When you have found the man of your heart, you may be surprised that he’s not necessarily into you. This is when you need to work at it and make him fall head over heels in love with you. 

It’s not enough to simply want him and even get him into your bed for a quick romp under the covers. Getting a man to fall crazy in love with you takes work, but if you are serious about him, it’s totally worth it. 

We’ve got the best tips on how to get your man to be so in love with you that you become the only woman on the face of the earth to him. 

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Our Tips to Make a Man Fall Crazy in Love with You

The following tips are a great starting place for making your man want you and not be able to live without you, but it all depends on your delivery of these and how you approach your man. 

Being too obvious can do more harm than good, so keep it casual and have fun. 

Dress for Success

You don’t have to dress like a stripper to get his attention, but a woman who looks confident and classy will always turn heads—his and other men’s, which will also work in your favor (#jealousyworks). 

Try different looks and see what works for you, your body shape, and your vibe. You can experiment and try something completely different from what you normally wear, but be sure you feel comfortable or you will look awkward. 

Support the Underdog

While you may be tempted to go for a head-honcho (or alpha male), you should consider rooting for the underdog too. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to pick a loser over a gorgeous winner stud. It means that when someone puts him down, you step up and support him. 

In that hour of need, you can be his hero. Nothing will win him over more than having a beautiful lady gracefully backing his play. Be tasteful in your choice of words as you don’t want to dig a hole under him though. 

Two examples:

  1. “I agree with [man of your dreams], and I don’t see the merit in your suggestion, Bob.”
  2. “It’s not about who has the biggest income, Pete. Instead, it’s about who has the biggest heart, and you lose out.”

Dazzle Him with Your Wit

Guys love a girl who can be witty and humorous without being needy and all emotional. Don’t turn into a giggle-berry, but if you can get him to have a nice chuckle, you’ll have caught more than just his eye. 

Be His Shoulder to Cry on

Okay, he may not actually cry, but if a guy wants to talk and unburden, he will be very grateful to you for being a great listener without giving advice or being opinionated. 

Just watch out if he wants to talk about his current wife or girlfriend, as this may be a tactic to get some action and not a real sign of trust.

Share Interests

Men love their hobbies, and they have a lot of respect for a girl who will share an interest in his hobbies. This doesn’t mean you have to learn how to fly-fish or shoot better than him at the range, but you do have to show an interest and ask him how his weekend away kayaking went. 

Take the time to learn a little about his hobbies, ask questions, and let him talk. He’ll love showing off his knowledge, and you can win bonus points by using this as an opportunity to make eye-contact. 

Use Distance to Your Advantage

In the animal world, this is known as “advance and retreat.” You don’t just go after what you want, but you make it come to you. Pursue your man until he notices you, then create a little distance for him to miss you. 

Absence does make the heart grow fonder. However, take care not to ask him if he missed you (#duh). Instead, when you are back in his life, make him miss you, which will make him realize your presence is the constant he craves. 

Remember, relationships have stages, and while you may want to spend every second with him, you can also use absence to your advantage. 

Tip: Don’t make the absence too lengthy. If you work together, then a few days off sick or visiting family back home may be enough to get him thinking. And don’t take a break if you know there’s a rival that can step into your void. 

Show Authenticity

In a world of fakeness and status-obsession, it may be quite refreshing and hugely appealing to him to see you as a real and authentic woman. A little less fake lashes and more real smiles will win him over. 

Let him catch you being human, such as fixing a shoe that broke (and if he can help you fix it, bonus points). Don’t hide all the things that make you human, such as sneezing, coughing, and … well, if you’re having a soda, a little burp may go a long way to getting him comfortable with you. 

Stroke His Ego, When He’s Earned It

Okay, yeah, it’s a bit of a stereotypical thing, but men love having their ego stroked. However, make him work for it. Wait for that golden opportunity when he really gave it his all and then sneak in a compliment to stroke that glowing ego of his. 

Let Him Notice Your Passion

When you are really passionate about something, it lights up your face with an irresistible glow. Find an opportunity to talk about something you are really passionate about. It could be a hobby, charity, or interest. 

Ensure you use impassioned language, let your face flush, and stare off into the distance as you talk about what makes your heart beat. When you are just finishing, turn that same in-love gaze at him, and then blush (#cozyoucan) as you smile sweetly at him. Bam—he’ll be hooked. 

Make Eye Contact

You don’t have to stare at him (#EWcreepy), but you can use subtle moments to look at him intently. If you are lucky, he will look at you at the same time, and that connection is priceless. 

Now, practice this in the mirror until it doesn’t look awkward, but if you’re talented, bat your eyelashes at him and then look away. It’s inviting, mystical, and so girly that he won’t be able to resist. 

Value Fitness Over Skinny

If you think that dieting until you’re a stick insect is the way to win his eye, you’re quite mistaken. Guys like a woman with an athletic and strong body. Now, don’t go gyming until you look like Arnodia Schwarzenegger. 

Tone up with some strength building like yoga and pilates, and if you can take up a hobby like running, cycling, hiking, or kayaking, you will have something to share with him where you can show off your natural curves. 

Cultivate Confidence

Sometimes, you have to make the first move. Walk up to him and tell him straight that you’re interested, you want to take him home, or you want him. Of course, the timing of this is extremely important. 

Wrong timing and he’ll be put off or think you’re a loose woman. With the right timing, you may actually get his mind to shift gears. You can tell him after a nice evening out (even if it’s with colleagues or friends) that you are into him, then smile, and walk away. Let him take up the invitation. Don’t push. 

You’re a Positive Light

If you want to be the light of his life, you need to start acting like it. Be positive. No matter how crappy your day is going, don’t spill that onto him. Be sure you don’t snipe him when you feel catty. 

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Create Need

Men are the protectors and providers. They like to feel like the hero. You can get him to really fall for you by needing him (and letting him know you do). 

When you have something he can help you with, like changing a tire on your car or giving you a lift home, you create an opportunity for him to satisfy a primitive need. 

When he feels needed, he will automatically reciprocate. 

Be Uniquely You

With so many single ladies out there, you need to be memorable to stand out. Luckily, each of us has something that makes us unique. Find what makes you unique, and lead with it. 

Work on Being Thoughtful

Men often don’t show what they like or don’t, but if you know him, you will notice what he likes to wear, eat, watch, or do. Surprise gifts can really get him thinking. If you work on it, you can let him know you are interested by leaving a surprise set of tickets to his favorite team’s game on his desk (if you work together) and a note “Ask me.” 

Of course, this can be risky as he may end up asking his best friend (which hopefully is what you already are). Increase your chance at success by looking at him when he gets the gift. When he looks around, let him make eye contact, and then look away. 

Final Advice

In the end, we can’t make someone love us. But we can create all the right circumstances to encourage that connection to happen. Whoever you decide to fall for, ensure they are worthy before you devote all your time and resources to chasing after a frog that won’t become a prince. 

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