With all the changes the modern world brings to society, restrictions on some practices have ceased. Online dating is one of the new exciting opportunities for people these days. However, I know that becoming a scam victim is easy nowadays with many dating sites available. Finding a trustworthy dating website is the trick to enjoying this feature of the online world.
BeNaughty.com is a dating site offering exciting opportunities for singles who want to avoid spending time out. This site is a hookup platform offering casual daters an opportunity to find no-strings-attached sexual relations. In this BeNaughty.com review, I’ll cover all the relevant information you need to know about the site before you start an online dating journey.

Why Trust Doves-of-Love

What Is BeNaughty.com?

BeNaughty is an online dating platform launched by Together Networks Limited in 2000. This platform is where singles can find pleasant surprises, as everyone I encountered wasn’t there for a long-term relationship partner. As the name suggests, this site is about adult fun and excitement with an attractive partner.

I also discovered that the platform welcomes people of different sexualities, including straight, lesbian and gay. It is available in the US and other unrestricted countries across the globe. BeNaughty.com has over 500,000 members in the United States. Female members dominate the site’s population with 60%, while the male gender is surprisingly 40% of the total population worldwide.

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BeNaughty.com provides its members with an exciting experience by connecting committed and single people. In addition, the BeNaughty dating site works by skipping the traditional “Hello’s” and “Hi’s” on most online dating sites. BeNaughty is an adult dating website where members don’t find long-term partners but casual ones.

Is BeNaughty.com Legit?

As a normal online dater, I had a lot of questions about the legitimacy of BeNaughty.com, as the platform appeared too good to be true. Like any other casual dater, feeling the same way is entirely understandable.

After digging around, I discovered that BeNaughty is a platform where real singles from unrestricted countries meet and have thrilling fun. The founders are an online dating network with many brands on the market. Surprisingly, I found the site launched over 10 years ago with a lot of market experience.

To be sure that BeNaughty.com is legitimate, I researched the population and type of active members. BeNaughty has an active user base of swingers, singles, and married couples looking to unleash their wild side. Additionally, the site has over 13.3 million visitors monthly looking for exciting sexual experiences. However, the question about legitimacy is best answered if you see it for yourself.

How to Sign up & Login At BeNaughty.com?

BeNaughty’s platform is straightforward and easily used by beginners and experts. However, I created an account to enjoy what BeNaughty offers. I followed this procedure during the registration at the platform.

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On completing the first registration phase, I was presented with a form requiring more information about me. Some fields in the form ask for information like marital status, body type and ethnicity, to mention a few. However, for my account creation request to be accepted, there are a few guidelines I had to stick to, including the following:

How Does BeNaughty.com Exactly Work To Find A Casual Date?

BeNaughty.com focuses on bringing together people for casual encounters who are not interested in long-term commitments. Therefore, keeping things simple regarding the interface, layout and terms of service is an effective practice.

The main feature of the BeNaughty platform I realised exciting is the search option that allows players to find other members on the site. Search results are presented based on the criteria I specify. Some of the information required in the search criteria is age, location and body type, to mention a few.

Benaughty.com uses filter software that automatically locates people that fit my search criteria. I had the “Flirtchat” option on each search result and chatted with my chosen person. However, the filter options are fewer if you use the platform’s free account. I could only receive messages from ladies, and I had to subscribe to a paid subscription to reply.

I could chat with a partner that interests me and agree to have a great time together. Luckily, all the chats are kept confidential and between only the two of you.

The Best Features - What We Really Like About The Site?

I was excited to find the platform has incredible features that helped me find a person with preferences like mine. There are a variety of recognizable features that proved effective in improving my user experience on the platform, including the following:

Search and Filter Results Feature

BeNaughty.com is designed to be usable by anybody as it’s easy to use, irrespective of your experience with dating platforms. The search and filter option on the site effectively found my ideal partner, as I defined it. This option allows me to adjust my filter parameters for better search results.

Chat Rooms

The site has two chat room types alternatives, which are international and local chatrooms. The local chatroom is the best option when I’m looking for potential partners near you. Fortunately, the conversations between my potential partner and me are kept private in both chat rooms.

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Video Chats

Video chat is one of the interesting features that help customers get closer to their partners virtually. For instance, I used this contact option when I found a partner that would make a great companion in a serious relationship. Luckily, video chat is private and helped me clear the suspicion of chatting with a bot. However, some members I video-chatted with had fake profiles and misleading photos, as they did not look the same as in their profile pictures.

BeNaughty Free Trial, Membership & Costs?

It was pleasing to find out that registration at BeNaughty is available to all people, provided you are of legal age and residing in unrestricted areas. I discovered that the Women who sign up are assigned a premium account automatically. 

However, I had to pay for the premium account offer due to my gender. Luckily, after registration, a 3-day trial option charging $0.99 per day is available, which is $2.97 for the whole trial session.

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BeNaughty.com also offers a monthly subscription for $28.80, which is relatively affordable compared to other dating sites. Fortunately, I found a few other offers for people of different financial levels.

Payment Methods Available at BeNaughty.com

The Benaughty.com platform accepts payment through Credit and Debit Cards. Therefore, players can pay for their subscription with either of the two payment options available.

Members can start or cancel their subscriptions at any point if the services aren’t working for them. Fortunately, these popular payment methods have established security systems, keeping their finances safe.

BeNaughty Review: Search and Profile Quality

BeNaughty has been in the market for over ten years, perfecting its service quality. One of the critical areas the platform has addressed is providing a catalog of legitimate members. The site verified my identity to ensure I created a real profile.

benaughty profiles

The site has multiple safety systems to prevent new members from creating fake profiles. When a member’s profile is flagged as suspicious, BeNaughty immediately warns me. A significant percentage of the profile is legitimate, while others are fake and cannot be trusted. Therefore, I generally rated the profile quality of the platform members as average, as I was a victim of fake profiles.

Usability on Mobile and Desktop

Knowing I could access the BeNaughty platform on smartphones through the BeNaughty app was pleasant. Alternatively, I could also access the site through a desktop browser. Irrespective of my device, the platform is easily navigable, and all features are present.

The mobile app version of the platform offers the same features as the website version on Android devices and desktop computers. For free, I downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, a trusted software provider. Unfortunately, the software is only compatible with Android-powered devices.

Is BeNaughty.com Safe to Use? Many Scammers Online?

Knowing how significant data security is, BeNaughty has prioritized keeping the platform safe and secure from scam cases. I discovered that the BeNaughty platform has had no data security issues in the past. BeNaughty also has a private messaging system available on the site.

How To Reach Out The Customer Support?

The BeNaughty customer support team assisted me in navigating the platform through several ways, which include the following ways:

Additionally, the support team at BeNaughty.com responds to messages within 24 hours of submission. The comprehensive FAQ section on the platform is a great way I get some necessary information for navigating the website.

Special Features

Benaughty.com has special features that I couldn’t find on other dating sites. Some of these features include the following:

Is BeNaughty.com a Good Site for International Casual Dating?

Yes, Benaughty.com is a good platform, irrespective of its numerous flaws. The platform focuses on providing quality services for people looking for casual relationships. BeNaughty is an international casual dating site I could contact members from other unrestricted countries around the globe.

Additionally, since location is one of the critical points when searching for a partner within my residential area, I ensure that the members am contacting are in my country or a any other place I can visit easily.

Our Review Conclusion: Recommended

The BeNaughty website is full of surprises that anybody can enjoy depending on their preferences. The hookup platform has a remarkable combination of incredible features for members to utilize and have a good time.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a serious relationship, the chances of finding it in BeNaughty is slim. This site is ideally for hookups only as it is the main point of the platform.

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Written by Janis
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