also allows you to answer questions concerning your strengths. This way, users can tell committed members from those who are not.

It is possible to add different pronouns, height, drug preferences, religious beliefs, and more. Hinge allows you to know everyone that likes you.

Hinge tries to match you with friends or people you know on Facebook. Hinge can come up with target connections from other social networks.

eHarmony Costs vs. Hinge Costs: Which Site is More Expensive?

Eharmony is more expensive compared to Hinge. You have to pay for membership when using eHarmony. It has two membership options. There is a basic membership and a premium membership.

Basic membership is for all first-time joiners. You can try out this membership for free. It will enable you to respond to messages and see interesting matches.

Once you become accustomed to eHarmony, you can advance to a premium membership. You will have full access to eHarmony’s features. This membership comes in a 6, 12 or 24 month plan. A 6 month membership length costs $65.90 per month. A 12 and 24 month plan will cost you $45.90 and $35.90 respectively per month.

Hinge also has a free hinge membership and a preferred hinge membership that you need to pay. Being a preferred member will enable you to see everyone interested in you. It has a 1, 3 and 6 month plan costing $9.99, $6.99 and $4.99 respectively per month.

eHarmony vs. Hinge: Safety and Security in Comparison

eHarmony is a safe online dating platform. All users must answer a questionnaire that prevents fake accounts. eHarmony also monitors users on past criminal records.

Also, it has a premium that eliminates any user with malicious intent. Eharmony has been present since 2000, and that makes it well-established.

eHarmony emphasizes getting long, meaningful, and deep relationships, unlike many other apps. Both of these dating sites protect your data including your photos. You will not find your pictures openly shown on Google.

Good to know:

Similar to eHarmony, Hinge also has a quantitative sign-up procedure to keep fake accounts. It has available terms and conditions that concern policy matters. There is also the possibility to block any inappropriate member using a report button.

eHarmony vs. Hinge: Quality of Profiles and Matches in Comparison

eHarmony focuses on connecting people with long-term commitment goals. Therefore, you are sure that the quality of profiles and matches is high.

Members will want to be serious when it comes to using eHarmony. Especially since they will pay a relatively expensive membership fee.

eHarmony also provides a mandatory compatibility quiz. It has 70 questions in total. These questions are deep and meaningful.

They ensure that each member provides a detailed report of who they are and what they like. If you find a mate, you will be sure that it is a suitable match.

Hinge profiles as well, require you to fill them out. The profiles are not very detailed. Hinge allows users to upload multiple photos. Hinge profiles will only show the data you agreed to display on your profile as you signed up.

eHarmony vs. Hinge: Which Customer Support Is Quicker?

Eharmony customer support is quicker than Hinge support. You can find eHarmony’s best phone number which is a real-time contact. It has tools for avoiding a wait-phone line right to an eHarmony’s agent.

It also has frequently asked questions with pre-set answers. In this manner, you do not have to wait to speak to an eHarmony’s representative. Other eHarmony contact information include email support and a help desk.

Hinge does not have a customer’s support phone number. You can find them online or through a help centre. You might lack real-time contact with Hinge unlike eHarmony.

And the winner is eHarmony:

In general, eHarmony is the most comprehensive dating network for marriage seekers. It has an appropriate algorithm that enables lasting relationships, and not just casual dating. You will be more likely to find a compatible foreign wife using eHarmony as opposed to Hinge.

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