As the world keeps changing into a global village, individuals seek love across borders. It has led to the pop up of various platforms offering dating services. The dating sites are not the same. Some focus on the worldwide community, while some focus on specific regions or an explicit category of individuals. One such dating platform is

In the review below, we look at what HyeSingles provides to its prospective members. We look at the regions targeted by the service provider and provide vital information. It will help you make an informed decision before using the site. We explore the signing up process, ease of use and the packages provided with pricing. We also explore the safety measures utilised to make your money and time worthwhile.

Why Trust Doves-of-Love

Introduction to

HyeSingles is an online dating platform that aids Armenians in their pursuit of love and friendship. The platform has been around since 2002 and has earned the trust of its users. It is not the largest dating platform in the market, with relatively fewer members. The small numbers are due to its speciality nature.

It is focused on the Armenian market, with its users being predominantly Armenian and American. Other nationalities are also allowed.

While unique, the experience of using the site is simple. It makes the process more appealing. The free and paid for features make the site easier to use. It also has some negatives. Reading the review will help you decide whether to or not to use the services.

Features and services of

While the website design looks great and offers different features and services, it lacks some found on other platforms. Some are accessible immediately after you sign up, for free. Other features need you to pay a fee to use. They include:

HyeSingles price – How Much Does HyeSingles Cost?

Dating sites will demand a fee to access all their services and features. Hyesingles is no exception. Some features like signing up and creating a profile are free. For you to access the other interesting services and features, you need to pay a subscription fee. They offer one subscription plan, the Platinum plan. Once you make the payment, all the other features become accessible.

The site allows 3 types of payments on the Platinum plan. The payment plans include:

All the fees are one time payments. Taking the 6-month plan is the most cost-effective plan. It brings down the cost per month. You will want to find your pursuit for friendship and a soulmate to bear fruit. If you are driven, it is better to use the platinum membership. It unlocks various features that make the experience more worthwhile. The features include:

Once you subscribe, it is automatically renewed once the initial one expires. To prevent it, you have to cancel the payments as the money is non-refundable.

The payment options for the site include Paypal, credit cards and cheque deposits. If you want to use the site with discretion, you will find a problem as it will reflect on your records as ‘WorldSingles’.

Our Advice to You:
Always practice caution when engaging matches on dating sites. Do not be fooled by pictures and words. If possible, ask for a video call.
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What is the profile quality at HyeSingles?

The display of users’ profile on the site is appealing. It utilises the grid-style arrangement to display a member’s 3 pictures, age, present or past relationship status, location and age. The fine arrangements permit you to have a reliable preview of the users before going deeper.

Below the grid, a bio of the user is displayed. It allows a user to present their true selves extensively. Members get witty and showcase their humour and creativity on the space to be more attractive. It is a nice way of presenting yourself to your prospective link-ups. The user’s lifestyle and appearance will also feature in the bio. It ends with what the user is looking for in a friend or lover.

You are permitted to add up to 20 pictures. The other sixteen are displayed on the right sideline. The information on the bio lets you decide if the individual is a potential match. You provide it during the signing up process.

Is it safe to use

On the HyeSingles website, they claim to have earned customer’s trust with a backing of years in the business. They offer different safety measures to users including, dating tips. Furthermore, they claim to protect your users’ personal information and payment information from hackers and even some employees. They use advanced encryption protocols.

On the downside, the dating site does very little to protect users from scammers. The security measures during sign-ups are so laid back. Users can use the platform even minus an email thus, enhancing several fake accounts.

It is important to be careful when talking with other users on the site. The hassle of using a true profile picture is bypassed by the evident presence of generic profiles on the site.

  • Do not disclose your personal information to any member. Scammers may be hiding in plain sight
  • In case you agree to meet a member physically, use precaution.

How Easy is the Site to Use?

The design used on the website is trendy. It utilises bold font styles to get a more appealing platform. It is easy to navigate with the important features being well displayed.

You will find all the tabs on the left sideline. It will include:

The site features day and night mode functions. Day mode gives the site a white background with violet, pink and blue as accent colours. The night mode turns the background brown but maintenance the accent colours.

Customer support options in our review

If you encounter a problem while on the platform or have an inquiry, you will find a list of contact information on the site. The list will have the company’s address and zip code, customer service email and phone numbers in different countries.

How to sign up at

Being a member of HyeSingle is not complicated. I found it to be easy to accomplish the process with two steps.

Basic Information

Once the homepage to the website is displayed, you will notice a ‘Join Free Now’ on the upper part of the page. The site is for straight singles. It makes signing up much shorter. You will need to provide information such as country and city of residence, birth date, email address, prefered username and password. Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next stage.

Creating Your profile

The next step is mandatory. It demands the user to create a profile of themselves. It is an easy task as you do not type the answers. They are precomposed, from which to choose. It speeds up the process.

The question will cover your appearance(height, hair and eye colour, body type), profession and educational milestones, and lifestyle choices and beliefs. You will further have to disclose your music preference, origins, languages spoken, the number of kids you have or willingness to have kids and marital status. You may choose to use the ‘I’ll tell you later’ option if you do not want to answer.

At the end of this stage, you’ll be asked to upload a principal photo. While it is not compulsory, missing uploading will block other user’s profiles. Verification of the email is not required, but it could help you retrieve your account if you forget your password.

Is it worth paying for HyeSingles?

While it is evident that HyeSingles contains plenty of fake accounts, it has real people looking for the magical connection. If you are dedicated to getting the Armenian love of your life or friend, it is best to pay the subscription fee. It opens up incredible features that speed up your quest.

You also get your profile to appear top among searches thus, increasing your visibility. It heightens your chances of getting a match. When contrasted with other European dating sites, HyeSingles rank in the middle-upper category in the subscription fee. So if you opt to use the dating site, it is best to subscribe.

Random Facts that you Won't Believe are True

People who first met physically are more likely to break up than those who met online. The ratio of men to women on dating sites is almost equal

Is a good dating site?

On different scales, the site performs differently. For anyone looking to find an Armenian as a friend or soul mate, it is perfect. Even minus a mobile application, it performs more than average.

It is not a hundred per cent on anything. The profile quality and ease of signing up are commendable, but it does dismally on the security and authenticity area. Out of five, I would rate the site three. Start with the one month plan to check out the website first. You can go for a better subscription after you know what the site offers first-hand.

Putting it together - what we like and don't like about

As mentioned, the dating platform is not perfect. It performs well on some avenues but bad on some. What we like about the site are:
  • The site is easy to navigate
  • The desin is lovely and appealing
  • The search feature is extensive
  • The slide makes the viewing easier
  • The bio questions are deep and wide
  • Multiple photo uploads help determine the authenticity of user

What we don’t like when using the site include:

  • The registration process is long
  • Compared to other exclusive sites, the sites design may be too simple
  • Being a specialist dating site, it has fewer memmbers
  • The absence of video chats

Last updated 16.09.2023

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