If you are new to the dating world and looking for an international partner, you may be unsure of where to begin. Traveling the world in search of your Mr or Ms Right seems like an expensive option, and that’s why international dating sites is the answer that’s right in front of your nose.

How do you know what sites are legit and won’t scam you out of your hard-earned money? What features are essential to consider when looking for international dating sites? We recommend you to read our guide: “Dating Sites Reviews – How to Choose the Best Dating Service”.

I’ve tested these top 5 international dating sites, so as you read through these mini-reviews, you can choose the one that speaks to you – safely and knowing you aren’t being sent on a wild goose chase!

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TOP 5 International Dating Sites to Try in 2022

The top 5 international dating sites I’m recommending below have been personally tested to make sure each is safe and legitimate and will meet your international dating needs.

I also looked at the top services, fees, usability, and profiles in comparison to what other sites offer, and these are truly the best of the best.

I chose a variety of dating sites so that at least one will hopefully speak to you in terms of affordability or what services they offer so you can find love at last!  

1.) TrulyAsian.com

Looking for your perfect Asian match? Then TrulyAsian.com can match you with a compatible Asain partner without wasting any time. So love’s truly on the horizon for you.

TrulyAsian review

Established in 2009, this international dating site has more than 400,000 verified users, with 250,000+ women and 180,000+ men, and their membership is growing too.

Top Services From TrulyAsian.com

TrulyAsian has apps available for download from the Google PlayStore and the App Store so you can chat to potential partners even while on the go.

Other notable services are:

TrulyAsian.com Fees

You can join TrulyAsian.com for free. Privileges of being a free member include browsing and viewing profiles and a restricted number of messages.

This is more than enough to decide if you want to sign up for the Premium membership. You can try the Premium plan for 7 days at US$2.95. If you are ready for all the benefits of being a Premium member, you’ll pay US$28.95 per month.

Being a Premium member gives you access to the top services I describe above, plus access to the 24/7 customer care service, ability to hide your profile for other users, and see who has viewed your profile.

Usability and Profiles of TrulyAsian.com

With the ease of navigation and functionality, you won’t mind that the aesthetics of TrulyAsian.com isn’t the best that’s out there. The menu bar lets you navigate to Browse, Messages, Interests, and Activities.

The search function is also super helpful with the filters to narrow down your search, and you can easily report a suspicious-looking profile.

TrulyAsian profiles

What I like about the profiles at TrulyAsian.com is that not all of the photos look 100% photoshopped and fake. They look like real people and you can see natural beauty, which is a plus in my book.  

What We Like About This Service

I like that TrulyAsian.com:

2.) BeHappy2Day.com

If you are a Western male and looking for the perfect partner from Asia, Latin America, Russia, and Ukraine, then BeHappy2Day.com helps you put the building blocks for love, romance, and a happy family in place (read also: BeHappy2Day.com Review: Fake or Legit? We Answer Your Question).

BeHappy2Day.com was created in 2004 with the sole intention to meet the dating needs of single men. 

Top Services From BeHappy2Day.com

You can easily download the BeHappy2Date.com app via the Google Play Store. Otherwise, you can use this international dating site on the browser of your PC or tablet.

Top services BeHappy2Day.com offers are:

BeHappy2Day.com Fees

You can sign up to BeHappy2Day.com for free and also get access to the site’s news, dating advice, and view profiles.

If you want to access certain online dating services, you’ll need to buy credits. You can buy 20 credits for US$14.99 or 1,000 credits for US$379. Here’s some of the services and accompanying credits:

Usability and Profiles of BeHappy2Day.com

With a simple sign up process, the rest of BeHappy2Day.com is easy to use as well. Signup is accessible from the site’s homepage, while the rest of the features and services can be found on your dashboard.

The profiles on BeHappy2Day.com are detailed. From each profile, you can see the person’s birthday, their height, weight, marital status, country of origin, photos, vidoes, and more information about them.  

What We Like About This Service

I like the following about BeHappy2Day.com:

3.) Loveme.com

Loveme.com is a great international dating site if you are looking for a dating partner or perhaps even a wife. If you are a lady, you can also find your perfect Mr right on the site.

The company has more than 30 years of experience as a dating and love matchmaking agency. Loveme.com has 80,000+ monthly visitors and more than 1,000 female profiles. 

Learn more about Loveme.com:

Top Services From LoveMe.com

As with most international dating services, LoveMe.com can be downloaded from the Google Playstore but no app is available for iPhone fans. Sorry!

Top services from LoveMe.com include:

LoveMe.com Fees

Signing up to LoveMe.com is free. With the Platinum membership, you unlock unlimited access to most of the top services (listed above) access to videos, and more.

To become a Platinum member, pay a one-off fee of US$95 and then a monthly fee of US$29.95.    

Usability and Profiles of LoveMe.com

The site seems pretty overwhelming at first glance, but it’s easy to find where you can sign up for free. Thank goodness the signup process is easy, and the dating side of LoveMe.com is user-friendly.

The profile photos on LoveMe.com appear to be photoshopped a bit but you can still see each person’s natural beauty shine through. Clicking on a photo takes you to the complete profile with more information. From there, you can add potential interests to your Hot List. 

What We Like About This Service

I  like that LoveMe.com:

4.) ChristianFilipina.com

Filling a very unique online dating niche, ChristianFilipina.com connects single Christian women from the Philippines with prospective partners. Most of these male site users are from the U.S. and success stories abound.

With over 1,100,000 users registered on the site, the chances of finding the perfect match is good, and the 1000,000 site visits per month show the success of this dating site.

Top Services From ChristianFilipina.com

With apps on the Google Play Store and App Store, ChristianFilipina.com can serve your dating needs on your desktop and phone. 

Top services from the international dating site are: 

ChristianFilipina.com Fees

The fees for ChristianFilipina.com is fairly high as dating sites go. This is perhaps due to the unique target market of the site: connecting single Christian men with single Christian women in the Philippines.

Gold or platinum membership can run up quite the bill at US$247 and US$597 respectively for a three-month membership package.

Usability and Profiles of ChristianFilipina.com

What is really great with ChristianFilipina.com is that the non-users can also contact and enjoy many of the additional features that are part of the paid packages. This makes for a better sense of community.

Ladies feel safe to upload their profiles since there’s careful moderation of the site and chats to root out any predators or scammers. 

What We Like About This Service

I like this service because:

5.) InternationalCupid.com

Part of the network of over 30 international dating sites, InternationalCupid.com is owned by Cupid media. The site began in 2004 and  has a long track record of success stories that are available as testimonials on their site.

If you’re looking for an international single to be your match, this is one of the best sites to consider using.

Learn more about InternationalCupid:

Top Services From InternationalCupid.com

Keeping with the times, InternationalCupid.com has an app that can be downloaded from GooglePlaystore. This makes for greater connectivity. Other services include:

InternationalCupid.com Fees

There are two membership types available: the gold and platinum memberships. Trial fees such as the gold membership can set you back as much as $29,98 per month, but taking out a quarterly or annual plan will reduce the cost substantially.

Usability and Profiles of InternationalCupid.com

To initiate contact between different users, be sure to hover the mouse cursor above the images of the potential singles. Action buttons will prompt whether you want to save a particular search, make contact, or report a member if you feel they have violated the site’s rules of conduct.

InternationalCupid.com is very user friendly and appeals to a wide age range of users (from age 35-54 years), with a large majority of men frequently browsing for single women to talk to.

What We Like About This Service

With InternationalCupid.com, I like the:

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