We no longer live in a small world where chances are high that you’d marry someone you went to school with. In fact, you possibly have only a 30% chance of finding true love at college.

With today’s digital world, the whole dating scene has changed. Ukrainians live in Ukraine, but there are also many Ukrainians who live in other parts of the world. Searching for your one true Ukrainian love by foot is quite the feat – or is it?

The top 4 Ukrainian dating apps and sites have the best options for you. You can meet all the Ukrainian singles you want here, chat to interested parties, favorite those profiles that make your heart beat faster, and start a wonderful relationship with the lady or man that’s your future better half. We recommend you to read our guide: “Dating Sites Reviews – How to Choose the Best Dating Service”.

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TOP 4 Ukrainian Dating Apps and Sites to Try in 2023

Finding your Ukrainian Match isn’t as simple as flying into Kiev, traveling around the city and country, and then meeting the love of your life. Neither can you just try out all the Ukrainian dating apps and sites.

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There are some scary online dating stories out there, and I want to make sure you are safe.

That’s why I make sure to recommend the best of the best, and these 4 Ukrainian online dating platforms have been chosen because they:

The 4 sites below meet most if not all of these criteria, and that’s why I selected them.  

1.) CuteOnly.com

Established in 2005 in Moscow, CuteOnly.com has been in the dating game for a long time. The company is thorough and careful in their selections – they only publish 1 in 10 profiles. They are also serious about preventing scams and protecting their users. 

Top Services From CuteOnly.com

Here are the top services from CuteOnly.com:

CuteOnly.com Fees and Affordability

You can register and browse for free. To start communicating with the Ukrainian and Russian brides you are interested in, you need to pay a subscription fee.

The membership for one month is US$29.99, while opting to pay for 3 months gives you a 44% discount since you’ll only pay US$50.97. You get an even bigger discount (67%) for a 6-month membership at US$77.94.

Once you’ve paid, you can start communicating with the cute ladies on the site.

In comparison to lots of other Ukrainian dating sites and apps, CuteOnly.com is easy on your wallet.

Usability and Profiles of CuteOnly.com

The website is designed to be responsive, so you can easily use CuteOnly.com on your desktop PC and your smart device. With a simplistic site, you can easily find your way around to the profiles.

The company is quite picky with the female profiles they allow on the site, and the “cuteness” factor of these applicants is a big thing for them. So if a lady isn’t considered to be cute enough, she doesn’t make the cut.

Because of the lengthy verification process, the profiles are detailed. The photos show real beauty even though some have photoshopped elements.

What We Like About CuteOnly.com

2.) BeHappy2Day.com

BeHappy2Day.com was launched in 2004. The company’s mission is to connect single hearts via their efficient online dating platform  (read also: BeHappy2Day.com Review: Fake or Legit? We Answer Your Question).

Top Services From BeHappy2Day.com

Here are the top services from BeHappy2Day.com:

BeHappy2Day.com Fees and Affordability

Depending on how you use BeHappy2Day.com, the site can be affordable or you can rack up quite the bill.

Instead of a membership, you buy credits for things like correspondence, live chat, live video chat, and more.

Buy a bundle of 20 credits at US$0.15 per credit or buy larger bundles of 40, 80, 160, 320, 500, or 1,000. A 1,000 credit bundle costs you US$379, while a bundle of 160 costs you US$92. 

For example, sending a letter, adding a photo to a letter, and reading a letter are 10 credits each. Live chatting is 1 credit per minute, while live video chatting is 2 credits per minute.

Usability and Profiles of BeHappy2Day.com

BeHappy2Day.com is easy to navigate and use: the site has over 60,000 monthly visitors that are happy customers. With a desktop version and apps for Android and iOS, you can stay in touch with the lady who stole your heart.

The profiles are high quality and show each person’s personality. The company also vets each lady and requests they submit their ID and contact info to ensure they aren’t scam artists.

What We Like About BeHappy2Day.com

3.) Loveme.com (A Foreign Affair)

Loveme.com offers a dating platform for those singles who are looking for a serious relationship.

Top Services From Loveme.com

Here are the top services from Loveme.com:

Loveme.com Fees and Affordability

For free, you can sign up to Loveme.com, create a profile, browse, search, and view profiles, access your inbox, and get profile matches.

To gain access to the dating platform’s premium services, you need to become a Platinum member. Pay a one-off fee of US$95 and a monthly renewal subscription of US$29.95.

There’s some extras you’ll pay for: US$2.50 for a message that’s not been translated, US$3.99 per minute for a translation phone call, and more.

Without a Platinum membership, you’ll pay US$9.99 for the non-translated message and US$5.99 per minute for a translation call.

Usability and Profiles of Loveme.com

The basic website is easy to use, and clicking on the categories listed takes you to the relevant content pages. Signing up and creating a profile is also easy.

The 1,000 odd profiles on Loveme.com show you the person’s photo, member ID, name, age, country, and more information if you click on their photo. What’s nice is that you can add a person to a “hot” list to find them easily next time.

What We Like About Loveme.com

4.) UkraineSingles.com

Created in 1995, UkraineSingles.com has been in the international dating game for a long time. The company focuses on single Ukrainians, matchmaking online, and providing single tours (s. also Romance Tour to Ukraine: The Complete Guide & Romance Tour to Kiev, Ukraine: The Complete Guide).

Top Services From UkraineSingles.com

Here are the top services from UkraineSingles.com:

UkraineSingles.com Fees and Affordability

You have the option to be a Pay As You Go member or a Platinum member with UkraineSingles.com.

As a Pay As You Go member, you pay for the services you use. Manage everything from your control panel and deposit funds as needed. Unused funds can also be deposited back into your bank account when requested.

The Platinum membership costs you US$29.95 per month, and you get a 25% discount when you send and receive letters and a 33% discount on phone calls (translator included). As a Platinum member, watch profile videos for free, get a bonus when you add more funds to your account, and more.    

Usability and Profiles of UkraineSingles.com

The site’s design is simple with a list of categories you can click on to get more information. The registration process is easy, and once you’ve created your amazing profile, you can browse and search for profiles.

The profiles are high quality and seem to show only model-pretty women from the Ukraine. You are in luck!

The profile photo comes with a name, member ID, age, and the city they live in. Clicking on the profile shows you more information about the person. 

What We Like About UkraineSingles.com

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