Traditionally, if you wanted to meet someone and pursue a romantic relationship with them, you had to go to a social setting. For instance, people would meet at parties, social events, malls, and other social places. However, this kind of meeting is no longer popular among singles looking for romantic partners.

The main reason why people do not meet like this is that men fear approaching women since they do not know if they are single, and they fear rejection. The global pandemic has also made meeting people very hard. For this reason, online dating sites have become the go-to option for meeting singles and getting into romantic relationships. The market is swarmed with a wide array of online dating sites.

One of the best ones is MexicanCupid. Is MexicanCupid a good and reliable dating site? Is it worth paying for Does MexicanCupid actually work? In this review you will find in-depth responses to all your questions.

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What is

MexicanCupid is one of the thirty digital dating platforms designed and run by the Cupid Media Network. This dating platform is specially designed for Mexican women. It features thousands of women from Mexico and international male profiles.

All the women have individual profiles on which they provide helpful information about themselves. MexicanCupid is one of the most comfortable online dating platforms to use.

Review of the sign-up process at

The registration process on is relatively fast and easy. The first step of the process is to create a profile. This doesn’t have to be a problem because it is a fast process and will take you a couple of minutes. 

All you have to do is visit the official MexicanCupid website and click on the sign-up icon on the home page’s top right corner. From there, you will be required to provide some information.

For instance, you have to enter your username, email, and age. From there, you have to create a password, and you are good to go. After providing the details mentioned above, you can start browsing through the female profiles.

Who are the female members on the MexicanCupid dating site?

As the name of the platform suggests, MexicanCupid features women from Mexico. Each of the women has a detailed profile. The platform makes sure that you can learn about the members through the information on the profiles as much as possible.

The female profiles are quite organized to ensure that you can quickly scan through them and find the features you want.

The women who are paid members of the platform usually have albums on their profiles. Those who are using free membership plans usually have a maximum of five pictures. None of the women are allowed to leave out their photos from their profiles. This element allows you to match a face with the other data on the profiles. It is also worth noting that all the women on the platform are 18 years old or older.

Random facts that you won't believe are true:

There are no geo-restrictions on this platform. This means that Mexican females living outside Mexico can register.

How does MexicanCupid exactly work?

Below is a breakdown of how the platform works:


The first step is creating a profile. As mentioned in the previous sections, this process is fast and effortless. However, you have to be at least 18 years old to register for the platform. You can sign up using two methods; integrating the new account with your Facebook account or filling the registration form.

Adding data to your profile

As soon as you complete the registration process, you will be redirected to the profile segment to add a photo. From there, you have to add a description to your profile. Note that you can launch a search of other profiles before you add personal data.


The platform launches a verification process to ensure that the account belongs to a real person. If you want to pass this process, you have to upload a photo of your ID or passport. If you get the verification badge, your account will become available to all users on MexicanCupid and other Cupid Media Network sites.

From there, you can start using the platform.

Are there any special features on MexicanCupid?

Below are some special features available on this online dating site:

Anonymous browsing

MexicanCupid allows you to check out other profiles on the platform without other users knowing. This feature allows you to look at as many profiles as you want without the members getting alerted that you viewed their data.

Search filters

This platform features several search filters you can use to meet the most compatible partner. All you have to do is mark off the filters that correspond with the type of person you wish to meet before searching.


MexicanCupid features a wide range of communication elements. The easiest feature is sending interest, which is available to both free and paid users. If you are a paid member, you can send unlimited messages. You can also speak to users in real-time through instant messaging.

Photo comments

In addition to the platform’s communication elements, MexicanCupid also allows you to comment on the user’s photos on the website.

Does the dating site have an app? features a mobile app. The app is usable on Android platforms. The MexicanCupid app is available for download on the App Store for free. This is an amazing alternative to the website for people who like to use the platform on the go. It is worth mentioning that the app is designed to sync up effortlessly with the website. 

Therefore, you do not have to worry about providing information or filling the app’s registration forms and the website. All information on the website will be available on the app and vice versa. It also features a user-friendly design like the website. Therefore, you do not need to be taught or tech-savvy to use the mobile app. 

In addition to being easy to use, it also features the same features as the website. Therefore, you do not have to adapt to it if you are used to the website.

Is a good dating site?

In general, MexicanCupid is a great dating site. For instance, it features a user-friendly interface both on the website and app. This means that users can have an easy time using the dating platform on whichever device they want. It is also a safe platform because of the verification and privacy policies.

The platform verifies all members because their profiles are accessible to other users to avoid issues like scamming. Another element that makes it an incredible dating site is that you do not have to be a paid member to enjoy the essential elements and features. For instance, as a free member, you can join the platform and browse other people’s profiles.

You can also use the search filters and communicate using a few of the communication features. This is something that most dating apps do not allow. However, the site also has a few downsides. For instance, it is not one of the most popular sites.

Can you get scammed on

One of the greatest challenges with most online dating platforms is the probability of getting scammed. Sometimes, scammers create fake accounts and use them to trick users into sending them money or doing other things that may not be legal. To curb this issue, MexicanCupid makes sure that all members who register to the platform go through a verification process. 

The verification happens immediately after the registration process. All members are asked to provide proof of identity by uploading a copy of their national ID or passport. The system goes through the documents to make sure they are safe before verifying the account. Users can only see the verified accounts.

Any account that does not pass this step will not be accessible to other users. While this step helps protect you against scammers, you also need to take care of yourself. Be wary of scammers in your inbox and report them if you come across any.

How can I communicate on without paying?

As mentioned in earlier sections, one of the most unique and advantageous elements of MexicanCupid is that it allows you to communicate without paying. You can use the simplest and easiest communication feature (send interest) as a free member. The send interest communication feature allows you to tell a user that you would like to know each other and are interested in them.

You can also reply to messages from users if the users who send the messages are paid members. This means that you cannot send the messages if you have not paid, but if a paid member sends them to you, then you can reply for free.

Additionally, you can use the photo comment feature to communicate if you are a free member. Here, you can comment on the photos on a user’s profile. However, if you want to access all the platform’s communication features, you have to subscribe to a paid membership plan.

How much does MexicanCupid cost in 2023?

MexicanCupid features two subscription methods or plans;


This plan costs 34.99USD for one month. If you choose the three-month plan, you will have to pay 69.98 USD. There is also the yearly plan, which costs 149.99USD. The platinum membership gives you access to specified (not all) features available on the platform. This is also the cheapest subscription method.


This subscription costs 29.98 USD for one month, 59.99 USD for a quarterly plan, and 119.98USD for the annual plan. This is the most expensive plan on MexicanCupid because it allows you access to all platform features.

A paid subscription allows you to send unlimited messages, comment on photos, read private messages, access incognito mode, and use advanced search tools.

Note that receives payments through bank transfer, credit card, debit card, check, vouchers, or Paypal. Other than the methods mentioned above, the platform does not accept any other form of payment.

How reliable and serious is MexicanCupid?

MexicanCupid is quite a reliable and serious dating platform. One element that shows that the platform is serious is that they use verification bots to ensure there are no fake accounts. The site also has numerous positive reviews on trusted sites, which shows that users love what it has to offer.

Our Advice to you: Regardless, the positives of MexicanCupid by far outweigh the negatives, making it an incredible dating site to meet beautiful and loyal Mexican women.
International dating blogger

It is also a reliable site because it caters to all types of users. For instance, users who cannot afford to pay for subscriptions can still use the platform and access important features. They can reply to messages and comment on the user’s photos. This is unlikely with most dating sites on the internet.

Additionally, the prices for subscribing to the platform are quite low as compared to other sites, especially those that use credit systems. The fact that this dating site is part of the Cupid Media Network also speaks to its reliability. This is one of the main reasons why MexicanCupid is quite popular.

Putting it together: What we like and what we don't like

MexicanCupid is an incredible online dating platform with a lot to offer. Some of its best features are the numerous search filters, fast and convenient communication tools, usability, and incredible prices. Users also love that free members can access some useful features, and registration to the platform is free and quick.

On the other hand, there are a few things that need work on the platform. For instance, the app is only available for Android and not iOS.

Last updated 16.09.2023

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