IAmNaughty.com is a dating site that aims at linking like-minded people in specific areas. Before signing up on this site, you need to know whether it is legitimate. You also need to know its pricing and whether it has any useful features. 

This review will cover all these details and will make it easier for you to determine whether you want to pay for the dating service.

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What is IAmNaughty.com?

IAmNaughty.com is a casual dating site that is very popular in the USA. It is primarily meant to connect people living in specific regions. This can be handy since no one wants to travel long distances for hookups. Since the site is meant for casual dates, it doesn’t collect a lot of information about its users. 

iamnaughty review

Many people have been able to score dates on the site, but you should be wary of fake accounts. I found it quite easy to identify fake users, especially after chatting with them for a while.

Is IAmNaughty.com Legit?

IAmNaughty.com is not a scam. It has received many positive reviews and currently has a rating of about 4.2 on SiteJabber. While the site is legit, you will find many fake profiles. This can affect your experience on the platform. Users have noted that fake profiles are more commonly used to engage free users. When you pay for the service, you will see fewer fake users.

Another thing to note is that deleting your account on IAmNaughty.com can be very difficult. To cancel your membership, you should scroll down to the bottom of the site and click the link labelled ‘Remove Account Link’. You can then follow the prompts to delete your profile.

I should also mention that IAmNaughty.com sends too many spam emails. This doesn’t mean the site is a scam, but it can be annoying and will choke your email inbox.

How To Sign Up & Login At IAmNaughty.com?

When you open this dating site, you will be prompted to create an account. This process should only take a few seconds.

To sign up on IAmNaughty, you should follow these steps:

iamnaughty registration

Before you finish signing up, you will need to consent to the privacy policy of the dating site. You also have to agree to the terms of the website. After creating your account, you will be asked to add a profile photo. As a new member of the site, you will be able to change your username and add more details about yourself.

How Does IAmNaughty.com Exactly Work To Find A Casual Date?

IAmNaughty.com can be used as a swinger’s app, hookup app, or casual dating site. The site will match you with like-minded people in your area, and you will then be able to chat with the women. To initiate a conversation, you should click the big chat button under the profile photo.

I have to mention that users are required to use the paid version of the site for full communication. The site will keep prompting you to pay for the service whenever you try to chat with women on the site, and this can be very irritating.

Searching for users is fairly easy. When you upgrade to a premium account, you will get access to an extended search function. This can smoothen up the search process. Most users seem to be between the ages of 26 and 35. In my experience, about 90% of the messages sent get responses.

The Best Features - What We Really Like About The Site?

The best thing about this dating site is that it lets you sign up for free. That lets you explore the site before committing your hard-earned money to find a casual date. You will even be able to communicate with women before upgrading your account. However, as I’ve mentioned already, free users will only get limited chat options.

Another positive aspect of this site is its security. Even though it has a sleazy-sounding name, I noted that it has implemented strong security features to protect its users. With SSL encryption, the site ensures that hackers can’t access your sensitive details.

IAmNaughty.com also offers quick registration. This might not seem to be a major advantage, but lots of similar sites can tire you with long signup forms. At IAmNaughty.com, you will be able to create an account by providing basic information. This process will only take you a few seconds.

IAmNaughty Free Trial, Membership & Costs

IAmNaughty.com lets users sign up for free. With the free membership, you will be able to view different profiles and can even chat with women on the site. However, a few features will be blocked in the free account. For example, searching for quality matches can be difficult.

The site has three subscription options. If you just want to test the site, you can pay for a 1-month membership. This will cost you $20.99.

iamnaughty costs

The second option is the 3-month subscription. This costs $11.87 per month.

If you think you’ll need the site for longer, you should pick the 6-month subscription. This will cost you $9.43 per month.

IAmNaughty.com also has a 3-day trial option that only costs $4.99. If you’re not sure about the site, you should use this option to determine whether it is worth your time.

Payment Methods Available at IAmNaughty.com

This dating site lets users make payments using all kinds of credit and debit cards. As I’ve mentioned, the site uses advanced SSL encryption to ensure that your sensitive details aren’t accessible to unauthorized people.

When paying for the membership, you should avoid using public Wi-Fi. This can expose your details to other users of the network. An alternative you can use is to install a VPN.

I prefer using credit cards over debit cards because of the enhanced security of these payment options. Credit cards offer fraud protection and will also help you build credit. You may also get rewards like travel points and discounts.

I would advise you to use the 3-day trial period as this lets you test the site. You will only be able to purchase this membership plan once, so make sure you use it properly.

IAmNaughty Review: Search and Profile Quality

IAmNaughty.com has a high percentage of female users. However, many of these profiles seem to be fake. Some are even very obvious and use lines like ‘need a man tonight’. You will usually be able to tell whether a profile is fake by chatting with the woman.

As I’ve already mentioned, the number of fake profiles seems to decrease when you pay for full membership of the site. IAmNaughty.com seems to use fake women’s profiles to engage free users.

iamnaughty profiles

Searching for women on the site is fairly easy. The site’s algorithm is highly advanced and will quickly match you with like-minded people. With a paid membership, you will even get an advanced search function.

To find members, you should filter the profiles by location, gender, and age.

Usability on Mobile and Desktop

IAmNaughty.com is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. It has been optimized for smartphone and tablet screens, so you will be able to use all its features on your mobile device. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have a mobile app.

The site isn’t crowded or busy, so you will find it easy to navigate it. It also has essential links to different pages. This website has a minimalist design that makes the browsing experience quite pleasant.

It is worth noting that the site only lets people explore it after creating an account. When you launch the site, you will get the signup form, which you can fill out for free. The registration process is quick and easy.

Is IAmNaughty.com Safe to Use? Many Scammers Online?

When choosing a dating or hookup site, you obviously have to consider the level of safety offered to users. IAmNaughty.com may seem to be a sketchy site, but it uses highly sophisticated security features. It uses the latest SSL encryption standards to protect user information.

The site has a Safety Mode, which restricts suspicious members from contacting you. You also won’t be able to see profiles that have been marked as suspicious.

Although it has lots of fake profiles, I didn’t find any scammers on the site. This doesn’t mean the site is free of scammers. You can easily identify frauds by looking for certain signs. First, anyone that professes their love quickly is likely to be a scammer. Such users will typically say they are from your city or country, but they are always conveniently travelling for business.

You should also avoid users who constantly ask for money for emergencies. Scammers always have hospital bills or other emergencies.

How To Reach Out Customer Support?

I also take customer support very seriously when choosing a dating site. The support agents seem to be very attentive and quickly sought out problems.

iamnaughty customer support

One problem I noted is that the site doesn’t have a live chat option. This means urgent problems can’t be resolved as fast.

You can only use email support, and the agents will take a few hours to respond to the queries. The advantage of email is that it lets you type long messages and even attach files.

Special Features

One notable feature of this dating site is Flirtcast. This lets you type out a message that will be sent out automatically to all women you match with. Flirtcast can be quite handy, especially if your aim is to find casual dates or hookups. You also won’t need to come up with new pickup lines all the time.

It also has an open gallery feature, which lets users view all the pictures of specific women. This can make it easier for you to decide whether you are interested in the profile.

Is IAmNaughty.com A Good Site For International Casual Dating?

IAmNaughty.com was specifically designed to help users find dates in their cities or countries. However, you can filter the profiles by a specific region. This way, you will be able to find international dates on the site. However, I found the site highly ineffective for international casual dating since most women on the site use it for local dates.

Our Review Conclusion: Recommended

IAmNaughty.com doesn’t have the most professional name, but it is an effective site for casual dates. It has a seamless design and lets you create an account in seconds. 

I also loved the 3-day trial option. Paying for this membership plan will let you test the features of the site before you commit to more expensive options. 

IAmNaughty.com uses advanced safety features, meaning you won’t risk losing your sensitive details on the site.

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