RussianCupid is an online dating site that offers six different membership subscriptions. You can choose from the six and decide on which you can comfortably pay (check our RussianCupid review: Review: How reliable and serious is RussianCupid?). 

There is the monthly gold subscription where you pay $34.99, the gold membership that covers three months and the charge is $69.98 and lastly, the yearly gold membership that you pay $139.99.

There is also the premium subscription that charges $39.99 a month, the premium subscription that charges $79.98 in three months and lastly, the annual platinum subscription of $159.99.

In our guide we give you detailed information on RussianCupid costs and pricing.

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Why Trust Doves-of-Love

RussianCupid Membership US in an Overview

I would like to inform you that this is the best site for you as an American man looking for a foreign wife online. The site offers you with the best features that will make your search for a bride easier. You do not need to know the Russian language or even be fluent in it.

There is a translation assistant who is there to help you at any given time. You will be able to comprehend what your partner is saying. Privileges such as having a translation assistant require you to pay.

Therefore, choose a package that will offer you enough features. Most singles in RussianCupid are majorly from Russia and the United States but you will meet singles from other countries as well.

There are two types of memberships; gold and platinum. Gold membership has the following subscriptions;

Platinum membership subscriptions include;

RussianCupid Membership UK in an Overview

This is an online dating site with ratings as one of the most famous sites in the world today. As much as it is a Russian dating site full of Russian single women, it has people from other nationalities too and the UK is one of them.

Over 90 000 UK singles are trying their luck on this site. Love knows no bounds. If you are in the UK, our advice to you is that, do not hesitate.

Finding love is not easy, especially genuine love. You will need to go against so much and distance should be an issue. From my experience, I would say break the ice and take the hunt for a Russian woman.

It has an easy and free registration process that makes it get new sign-ups every day. Make it a reality and get your online bride by subscribing to either gold or platinum subscriptions. In gold membership, payments are as follows;

For platinum membership, the payments include;

It is also quick to find matches, and with the features of the instant message, it will not be long for you to receive your response.

There are also plenty of people online, so you have a high chance of getting more than one match. You are at liberty to block anyone who disrupts your peace while on the site.
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Free vs Paid RussianCupid Membership

As a free member, you can access certain areas of the dating site. Although you will have no access to the features until you make payments. As a free member, you have plenty of limitations.

You cannot be able to know who liked your profile, you cannot gain access to the features in the site such as language translation, you cannot have the verification badge and you will not enjoy unlimited messaging.

You are also limited to reading received messages. When using the paid membership, you can enjoy fluid communication and you can comfortably send messages. With a premium version, you have access to unlimited messages.

A conversation between two free users is tricky. This is because both their responses are blocked; therefore, they cannot communicate with one another.

To effectively use the dating site, you need to have a paid membership. Their subscriptions vary depending on the package you choose. However, they are affordable, starting from gold to platinum.

Benefits of Joining

You will get to enjoy numerous benefits when using this site. Some of these benefits include the following;

High number of Users

It has over 1.5 million users and this gives you a high chance of getting a partner. Most of these users are always active online, thus making it popular. Getting a partner here will not be an uphill task.

Language Translation

The website understands that there are people from all walks of life who would love to get brides from Russia and that is why there is the language translation feature.


Not every user on the site understands Russian. Therefore, the language translation service allows you to comprehend what your Russian match might be saying. It becomes possible to have a conversation with other users who match with you. However, you have to pay for yourself to enjoy this service.

Is Re-billing Active on the Site?

You make payments using different modes such as visa, PayPal, MasterCard and many others. They accept bank transfers as well and this ensures that the process is easier for you. Bear in mind that whatever payment method you choose, you will have a re-bill once you exhaust it.

Re-billing is automatic after your subscription is over and it ensures that you remain active on the site. If the re-billing is done and at that period you fail to use your subscription, there will be no refund at all.

To avoid wasting your money, always be present and make use of it. If you wish to continue using their services, opt-out or change it before your current subscription is done. The rates do not change, though.
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Is it Worth Paying for RussianCupid?

If you have been single for some time now, then you will realise that joining a dating site like RussianCupid will be better for you. You get to have a higher chance at love or relationship when you join a dating site.

Overly, some people are shy and cannot approach a woman and state their intentions. Such people may fail to be in relationships because of this fear. Joining RussianCupid will give them a platform where they talk to a lady of their choice confidently while behind the keyboard.

Of course, you will gain courage over time since there will be familiarity between the two of you. There are amazing features that RussianCupid offers and they will make it easier for you to use the site. 

Below are some of the features.

1. Safety Tips

You shall come across various tips and guidance that will ensure your safety. Do not assume that you are entirely safe since it is an online site. You can face bullying and also meet fraudsters and swindlers from this site. Be sure to go through all the guidelines on safety to prevent any of the above from transpiring.

2. Instant Messaging

It can be very boring if you send a message to someone and it takes forever to get a reply. Instant messaging gives you the morale to continue conversing with your match any time you wish.

3. Show Interest

You are looking for a woman online. You should do it. This is the best for shy people. It lets you know those who visit your profile; thus, you will be aware of those who have an interest in you.

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