These days it is common to find a person who is single because they are too busy to interact. It is because of this that dating sites have been brought to existence. Every person who is looking into signing up on a dating site usually wants to know the best dating site, their security level, the assurance of finding a long-term partner, etc.

In this article, we will be discussing the purpose of and reviewing the following:

  • Its pros and cons.
  • Safety and security level.
  • The site’s features and services.
  • The subscription price and plans of the site.
  • Profile quality.

Why Trust Doves-of-Love

Introduction to SerbianLove is an online dating site that enables singles to interact and meet on its platform. The random facts that you won’t believe are true is that this dating site has a wide audience that is quite inclusive and has a double-blinding system that ensures everyone is safe. Individuals of all sexual orientations can be found on this site.

In addition to that, the site has extensive features and services that make it possible for members to match with people who have similar interests. The site requires a person to register to view profiles. One can choose to be a free member or a premium member. Premium members pay a monthly fee whose amount is dependent on the premium plan an individual has subscribed to.

Features and services of SerbianLove

This site was developed to enable single people to find long-term relationships despite their busy schedules. To make this possible, the site has developed a good environment by providing the following features and services to its users:

SerbianLove price – How Much Does SerbianLove Cost?

When compared to other dating sites all over, is a little bit pricy since it costs $ 40 a month. SerbianLove offers three subscription plans. These are one-month, three months, and six months subscription plans

Is a good dating site? is a good dating site considering the numerous features such as advanced search that they provide to ensure that individuals are matched with partners who are compatible with them. The site has a long and in-depth compulsory compatibility test questionnaire. It is our advice to you to fill all fields including the optional questions. This assists to get a precise and concise test that will increase your chances of interacting with your preferred partner.

The website also ensures the safety and anonymity of its users. In addition to that, the website has a diverse audience which ensures that every individual finds the kind of partner they are interested in. Given the above reasons, we can conclude that SerbianLove is a good dating site.

What is the profile quality at SerbianLove?

Profiles at SerbianLove are of good quality. Upon registering every individual is supposed to set up their profile and fill in a compatibility test. You are expected to describe your physique, habits, and appearance. The compatibility test questionnaire has numerous questions which will result in a precise and concise personality and character.

On top of that, you are advised to upload quality profile pictures and photos of themselves. The public profile, personality results, and good pictures will attract many views and will thus increase the chances of one finding a loved one. In case you haven’t completed your profile there is a button that reminds you to complete your profile and upload more photos.

Is it safe to use

You might be wondering whether it is safe to use as your online dating platform considering all the cases of scamming, cat phishing, and other insecurity cases that have occurred in the past due to using dating platforms like Tinder and others. The good news is that this platform is quite secure and safe. ensures the anonymity of its members to the public. Only members can view an individual’s profile.

The website has also provided a block feature that members can use when a spam profile or unwanted profiles contact them. The website also ensures that your personal and financial information does not fall in the wrong hands. 

The platform uses a double-blinded system to ensure the safety of all its members. In the site’s FAQ section, the website enlightens you on what to avoid and what to do to maintain safety and avoid scamming cases and any other insecurity cases occurring.

How easy is the site to use?

The website has quite a simple appearance and is easy to operate. The website’s features, settings, and FAQ section link are openly displayed and well organized on a dashboard. You can access the features by clicking three horizontal lines so that the dashboard expands.

In addition to that, the site also has a status bar. The status bar has a button that shows your progress in creating a profile. It will keep reminding you to complete your profile and upload more photos for the ultimate experience. The profiles of all other singles will be displayed on the home page where you can select your favourites and chat with them on the chat feature.

Customer support options in our review

SerbianLove platform has an FAQ section that answers the most asked queries in depth. The FAQ section can be accessed through the dashboard of the site or you can go to our website and click on the FAQ link at the bottom of the page.

In a scenario where your query is not answered in the FAQ section, you can contact the help center through an email provided on the website’s contact us page. You will be required to fill in your name, email, and description of your query. The website also provides contacts which you can use to call them. However, the platform does not offer a live chat option.

How to sign up at

The registering process of is very simple and takes a few minutes. You will have to access the website and, on the homepage, you will find a sign-up form. The required information includes:

Upon registering you will be required to set up a profile, upload photos, and take a lengthy compatibility test. However, it is not compulsory to complete the profile creation on the same day. You can log in later and complete the process.

Is it worth paying for SerbianLove?

Yes, it is worth it to pay for premium membership. Premium members have access to a list of features and services that free members do not have access to. Premium members enjoy the following features and services:

  • Ability to see who else has viewed your profile.
  • Setting profile and compatibility test features.
  • Priority visibility with matching profiles.
  • Advanced search criteria.
  • Ability to begin a conversation with every member.
  • Better customer care services etc.

On the other hand, free members get the basic features and lack the priority listing rights, advance search, ability to view who’s seen your profile, etc. When you compare the two memberships offered, you’ll see that it is more favourable to pay for

Putting it together - what we like and don't like about

When it comes to we love that it has manual operators who verify profile pictures to weed out fake accounts. The site also enables users to block and report accounts that are suspicious or violate the set regulations. In addition, the site has an adverse audience from which to select a partner.

However, the site also has no email verification which makes it easy to create fake profiles. To add to that the site also has no mobile application, live chat, and a panic button that can be used to redirect individuals from fake profiles.

Last updated 17.09.2023

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