Dating should not be a problem for you since many people have tried and succeeded. Therefore, this article will be talking about one of the best online dating sites: AlbanianPersonals. I will mention several ways to meet other singles who have the same goals and lifestyle while using this amazing dating site.

This article will focus mostly on important pointers that will convince you is the only dating site you can trust with your information, regardless of how small it is. Therefore, the article will explain how to use this dating site to get the partner you have been waiting for.

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Introduction to AlbanianPersonals

Albanian Personals is one of the best dating sites for Albanian men and women. The main target for Albanian Personals is single Albanians looking for friendship and romantic partners. It is one of the largest and affiliate websites of single individuals in the world. Moreover, the company forms the basis of other dating sites like Greek Personals, World Singles, and Turkish Personals.

Even though it is a small dating site, it has contact and matchmaking features that can help create a strong connection among members of the same site. However, the greatest thing about this dating site is that it offers single Albanian women and men opportunities to look for partners to share the same culture.

Also, there is no barrier to join Albanian Personals even though you don’t have any Albanian heritage or background. The site is available for free, and you can meet Albanian singles for romance or friendship.

This site is open to other singles from different countries despite having zero knowledge of Albanian customs and traditions. The number of men and women are almost the same -51% men and 49% women – in Albanian Personals compared to other dating sites. Interesting to know: you can access Albanian Personals through your mobile phone.

Features and services of AlbanianPersonals

The process of registration to this dating site is straightforward. The only thing you have to do is connect to the site and click join, fill the registration form, and you are in to make friends.

Albanian Personals is still small; it does not build under many unique features and services. Most of the features and services are similar to other dating sites. Below are some of the features you can experience on Albanian dating sites.


After the registration process, you will be automatically redirected to a new page containing dashboard information. Your dashboard will include search filters, a directory of members, and a navigation panel.

The navigation panel contains sections like:

  • New members
  • Latest connections
  • Online now
  • Suggested members
  • They viewed you

Day and Night Mode

The default mode of the Albanian dating site is night mode. It is interesting to know that you can change your site mode to day mode by clicking the day to night button. The day-and-night button is located at the left side of your navigation panel at the bottom of the screen.


You can like or dislike any suggested member using this amazing feature found on your navigation panel. This feature uses a swipe motion to like or dislike members. Albanian Personals is similar to Tinder since you can swipe to the left to dislike any suggested member and to the right to like. By clicking other member‘s usernames will direct you straight to their profile page.


This feature will offer you the service of displaying the search result of members who fit your choice and preference. You can use the sort feature to classify members using their:

  • Distance
  • Age
  • Newest members
  • Activity date


This function will allow you to make contact with other site members. You can have a full chat function if you subscribe using platinum power. You have the choice of chatting with members of your liking.


The activity menu will offer services like:

  • Liked you
  • You liked
  • You viewed
  • Blocked members
  • Connections
  • Viewed you

AlbanianPersonals price – How Much Does AlbanianPersonals Cost?

The Albanian dating site is free when it comes to creating an account. However, you will need to pay when you want to make contact with other site members. Also, when you want to remove profile ads and access full Albanian personal features, you need to have their platinum power.

Platinum power is Albanian Personals paid membership fee that will give you unlimited site access. There are three premium membership packages for the members:

Regardless of the package you are using; you will get a one-time payment plan that will renew automatically once the term is up. You can save up to USD 90 when using a more extended subscription.

There are several methods of payment you can use when paying for Albanian dating site that includes:

You are required to include your membership number and username when sending a money order. When using the cheque to pay for Albanian Personals subscription, you should draw on US banks and payable on US banks.

Our advice to you

Register and pay for a subscription to enjoy all the available services.

What is the profile quality at AlbanianPersonals?

There is no information shortage at Albanian Personals. You are required to fill up a registration form for your profile, but some information is optional. Therefore, you can see all the information about a particular member if you view their profile.

Albanian dating site members can edit their profile information later, so you can complete those empty and skipped information fields. When you want to have a perfect match, it is crucial to make sure your profile information is complete since the site algorithm will use the data to find one.

Is it safe to use

For starters, Albanian Personals is a legitimate site. It forms an affiliate world single network of dating sites since 2001. This site uses secure server software (SSL), which will ensure that your information is secure and safe considering the trust they have with their 3rd party security.

However, it is important to take precautionary measures before giving out your pertinent information on the dating site. You can view all member‘s profiles regardless of the membership status.

Some random facts that you won’t believe are true:
AlbanianPersonals is a straightforward and easy-to-navigate site that will offer the most common dating site features like video chats, instant messaging, and profile matching.
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How Easy Is the Site to Use?

The Albanian dating site is still small; hence, it is easy to navigate since it has no complicated features. With features like day and night mode, search, and dashboard, you will have an easy time using the site.

The chat function will allow you to communicate and connect with your favourite members. Using a platinum power subscription, you can access all available options with just a click. Using the slideshow feature, you can dislike or like suggested members. Once the registration process is over, you will get the suggestion of partners that fit your provided profile.

Customer support options in our review

In case of any concerns regarding the AlbanianPersonals dating site or account profile, you can use the available customer support service to send your quarries. You can use the Contact Us form to send an email to AlbanianPersonals.

This site has listed several customer support phone numbers that you can use to call that include:

US: +1 (949) 743-2535

Australia: +61 (2) 8011-3074

UK: +44 (20) 7193-2659

Canada: +1 (581) 684-8377

Sweden: +46 (8) 5592-1063

How to sign up at

Before you start using the Albanian personal site, you will need to complete some percentage of your profile. You have an option to leave some spaces empty or even skip this step. However, it is crucial to fill up all your details to get the right partner and unlimited likes.

You will have to complete your profile which will take about 10 minutes. It is not a must to complete your registration by verifying your email.

Is it worth paying for AlbanianPersonals?

Yes. This site offers great features and services that will make your money worthwhile. You can pay for AlbanianPersonals in either of the three subscription plans: 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months platinum power.

The price for each subscription plan is low compared to other sites. You will benefit from free account creation and a full profile view when using this dating site. When you pay for the services at AlbanianPersonals, you will get advanced search filters and a full chat feature.

Is a good dating site?

AlbanianPersonals is one the best dating sites I can recommend you to check out. This dating site offers great opportunities to meet and interact with other people from different parts of the world. This site has put in place many ways for members to connect without using much effort.

Everyone on the Albanian dating site has a chance to communicate and connect with other members. You will have no social media linkage when creating your profile. Therefore, you will access all features on the AlbanianPersonals site as long as you have paid your subscription.

AlbanianPersonals use an easy and simple-to-understand user interface. Therefore, no need to waste time familiarising with the site navigation system. The navigation panel will give you room to explore the site with convenience and ease.

You don’t have to click different unnecessary buttons to shift to another feature. All the features are laid on the screen. The site has a unique feature that can differentiate paid subscribers from those who have not paid. You can remove ads by paying using either of the subscription plans.

Putting it together - what we like and don't like about

Using AlbanianPersonals as the default dating site is the best thing you can do. We like a lot of things about this amazing dating site. The first thing is the easy process of registration. You don’t need to pay to register with AlbanianPersonals. The Albanian dating site has some amazing features like day and night mode and slideshow hence the best thing about it. Another thing we like about AlbanianPersonals is that you can get your soul mate even when you are not Albanian.

Even though there are a lot of things we like about AlbanianPersonals, there are some things we don’t like. The first dislike is that there is no mobile app ready for download; hence you will have to use the web. Another reason for our dislike is the exclusion of LGBTQ members in AlbanianPersonals.

Last updated 17.09.2023

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