Many international dating sites on the net look professional and well-run when looking at the main page.

Is this really the case? is an example of one of these sites. Although this international online dating service comes across as informative and professional, it’s sometimes necessary to dig deeper to find the truth.

And, believe me, I found the truth about

Why Trust Doves-of-Love


The site operator is Cellar Door Ltd, which is based in Gibraltar.

The company does not like revealing itself, so on the site itself, it poses as AmourFeel® without spilling too much tea on whoever is behind the online dating site. 

AmourFeel Review

If a company doesn’t want to be associated with one of its own products, then I don’t think you’d like to.

This operator is BLACKLISTED. We conducted this review to see what they’re all about and what they offer. Keep in mind this site review is purely informative. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

Signing Up at

Signing up is not only easy. It’s advertised as being easy. No verification processes here, so let’s get right into it. There is a large box on the landing page requiring some basic details. These include your sex, birth date, name, email, and password. That’s all that’s needed to get you in.

Next, you need to answer a few general questions about yourself, habits, and personality. For example, what do you want on the site? Are you married, divorced, or single? How’s your English? Morning or late night person?

You also need to add a short bio.

Have you ever met someone online before?

The next step is to indicate what type of profile you’re looking for. Thus, you need to specify the usual details like age, interests, personality type (introvert or extrovert), and some other things.

Your final step is to upload a profile picture, and of course, I kept my profile nice and empty just in case a bot decides to hit on me.

amourfeel registration

When you’re done with the three-step process, you are given some short statements to read. This part here was specifically interesting:

“We have members on the site that chose to get through a detailed verification procedure and get status “validated,” But, you are not required to get verified to join the website.”

The only verification request I got was to verify my email. But, for some reason, I don’t think that’s what this message is referring to.

After you’re done, a sheath of profile pictures appears on your screen along with a prompt to choose one and start chatting with 20 credits from on the house.

Dating Services offered at offers all of the services you’d expect to find on an international dating site, plus live streaming, which I’ve only encountered on a few so far.

Communication options include responding to emails, chatting with other members via video chat or IM, sending gifts to other members, requesting a meeting with another member, live streaming, or watching a live stream.

Can I try for Free?

Although you get 20 free credits when you sign up, there’s not much you can do when looking at the cost of the different services on the site.

Here is what you can do for free on Costs: Expensive! works with a credit system, so you need to have credits for everything you want to do on the site, like chat and sending emails and pictures.

Here are the available credit bundles:

At, love is not free or even cheap. It’s very, very expensive. Here is a detailed breakdown and credit/cash translation of what you’re going to have to pay to have proper discourse with another member:

If you think that’s all, take a look at the gifts section. You have the option to send other members gifts; however, everything from the elaborate gift shop is wildly overpriced.

AmourFeel Costs


Here is an example of one present from each category in the gift shop:

And, don’t forget — there’s a delivery fee for real gifts that’ll cost you 100 credits.

Does anyone else feel like there’s an attempt to milk them for money?

Is Easy To Use?

The design and development of the AmourFeel site are deceptively well done. Everything is easy to find, the site is intuitive, and the design is clean and attractive. has even implemented a component associated with social media by adding a “news feed” where you can post a status or picture.

Thus, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think it’s a great site!

Our Review of The Female Profiles at

I had to look at hundreds of profile pictures just to make sure that I was not dreaming, and I concluded that I was not. There is something seriously wrong with many of the profile pictures on

Some of the women’s faces literally look like amateur cut & paste jobs. In some pictures, it looks like a runway model’s face has been placed against the background of the driver’s seat of a car, but the lighting is so different that it is glaringly obvious.

amourfeel women profiles

In other pictures, the women’s faces look a bit distorted, or it looks like their faces were assembled using pictures of other people’s facial features.

This is very dodgy as no woman who wants to be found by her true partner online would want their profile picture to look distorted, fake, or obviously edited. Additionally, all of these women are “validated” profiles. Oh, I wonder why.

User Experience on and

The average user experience, depending on whether you’re looking on or, is either very average or less than average.

AmourFeel Experience

Trustpilot gets a higher overall score with only 3.4 stars, and the site has more 1-star ratings than 5-star ones.

AmourFeel User Review has fewer ratings, and the overall score is also lower — standing on 2.3 stars. Ouch. Many negative reviews suggest that the company and site hide more than they reveal.

Contact Options’s customer service does not look very good from where I’m sitting, and I’m sitting right in front of my screen. There is no live chat option or hotline readily available for customers to click on.

The only sniff of customer support I could find was right at the bottom of the screen, where an email is provided. At first, I thought the email address was a link to an online form, but the company didn’t even care to do that much.

You literally need to copy and paste the email address into a New Mail in your Inbox and hope you get a reply from someone after you hit “Send.”

This is an in-your-face red light for anyone planning to purchase any credits. If something goes wrong with your purchase, is there a reliable customer service process you can follow? I’d say no.

Our Recommendation: Eastern European Dating Service Made in Germany

Our Verdict: No Amour At

As pretty as this site is to look at, I will never consider providing any payment details to purchase credits.

With disturbing and fake-looking profiles, a notable absence of customer support, and a very expensive price list, this site screams “scam” when you’ve gone through all the fine print.

I’ve got only two words to say about Stay away.

Alternatives to

Don’t be discouraged, though. There are better options out there. Check out the alternatives to below:

LoveMe, also known as “A Foreign Affair,” is an international dating agency connecting interracial singles from across the world.

This site has unique features like phone translation service, hosting and managing international singles events, unrestricted access for women, and many other features.

Joining means choosing a membership plan and paying a monthly fee starting at 29.95 USD. is an online dating and matchmaking services agency specifically created for single men. offers special services for an international customer base (see also: Review: Fake or Legit? We Answer Your Question).

Included is an interpretation service available in thirteen languages, which is a great help when you’ve found your match but there’s a language barrier! The site works with credits, and 20 credits will cost you about 14.99 USD.

On top of that, a phone translation service is also available for when the men are ready to start conversing with the woman of their choice. features the most attractive Russian, Ukrainian, and Baltic women looking for international relationships and possibly marriage.

Although registration is free, additional services such as contacting other members require a monthly subscription.

A great feature of is that no mediators are used, which allows male and female members to contact each other directly. There are also no recurring fees.

Wanna find out how to meet an amazing foreign woman and have experience in International dating, but you have no idea how to start it. Keep calm, we are right here to help! ☝️ Ask Krystyna

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