eHarmony and OKCupid are the top leading online dating sites. Many people have trouble deciding the best between these two websites. This article will clearly guide you into understanding which is the perfect site by comparing the two.

In this comparison guide, we are going to analyze each of the dating sites and the features making them unique and at the end, you will be able to analyze eHarmony and OKCupid and pick your preferred choice that suits your preferences if you are looking for a partner online.

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eHarmony or OKCupid: Which Site is More Popular?

Choosing the best app in terms of popularity isn’t easy. The two apps are popular in their own unique ways. As you will see later in this article, OKCupid is a free online dating site, so it’s more popular than eHarmony.

On the other hand, eHarmony registers over 5 million visits on a monthly basis. OKCupid sees about 100 million visitors each month. That’s quite a large difference and these figures speak a lot concerning the popularity of the two dating apps.

When it comes to the membership, eHarmony has more members than OKCupid. The latter has close to 30 million members while eHarmony has 10 million users. The difference comes in because most of OKCupid’s members are not active. eHarmony does well when it comes to advertising their services.

The brand has put itself out there through TV ads, and on social media. This is a perfect way of keeping their name in the minds of their customers. Probably that’s why their users are more active.

As for the success of each site, eHarmony is the winner. The reason is because OKCupid is a free dating site. It’s known that free dating sites harbour people who are not there for dating purposes.

Some are scams while others just want a platform to boost their ego. Paid websites on the other hand, have a more active population and anyone that joins the platform is serious about dating. Anytime you pay for a service, you are sure that you will want to use it maximally.

Again, people that sign up on paid sites like eHarmony end up finding a serious relationship. Here is an approximation: about 15,000,000 matches happen on eHarmony. This means that for people looking to meet their partner, about 70% will successfully meet “the one” on eHarmony. Research shows that eHarmony accounts for about 4% of marriages in the US yearly.

So, it’s evident that eHarmony will attain results when it comes to matching people up with their partners. There are no clear statistics about the success rate of OKCupid but the dating site does well too and it’s one of the best around the world. in a brief overview

eHarmony is so far one of the world’s largest, in-depth and popular online dating websites (Read our eHarmony review: eharmony Review: Is a good dating site?). The site has greatly changed the online dating scene by revolutionising how things are done.

Their matching process has brought a very big improvement in the online dating scene. The site was the first one to come up with marriage profiles and then matching up people through compatibility.

This is a very accurate method of matching up people. eHarmony is a paid online service and it renders its services to single heterosexuals who want a serious partner for marriage or a long-term relationship.

OKCupid in a brief overview

Unlike eHarmony, OKCupid is a completely free online dating site. The site caters for people looking to make new friends, meet new people, quick hook ups, establish new connections or those that are looking for long-term relationships.

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The site also has a matching system that helps them pair people together according to compatibility. However, it isn’t comprehensive like eHarmony’s matching system.

Sign-up Process Compared

The sign up process at eHarmony is very long and extensive. The entire process takes about 30 minutes because you have to answer dozens of compatibility questions. This shouldn’t scare you away.

Although the process is long, it is a way of the site getting to understand you and what you want so that the compatibility algorithm machine can find you the right partner. That’s why they match up people easily and their results are amazing.

OKCupid has a simpler and faster sign up process. You only take a few minutes, with many people finishing the process within 5 minutes. All you have to do is simply enter your email, gender and what you are looking for on the site. In order to answer this, you will have to answer 15 questions.

From this review, OKCupid is the winner, because the site has the most natural sign up process. You can sign up and start meeting people within a few minutes.
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eHarmony vs. OKCupid: User Usability and Design in Comparison

Using the two dating sites isn’t complicated. Both of them are relatively intuitive and easy-to-use. eHarmony has a great website design and layout.

The operator always maintains a smooth functioning and beautiful site. Also, navigating around the site is easy thanks to the great layout.

To some people, OKCupid isn’t as attractive as eHarmony’s site. However, it isn’t the worst-looking online dating site out there.

The site has a good design and layout but first time users can have a hard time navigating. This means there is still a lot to be improved by the service providers.

eHarmony vs. OKCupid: Services in Comparison

OKCupid gives you an option to start dating online for free. However, there is also another option of upgrading to their premium package of $9.95 a month. The site has about 100 million visitors on a monthly basis.

They offer their services to anyone above 18 years who is looking to meet new friends, make connections, or meet a life partner.

eHarmony is a paid dating site and the cheapest membership price is $7.95 per month. The site receives about 5 million users monthly. Their services cater for people who are looking to meet someone for a serious long-term relationship or marriage.

The two dating sites offer their services to both male and female customers. But, on taking a closer look, OKCupid has more male users while eHarmony has more female users.

OKCupid has a younger crowd because despite the large number of visitors, only a few of them remain active. Both sites have most of their users coming from the United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

eHarmony Costs vs. OKCupid Costs: Which Site is More Expensive?

Before you even ask you should know that online dating apps are worth every single cent. They work and you will get value for your money. If you prefer a free site, OKCupid is the perfect choice.

The site is totally free but you have the option of paying for extra benefits such as enjoying the site without ads. However, even if you don’t pay anything you will still use the website.

There are two packages: the a-list and A-list. The cost of the a-list premium package is:

The cost of the A-list premium is as follows:

As stated earlier, eHarmony is a paid online dating site. Their prices may not be the cheapest around but the results will please you. The site delivers extraordinary services with most users finding their soul mates.

As part of the package, you get a free communication weekend in case you want to ask the contact number of your potential date. Currently, the prices are as follows:

eHarmony provides customers with a comprehensive matching system and high success rates. The site makes up for 4% of marriages in the US. Note that some services are locked depending on the package you chose to pay.

eHarmony vs. OKCupid: Safety and Security in Comparison

A good online dating site should guarantee customers total security. Many people create fake profiles, others join the sites with ill purposes and that’s why the site’s operators have to be vigilant.

Also, customers should be protected from any form of harassment. OKCupid requires someone to sign up with their facebook profile and a phone number. This can act as a form of verification but it’s not enough. You will see some empty or bizarre profiles from time to time.

eHarmony on the other hand, is very secure and they take the registration process seriously. For starters, the site blurs your photos if you haven’t paid any subscription. This means that only serious users will have verified photos.

eHarmony vs. OKCupid: Quality of Profiles and Matches in Comparison

Profiles are very important because they give the first impression about a person. They make your work easier because you can easily read about a person, look at them and make a decision on whether they are perfect for you.

Generally, profiles save you a lot of time. OKCupid has an extensive profile and each user has an “About Me” section where you can answer questions about yourself as time goes.

For example, you can discuss a few details about yourself, answer other questions like “What do people like most about me?” and why people should text you. You can modify the questions you want to appear on your profile.

Since the profiles are lengthy, it’s easy to express yourself. The site uses these survey questions on your profile to find match results.

Once the matches have been found you can start messaging and calling each other.

eHarmony has a similar format, but theirs isn’t as lengthy as OKCupid’s. They encourage users to only fill the “About Me” section and write what they are looking for. What you write will help find matches since the site works with compatibility. eHarmony is the winner in this section because they have shorter bios and almost-perfect compatibility results

Each site uses the questionnaires and surveys you dill to determine matches. Once they have found a match, they give you the results and it’s up to you to message or ignore your potential date.

eHarmony vs. OKCupid: Which Customer Support Is Quicker?

eHarmony has a reliable customer support team that is available round the clock. You can reach the customer support via their email. Another way of contacting them is by clicking the “Contact Customer Care” link at the bottom of their homepage.

The response times can be up to 24 hours but at times you might get a reply in a few hours. The good thing is that the customer support team members are professional and friendly.

OKCupid’s customer support does well too. You can reach them via their official email [email protected]. This is the only available way of contacting them and it’s available throughout the day. Replies take about 24 hours but if you are lucky enough, you will hear from them within a few hours.

And the winner is: eHarmony

Honestly speaking, each site performs well on its own level and each is superior in some sectors. eHarmony performs exemplary when it comes to matchmaking and it offers a great value for your money.

The site has a plethora of excellent features and an impeccable matching system. The site gives you a chance to browse through different potential matches without even paying anything.

OKCupid is free of charge, but there is also a paid premium package. The site also gives its customers great features. The major difference is that eHarmony offers its services to single heterosexuals while OKCupid is open to everyone. 

OKCupid is eHarmony’s competitor so this tells you that the site produces results. But generally, eHarmony is the winner if you want a great connection or a serious relationship.

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