Many Africans access the internet through mobile phones. That is why there are many mobile applications on their dating sites. Many sites connect Africans to international people who are interested in dating. Online dating keeps growing in Africa each year; singles looking for love have had many opportunities.

This is the era of technology, and these sites have become the most convenient way of meeting people. It allows you to date at your own time and pace. If you are looking for exotic African singles, I would advise you to find a legit site and register. Many people have found love in the same way, and you can be one of them.

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Choosing the Legitimate African Dating Services - What to Consider

You need to consider your needs and wants. Africa is made up of many countries with different men and women. You have to consider what you are looking for in a relationship. Compare various sites and look for the features you like.

Communication is essential when you are using an online website. When you communicate with someone who speaks a different language, the features have to aid your interactions.

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Consider your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Most international dating sites are not free; you will be charged for most of their services. You can find free dating sites, or you can pay for the top websites. If you can get a free trial before you get a subscription, it’s always best to do so. It is an opportunity to see if the site is working for you and worth paying for. You should go for the one you can afford.

How to Avoid African Online Dating Fraud?

You should avoid giving out private information that can link people to you quickly on your profile. Romance scam can only affect you if people with fake profiles can access you. Do not be persuaded to take your interactions to social media or emails too quickly.

If you suspect that someone is moving too first, you can choose to distance yourself. Do not send money; people asking for money on the dating site is already a red flag.

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Fraudsters will have endless reasons, but you should not fall into their traps. Unless you trust the person entirely and you are sure it’s not a scam, avoid giving out cash. Do not be afraid to do some digging; most fraudsters will use fake photos from the internet. You can check to see if they have social media accounts to determine whether they are legit or not. Do not ignore any instincts and red flags when they happen.

Top 5 Best African Dating Sites

Finding the right dating site is very important. A good site should guarantee you access to the type of singles you fancy. If you can’t interact with people, you like your chances of finding love and a life-long partner will be very low.,,, and are top sites in Africa.

You can use either of them to meet different people from different countries, depending on your expectations. They offer various services and additional features that will help your dating experience. Most of the members are looking for their happily ever after and are open to dating foreigners. is a fast-growing online dating site in Africa. It has high-quality profiles of thousands of singles from all over the continent. They emphasize member’s security and safety by filtering fake profiles from the site. You can be sure to find members who are looking for profound connections.


  • Has thousands of serious singles to meet
  • It is easy to sign up
  • Has favourable communication features


  • The site is fee-based
  • The profiles don’t tell you everything

Services has a real-time chat feature and search filters. The advanced search filters give you specific results. You can get results based on physical appearances or behaviour from the profile details when you search on the site.

There is also an option of interacting anonymously with members and only reveal yourself to the ones you like. They offer communication services on the website, like sending and receiving messages. You can be able to see premium members and those who are using the site for free.


The design is simple to navigate because the buttons and features are perfectly laid out. It only has a website, for now, there is no downloadable app, but the site is very effective and efficient. You need a profile before you can start using the dating site, but a profile picture is unnecessary.


One month costs 24.99 USD, and three months costs 59.97 USD, with 19.99 USD monthly instalments. Six months costs 89.94 USD with 14.99 USD monthly instalments. There are international payment options available.

It is one of the African dating sites with the largest population of singles. It has connected thousands of single African women to their foreign partners over the years. It is one of the most trusted online dating sites in Africa. It has over four million single members, and the number keeps growing each day.


  • It has advanced communication features.
  • There are thousands of success stories on the site
  • Has a large number of singles


  • Dating online can build unrealistic expectations
  • Choosing a partner can be overwhelming and confusing

Services is a hit because of the many services they offer. Signing up takes only a minute or two; you can access services after creating a profile. They have audio chats, live videos, VIP profile highlights, cupid tags and matching services.

The cupid tags allow you to add more information to your profile to attract more people. You can block members you don’t feel comfortable talking to.


Everything on the website is arranged to make it easy for you to use. You can show interest to people quickly and also see those interested in you. It has an old-fashioned design, but it contains all the necessary features and icons. It has an app that you can download for free on the Google play store.


  • Platinum:

1 month costs 34.99 USD, three months is 69.98 USD, and 12 months costs 149.99 USD.

  • Gold: 

1 month costs 29.98 USD, three months costs 59.99 USD, and 12 months costs 119.98 USD. is a dating site that is part of the World Singles Networks.  It is the best place to meet single Kenyan men and women. It has existed since 2001, and since then, it has helped many Kenyans find love.


  • You can interact with singles from Kenya and Africa
  • Easy to communicate with members
  • You can choose to remain anonymous


  • Most of their services are fee-based
  • You can only upload up to twenty photos


You can communicate via messages, and they also have advanced searching techniques. You can search based on specific features or preferences to give yourself a real shot at love. The world plus feature allows you to search for singles from all the sites under World Singles Network. They vet their profiles to get rid of scammers.


Their app is available on the Google play store. It has a simple layout of icons and features and contains all the communication icons as the website. You can browse through the member’s profiles easily and send messages. If you encounter fake profiles while using the site, you can block them.


Their services are fee-based; you will need to acquire a platinum membership subscription before using all the communication features. They have live chats and search features that mainly aid the interactions on the site. You should activate a subscription to enjoy all the services.

The site is meant for local and international people interested in dating Nigerians. The men are the majority on the site, and the women are mostly from Nigeria. The women on the site range from eighteen to forty-five years.


  • Most of the singles are seeking serious relationships
  • Sending likes on the site is free
  • The profiles are very detailed


  • Messaging is for paying members
  • You can encounter fake profiles


It has a slide show feature that allows you to skip or like a profile based on the pictures. You can search for singles by location, making it easy for you to initiate face-to-face meetings. You can chat live with multiple singles and exchange contacts for further interactions.


They still do not have a mobile app, but the website is simple to browse. Even non-tech people can use it naturally. There are not many function features on the website that is why it’s easy to navigate. The searching tool is easy to use and free for all members.


One month of services costs 12.99 USD, three months will cost you 32.97 USD, and six months costs 47.94 USD. You can pay with credit cards, cheque or PayPal.

Random Facts that you won't believe are true:

The town of Igbo-Ora in Nigeria is referred to as the home of twins. Many women in the town give birth to twins. The country also has more than five hundred spoken languages, and English is the official language.

If you want to date Ethiopian men and women, is the best site for you. It has fifteen years of successfully matching singles with ideal partners. It has a large number of serious single Ethiopians with catchy profiles. Joining the site is free, straightforward, and very easy.


  • Browsing the profiles is free
  • Anonymity and privacy of members is a priority
  • It gives you access to real Ethiopian men and women


  • You have to pay to access their services
  • It can be challenging to find an ideal match based on the searches


The services are based on communications with people from different countries and speak different languages. You can send and receive messages on the site from all your admirers. The site will tell you when someone you are interested in is online, which is how you activate live chats. They do not offer offline services; meetings will be your initiative.


There are no complicated features or icons on the website. The searching tool, sending and showing interest icons are simple to use. Site usability is commendable without being too difficult for beginners. Anyone can use the dating site to find Ethiopian singles.


One month on the site will cost you 39.99 USD, three months costs 89.97 USD, and six months of services costs 149.94 USD.

Our advice to you: Your profile is everything when dating online. It's the only first impression you can give; make sure it's catchy. Avoid giving out phone numbers and emails until you find your ideal match.
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Putting it together

With the right dating site, you can easily find your true love. Dating sites have linked millions of people worldwide with their perfect matches. They are the fastest way of meeting singles near you or far away. With the age of technology, it has become tough to meet people organically, the old-fashioned way.

Almost everything today is done online, and dating is no exception. You should find the site you like and start meeting singles.

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