Are you looking for a date and are wondering about the ideal sites to sign up on? The first thing to getting your preferred match is finding a good site. I have received many questions regarding and decided to delve into the site and give you a comprehensive review.

In this review, I will explore the site’s legitimacy, costs, usability, and everything you should know before signing up. Read on!

Why Trust Doves-of-Love

What is is an online dating platform that accepts members from everywhere. The site is a product of Meteor Interactive B.V. and has offices at Lorentzweg 22-A in the Netherlands.

The platform describes itself as an online entertainment and a social networking site where like-minded people can chat, flirt, and fulfill their wildest fantasies. They also mention that the platform is accessible in various interfaces, including desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

mysensualmatch review

Like most dating sites, the platform has a set of requirements for signing up and using its services. It requires that one is 18 or above the legal age in your jurisdiction. Once you create a profile, you must enter your details so the site matches you to your ideal partners.

Is Legit?

There are many factors that come into play for a site to be legitimate or illegitimate. The first thing I noted about is that it has an SSL certificate for your safety. This means that none of the information you enter on this platform will leak or get shared with third parties. It safeguards your payment details, personal info, and photos you upload on this site.

The second thing to help assess the legitimacy is the quality of the profiles. While has more than 3 million members, not all are human.

In its TOS (Terms of Service), the site particularly recognizes that it uses animateurs and moderators to encourage conversations and premium memberships. For this reason, users cannot date these individuals, thus appearing deceptive. Most users lamented how they bought so many credits only to chat with unreal profiles.

Even though the website has a few downsides, there are several desirable features that can help you find your preferred match. As with any other platform, you must do your due diligence before signing up and determining whether or not the site is legitimate.

How to Sign Up & Login in At

Creating an account at is pretty easy and navigable. I was able to create an account in less than five minutes within a few clicks.

Here is how you can sign up and have a dating profile.

mysensualmatch sign-up
mysensualmatch process

Once you have an account, you can quickly login by clicking on the ‘Login’ button and entering your username and password.

How Does Exactly Work to Find a Casual Date?

After creating your account with, you are free to begin your searches. You will find regional searches meant to help you find people within your location. You will also have the chance to invite or enter a private chat with other members.

Like most dating sites, the site uses various criteria, including physical, social, interests, and your description, to match you with new people. It uses a mechanism like Tinder for swiping to approve profiles. Swiping right means you like and want to get in touch with someone, while a left swipe means rejection.

However, as a new member, you will be allowed to send three free messages, like up to 20 profiles, and browse various profiles. Beyond this, you need to pay to access the services.

The Best Features- What We Really Like About the Site?

Here are the features we loved most about the site.

MySensualMatch Free Trial, Membership & Costs

Unfortunately, MySensualMatch does not have a trial plan. Upon signing up, you will get free access to some services, including three free messages, liking 20 profiles, and free browsing.

Beyond this, you will need to pay for the services.

The platform has a coin plan which works just like credits. Notably, the plan is non-recurring, and you need not do anything to discontinue. It means that when you have a shortage of coins, you must buy them manually. Here is a quick breakdown of the price.

Payment Methods Available at accepts payment via is a payment service provider that enables businesses to accept online payments from various payment methods, including credit cards, MasterCard, Klarna, iDeal, Visa, Trustly, American Express, and Alipay, among others.

Since accepts payments, you can pay for premium features and subscriptions using any payment method offered by When making a payment on, you will be redirected to a secure payment page hosted by

From there, you can select your preferred payment method and enter the required payment details. Once the payment is processed and confirmed, your account will be upgraded to premium status, and you can start using it.

MySensualMatch Review: Search and Profile Quality is a dating website that has a user base of over 3 million people. However, it’s worth noting that not all users may be real people. Some profiles could be bots or inactive accounts.

mysensualmatch profiles

As I mentioned, the website offers a user-friendly interface that makes searching and browsing through profiles easy. Users can filter their search results based on different criteria, such as age, location, interests, and more.

In terms of profile quality, generally has good-quality profiles. Users can add photos, describe themselves and their interests, and indicate what they want in a potential partner.

Usability on Mobile and Desktop

The platform has a responsive design and layout. You can easily access it on your smartphone and desktop devices without any issues. This means the website is optimized to provide a good user experience across different devices with varying screen sizes, including mobile and desktop devices.

mysensualmatch men profile

You should be able to access and use the site comfortably and efficiently, whether using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. However, it is worth noting that the platform does not have an Android or iOS application. The only way to access it is via your preferred HTML-5 browser.

Is Safe to Use? Many Scammers Online?

Generally, I can consider a safe dating site. Nonetheless, like any dating site, there are risks involved, including bots and unreal profiles. The dating site clearly states that it uses moderators and animateurs for entertainment.

As such, you must be very careful when communicating with other members and take steps to verify the authenticity of profiles before disclosing any personal information.

Additionally, you might have difficulty finding genuine matches due to the high number of fake profiles.

How to Reach Out to Customer Support?

If you have issues or need assistance with, there are a few ways to contact the site’s customer support team. I found both effective and got responses within 24 hours.

One option is to send an email to their customer support service. has an email address ([email protected]) on their website that users can use to contact their customer support team. This can be a good option if you have a specific issue or question that you’d like to address.

Another way to contact customer support is through their web contact form. The contact form allows users to fill out their name, email address, subject, and message and send it directly to the customer support team.

Is A Good Site for International Casual Dating? appears to be a good site. The site has various tools that help users connect with other members across the globe. It has more than three million users, making it easier for you to find a match. It is particularly useful for casual relationship seekers.

It also has a responsive design and layout and is optimized to provide a good user experience on different devices and screen sizes.

Our Review Conclusion: Recommended is an online dating platform with a wide range of services for people looking for casual dating, chatting, and flirting. It is legitimate and uses an SSL certificate to protect your information.

I also loved its prompt customer support services and its vast range of profiles. However, as with any dating platform, it is crucial to exercise caution when using the site and take steps to protect their personal information and stay safe while using the platform.

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