Every person is unique, and that means that not everyone is into “traditional” dating. These days, there are various niche dating sites so that people can pursue the type of relationships that make them happy. 

Seeking.com is one such a niche dating site. In fact, the platform falls in the sugar dating category. Also called suraging, sugar dating is a mutually-beneficial transactional dating type where a wealthy—usually older—person gives gifts, money, and other material benefits to a—usually younger—and financially struggling person in exchange for intimacy and companionship. 

The person who gives the money and support is called a sugar daddy or sugar mommy, while the person on the receiving end is a sugar baby. 

So if you want to be a sugar daddy/momma or a sugar baby, seeking.com is one of the dating platforms you can use to find your sweet half. But let’s take a deeper dive into Seeking.com and reveal why this site is on my “to be recommended” list. 

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What Is Seeking.com?

Seeking.com used to be called Seeking Arrangement, and the leading elite dating site was created in 2006 so singles could let potential love interests know what their expectations were upfront. 

The company doesn’t want singles to settle because #life’stooshort, so rather #dateup. Seeking.com promotes that singles should find relationships that align with their goals and dreams  

Seeking.com was created by Brandon Wade, an MIT-graduate, after he realized that successful men have less time than other males to invest in romantic relationships. 

According to the luxury dating company:

Seeking.com is available in 8 languages: 

How to Register at Seeking.com

It’s easy to register on Seeking.com. 

On the site’s homepage, there are red buttons with the wording “Join Free” or “Start Dating Up.” Click on either of these, and you’ll be taken to a page that says “Create an account.” 

First up, you need to say what gender you identify as. You only get two options – man or woman. (#notveryinclusive) 

Next, choose who you are interested in. You get three options this time – men, women, or both. Then, decide which of these you want:

Now you need to fill in your email address, your password, and birthday. Check the Captcha so the site knows you are a person and not a bot, and click Continue. Or you can sign up with Facebook. 

Following this, you need to answer how much you’d be willing to spend on a sugar baby or how much you want your sugar mommy/daddy to spend on you. 

Upload your profile photo, which is subject to approval by the Seeking.com team. You can also opt to be screened by a third party called Optimum Screening, and if you are verified, you’ll get a badge on your dating profile (read also: 8 Dating Profile Examples for Men (From a Woman’s Perspective)). If you don’t pass, there’s no badge and no refund if you’ve paid anything. Chances are, your profile will be deleted.  

If you want to use the site legitimately, then get screened. 

What Services Are Offered at Seeking?

Seeking.com offers many services; some of them are free and others require that you become a Premium or Diamond member to access them. 

Seeking Design and Usability in Our Check

The website and Seeking.com’s app are both easy to use with a sleek and modern design. If you’ve never been on an online dating platform before, you’ll easily be able to navigate the site and find your way around. 

Fonts and images are clearly visible on the app, and you can navigate it using the bottom bar. 

All in all, Seeking.com is user-friendly with an intuitive and straightforward interface – whether on the app or an internet browser. 

Profile Quality - How Authentic Are the Seeking.com Profiles?

The profiles on Seeking.com aren’t overly detailed. In general, you see the following on a member’s profile: 

Some of the profiles look authentic, but as on other online dating sites, there are scam profiles too. 

Check out my article on 11 clever questions to ask a romance scammer. These will help keep you safe! 

Does Seeking.com Have a Mobile App?

Seeking.com is available via a desktop internet browser and an Android mobile app. 

Currently, there’s no mobile app for iOS users (#sorry), so Apple-lovers will need to use the website on their phone’s Safari app or their PCs.  

Costs and Pricing of Seeking.com

If you want to use Seeking.com for free, there are a few services you can access – but what you can access depends on whether you are a Successful or Attractive member. 

If you are an Attractive member (aka a sugar baby), you can search, like, and send messages. If you are a college student, you can get all the Premium features for free – provided you register with your .edu email address. 

The costs of the subscription options on Seeking.com are as follows: 

Seeking.com also offers 2 one-time membership options; these don’t auto-renew: 

What Payment Options Do Seeking Accept?

Seeking.com accepts various payment options: 

Seeking Customer Support Options

There are two customer support options on Seeking.com. Before you reach out to the customer services team, Seeking.com recommends checking out their FAQ page. 

If that doesn’t answer your question or address your problem, you can get in touch with the Seeking.com team by:

Click on “Contact Us” at the bottom of the Seeking.com web pages to reach out to Customer Support. 

Looking at Seeking External Reviews in Our Test

When we look at external reviews in our comprehensive testing of online dating sites, we check out what members have said about the dating site in question on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. 

We also know that reviews don’t paint a complete story – people will much rather leave negative reviews than they will take the time to write a positive review about a company or service. So all reviews need to be looked at objectively and with a bag of salt.

Anyhow, let’s have a look at Seeking.com reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber. 

On Sitejabber, Seeking has 333 reviews and a 1.71 star rating. Only 26 users gave the dating platform 5 stars while 233 gave it 1 star. 

General negative reviews mention how: 

There are 259 reviews on Trustpilot, and Seeking.com get.s a 1.6 star rating. More than 80% of the reviewers rated the company as bad and only 4% as good. 

Negative reviews about the dating site mention that: 

Our Seeking.com Review Verdict: Recommended

So looking at the reviews of the site may have you running out of here faster than I can say “Seeking.com.” But in all honesty, this is a niche site, and if sugar dating is right for you and you are wary of being scammed, you can find love on Seeking.com. 

Read more:

I recommend Seeking.com because the site: 

Looking for another site in the sugar dating niche? Why don’t you check out my full review on Sugardaddie.com

Last updated 18.09.2023

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