Did you know that sending a romantic good morning text or email can help your relationship? It’s true. Even better, sending a good morning text to your girlfriend is an easy way to brighten up their day, no matter what they’re doing.

These messages will make her feel loved and appreciated. And, they’ll also give you some ideas for how to keep the romance alive in your relationship all year long.

Here are 25 great messages to send her this morning.

1. "Good morning, beautiful."

This is a perfect message for her. It’s simple and positive. If you’re both into fitness, then it can be nice to mention that she looks particularly strong in the mornings or that she should feel good about getting up so early every day (especially if neither of those things isn’t true).

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2. "I hope today is as wonderful as you are."

Sending her this message will make her feel special, appreciated, and loved. It’s a great way to start the day if you know she has a test or report due at school, and it’s the perfect thing to send if she has a tough day ahead. It says you want her to be happy and that you’re sending positive vibes her way.

3. "I miss you when I'm not near you."

Sending this message is an excellent idea if she’s at work or school and you’re at home relaxing or playing games after work. It lets her know that you miss her when you’re apart, which will make her feel loved and cared for.

4. "Every day, I want to tell you how much I love you."

This hopeful message is sweet because it’s an affirmation of your feelings for one another. If it’s true, then sending her this message one day and an “I miss you” the next day is a subtle way of showing that you’re thinking of her. Plus, if she knows that you love her, then she’ll feel loved even if you don’t tell her directly throughout the day.

5. "Your smile brightens my world."

This message is a great way to brighten her day. It tells her that she makes your world brighter just by smiling, which will make her feel appreciated and loved. She will smile the whole day after reading this.

6. "Good morning! I hope your day is filled with wonder."

It is a great way to get the day started for her. It tells her that you want her days to be filled with wonder and excitement, which will help motivate her throughout the day. Plus, it’s an excellent way to remind her that your relationship should be full of wonder and excitement too.

7. "I hope you know how great you are."

This is the best way to show appreciation to someone. It is sweet because it shows that you appreciate all the ways she contributes to your life and relationship. It also tells her that she should feel good about all the good things she does.

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8. "Have a lovely day!"

It is a simple but sweet message as it shows that you’re thinking of her throughout the day. And it reminds her to have a good day too. You can also choose to mention something about her morning in this message. Maybe she’s drinking coffee or heading out for a run.

9. "Have a fabulous day!"

It is another excellent way to start the day for your girlfriend. It’s sweet and straightforward, but it’ll make her feel good throughout the day because it tells her how fabulous she is. And who doesn’t feel good knowing they’re fabulous?

10. "No matter where I am today, you are always in my thoughts."

It is a perfect way to wake her up if you aren’t together during the day and it’s not a date night (or even if it is a date night). It reminds her that she’s always in your thoughts, which will make her feel special for the rest of the day and time. With this message, you bring her closer to your heart.

11. "Have a great day! Thinking of you."

Who doesn’t like good wishes in the morning? This message is another good way to let your girlfriend know that you’re thinking of her throughout the day and looking forward to talking with her later. It’s short and sweet too.

12. "Hey, love. Wakey wakey."

It is a funny and flirty way to wake her. She will smile at the message and tell her that she’s the first thing you thought about when you woke up. She will appreciate it all day long.

13. "I hope today brings you everything your heart desires."

This is a wishful message to show that you hope all the best for her. It is sweet because it tells her that you wish today brings her everything she desires. That’s sure to put a smile on her face even if she has a tough day ahead of her.

14. "I can't wait for tonight."

This message is perfect if you have plans together later or if you just want to remind her that you can’t wait to see her. It’ll put a smile on both of your faces and make the day go by faster for both of you. She, too, cannot wait to meet you later in the evening.

15. "I'm thinking about you."

It is a beautiful and simple message that says it all. Sending this will not only make her feel loved, but it’ll also make her feel happy that you’re thinking of her. She is glad to know that someone else out there feels good that she’s alive.

16. "You are the best thing to ever happen to me."

The message is a conversation starter, but it’s worth it because it shows your true feelings for one another. If she knows how much you love her, then she’ll feel loved throughout her day. It is a reassuring phrase that makes her know she is the best person for you at the time.

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17. "I hope you have the most beautiful day today."

Are you having a hard time in your relationship? Well, this message is sweet because it tells her that you hope she has a beautiful day, which will make her feel good when she wakes up in the morning. It’ll be adorable if your relationship is going through a rough patch when you send it.

18. "You are my favourite person in the whole world."

This message is sweet because it tells her that there’s no one else you’d rather be with than her. It’ll make her feel special when she wakes up, and it’ll give her a lift when things get tough. Plus, if you’re looking for an ice breaker, this message works well because it’s sweet and short. With this message, she now knows you adore them.

19. "I hope you have a wonderful day."

Do you want a straightforward way to make her feel special? This message is simple and to the point, but it’ll make her feel loved regardless. If she knows that her happiness means a lot to you, then she’ll feel loved all day long. Your love will always be with her.

20. "You're the one I dream about every night."

The phrase is a perfect way to send to your loved one when you have a date planned for that evening, or even if it’s just a casual catch up. It’ll make her feel loved and appreciate you more because she knows she’s the one who is always on your mind. She will smile.

21. "You are the best part of my day."

How about this sweet message? It tells her that even though you don’t spend every minute together, she’s still the most important part of your day. This will make her feel like a priority and like you want to be with her.

22. "I hope your day is as beautiful as you are."

This might be the sweetest message anyone can send to a woman. It tells her that she is beautiful in all ways; inner and outer beauty. The best part about this message is that it makes her feel loved, and any woman will love to receive this message from a man who finds her beautiful.

23. "You are my sunshine."

This makes her feel special and loved. You want to tell her that she gives you light in the darkness, which means she brings warmth to your life. If this doesn’t melt her heart, I don’t know what will! Plus, it’s short and simple, so even if you two are not in a serious relationship, this message will work.

24. "I love you more than yesterday."

This is sweet as it tells her that she means the world to you and that your love for her grows each day. It’ll make her feel special knowing she has the key to your heart, so don’t be surprised if she gets teary-eyed.

25. "I'm going to miss you today."

Even though you are apart, you want her to know that she is still on your mind. She now knows that you will be thinking of her throughout the day. It’ll make her feel loved knowing that a part of you is still with her.

Putting it together

Sending a sweet text message to your girlfriend every morning is a lovely way to start her day. It’ll make her feel recognised and appreciated, so don’t be surprised if she gets giddy when you send it later in the day! All of these messages are short, sweet, and perfect for your partner.

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