We’ve moved from whispering about online dating to our closest friends to sharing our experiences and tips to help others. Today, couples are meeting online and creating happy families. The secret is your approach and attitude to online dating.

And since this is not a perfect world where your future husband saves you from being hit by a car and you immediately fall in love, you need to put in the work yourself.

This guide sums up 15 top important dating tips to help women find love online

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How can women improve their online dating success?

Most women focus on one item, whether it’s app choices, photos, messages, prompts, swipe strategy, but in reality, you need to dissect each component to improve your online dating success.

Don’t choose an app randomly. Put little thought into those photos and start swiping away. Like other things in life, it’s essential to understand what you are doing and how every decision impacts your chance of success.

Four strategies to help women to succeed with online dating

Here are four strategies to help women improve their online dating success:

1. Evaluate your motives and be honest about them

Though it may seem obvious that we all are using online dating apps to find love, the answer seems more complicated.

Some people use these apps to escape boredom, loneliness or anxiety. Others are curious who is on the other side while others use it for entertainment and socialization.

Nobody is judging you, so evaluate your motives and be honest to yourself. Be honest to others too, as it not only saves your time but makes it easier to get what you want. There are men willing to give you what you are looking for, so be open and save everyone the trouble.

2. Meet matches in person

Research suggests that interest fades after real-life meetings, especially if online communication lasts longer.

Plan to meet your match immediately so you feel comfortable that he won’t pose a danger to your safety. This adds the benefit of exposing or reducing any deception in online self-presentation.

If your match evades your invitation, refuses to meet or keeps postponing, move on quickly

3. Relax your criteria to get good matches

Women tend to pursue men who are more desirable than them. Rich and attractive men are contacted more often than others.

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The problem is that you might pass men who don’t meet your criteria on paper but might be compatible in person. Our idea of people we like quickly gives way to our feelings about them.

If your online dating pickings seem slim or you are meeting men you don’t click with, relax or change your criteria. For example, you can extend the age range of your matches or swipe if you find you are in a different location.

4. Reduce time spent on dating apps

Online dating is meant to be addictive. The longer dating sites can keep you clicking, the better their chances of making money via advertising, signing you for special subscriptions or attractive features.

Their ease of use, intermittent reward in terms of mutual matches or endless stream of profiles may leave you stuck in the sites for hours.

According to research, the longer you swipe, the more likely you will reject the profiles. And when you realize you are rejecting more profiles, your dissatisfaction with online dating increases and you become pessimistic about finding a partner. To avoid this, select the perfect time of the day when you pay full attention to the dating sites.

Let your online dating searches be occurring once a day. That way, you will be fully present and give undivided attention to a new potential partner while examining their profile.

The 15 Most Important Online Dating Tips For Women

Here are the 15 crucial online dating tips for ladies:

1. Have your own opinion about dating

Everyone has their own opinion about dating. What works for you does not necessarily have to work for me. Going into dating with opinions from others will mess you up. You will want your experience to be like that of your friends.

Listen to them but have your own opinion. This way, you will experience dating from your perspective without being biased.

2. Know exactly what kind of man you are looking for

Online dating works best for women who know the kind of man they want. If you want a man to take you seriously, set a clear intention of what you want in a man.

You can even jot down the qualities you want in a man and use the list to evaluate profiles before deciding whether to connect or pass. Focus on matching with men who align with the qualities you are looking for in a man.

3. Know your “price“

Don’t let anyone make you feel less important. It’s scary to confess you are looking for love but remember, everyone on those sites is looking for the

You are beautiful, and many men would chase you even if your last meet-up wasn’t successful. If a man likes you, they like you for who you are, so don’t try too much.

4. Love the loneliness

Online dating is not all fun and lovely. You will sometimes feel lonely and get rejects on your profile. Don’t take it too personally to let it affect you. Appreciate the loneliness sometimes to enjoy the companionship.

5. Don't hurry up

I understand the pressure of seeing your friends getting married, engaged and in a stable relationship. All this pressure gives you the impression that time is running out. The last thing you want is to portray that kind of pressure online.

Take your time to find the best genuine person. Being in a rush doesn’t solve anything. You may end up with the wrong person or getting scammed since you are in a rush to get your mister right.

6. Write the first message if you like the guy

Forget about all those texting rules. Rules like ‘wait for him to text first’ or ‘wait three days to call back’ shouldn’t apply to you. If you start treating online dating as a game with such rules, you will end up losing him.

Want to text or call back in the next 24 hours? Feel free to call so long as you are honest and serious about starting a healthy relationship.

7. Allow man to be a man

Men like to be in control, feel ranked and appreciated. The men you meet on dating sites are not any different.

Don’t look down on a man or say something that will crush his ego. Though there are a lot of them chasing you, there is no need to be rude and make some feel unwanted.

Signal für Liebe auf den ersten Blick beim Mann

Allow every man to be a man. They want to care, be in control, feel on top of the world, give them exactly that. And if you don’t like any of them, let them know in a polite and kind tone.

8. Have fun, and don't be too serious about your online dating adventure

Don’t take online dating as that high-pressure job interview. Finding lasting love is different from finding the right career. When you focus on having fun, everything changes. You expand your social circle and enjoy the company of others.

As you do this, you meet people with the same interests as you and who knows, you might end up liking each other. Take online dating as an adventure and see how much you enjoy finding love.

9. Be yourself, don't feign to be a party girl if you like dinners and Netflix on cold evenings.

It’s natural to want to impress and present the best version of yourself. However, when you begin to hide your interests and traits in fear of being perceived negatively, you will sabotage your chances of success.

Your objective should not be to get the highest matches but to attract people who fit well with the real you.

What you think people will find unattractive about you is just a thought. And besides, what if they fall in love with the ‘fake you’?

How long will you pretend? Our advice to you is to be your real self and let that man fall in love with what you really are.

10. Choose right guys

Every woman wants to meet the right guy, but we focus more on how someone looks in their picture rather than their personality. A guy with a normal photo can be the right man for you.

Try to figure out who a person is by reading through their bio and understanding who they are. The right man will treat you right, so focus on things that may hint that rather than how rich or attractive a man is.

11. Select the right dating site.

There are numerous online dating sites in the market. The right one depends on your motives. Do you want something serious or you just want an affair? Different dating sites will help you achieve your objective.

For example, anyone looking for a serious relationship should register at eHarmony as it seems to have excellent reviews on that (read also eharmony Review: Is eharmony.com a good dating site?).

Those looking for an affair can try their luck on AdultFriendFinder (check: AdultFriendFinder Review: Is AdultFriendFinder legit?).

12. Learn about dating scams.

A failed relationship leaves your heart broken but should not leave you penniless. Welcome to online dating where a profile that seems like Mr. Right could be a criminal trying to access your savings.

Scammers know you are looking for a personal connection and may use this to their advantage.

13. Never send your sensitive pictures online

Sending photos online may seem harmless, but you could be leaking personal information innocently.

All smartphones can track via geotagging, which means adding location information from satellites. If the phone’s location service is on, the data is added to your photos by default.

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Sharing sensitive pictures is even worse. Nothing goes away on the internet. If you share a sensitive picture, you consent for that one person to see it, but this is not always the case. That person can resend it to others or reshare it on other platforms. Always send photos you wouldn’t mind if they were shared.

14. Have a communication with a few men at the same time, the choice is yours.

There is no rule on the number of men you should be talking to at a time. Feel free to talk to more than one guy or even join other dating sites to meet other men. Talking to several at a time helps you evaluate them and analyze if they possess the qualities you are looking for.

15. Online dating is all about acting, be active!

The secret to successful online dating is to be active. Don’t go for days without browsing through several profiles. Our advice to you is to choose the best time every day when you can pay undivided attention to your dating site.

I didn’t say the whole day, just a few hours, so it doesn’t interfere with your daily routine.

The idea is to remain active and being active doesn’t necessarily mean spending the whole day. Take advantage of the available dating features to communicate and remain active.

Final thoughts - Everything is in your control!

If you meet someone enjoying the fruits of online dating, they will tell you everything is in your control. And they are right.

You determine your online dating success by the amount of effort and time you dedicate to the process.
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How you take to people and utilize those dating features is equally important. And when you know everything is in your powers, it will only take a moment before you start celebrating your anniversaries.

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