When men approach me to help them find a wife from international waters because they’ve either struck out with the local ladies or they are looking for a specific set of characteristics, I often have to advise them on which countries may offer them exactly the type of wife they are dreaming of. 

Of course, I always tell my clients that people are all unique individuals and one needs to be careful of believing a stereotypical view of people. While a lady may share some of the characteristics of the country she is born in, it doesn’t mean that she is a cookie-cutter version of that country’s people. She will always be unique. 

But which countries have the best marriage material in their women for Western men to consider? Here’s the inside scoop.

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What to Look for in Your Foreign Future Bride

When planning your personal checklist of what you’d like your future bride to be like, you should keep the following in mind:

What Is Your Ideal Beauty Like?

There are many different countries out there, and if you don’t know what your ideal of beauty is, you will be wasting a lot of precious time. Reading a couple of dating reviews about foreign dating can help you get a general idea of what the women from different countries are like. 

When you know what type of features and characteristics appeals to you, you can decide which country to consider for your future wife. 

Do You Expect an Impact of Her Culture on You and Your Family?

With taking a foreign wife comes the reality of marrying into a foreign culture. Some countries have somewhat similar cultural influences, which may give you and her common ground to work from. However, there are also cultures that are hugely different from your own. 

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Culture shock can be a real barrier and may ruin your marital bliss if you don’t prepare for this. Because someone has a different culture to yours doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed. Planning, preparing, and working to overcome cultural obstacles while sharing in the beauty of each other’s culture can be a real relationship builder too. 

How Big a Barrier Will Language and Communication Be?

Many European and even some Asian countries have high levels of education, which makes communication fairly easy as English may be taught at school as an additional language. 

However, many other countries will have a huge communication barrier that may require investing in language classes or translation services. 

Do You Have the Money to Pay for the Dating, Visiting, and Marriage Processes?

Foreign dating for the purposes of marriage can be very costly. For starters, you would need to pay for the dating services of an online matchmaking service or dating app. There may be costs for translators, and then there’s the cost of flying to the foreign country to finally meet your bride-to-be. 

Bringing your bride home will cost a significant amount to arrange her visa, Green Card, and marriage certificates. Marriage comes with wedding costs, and in some countries, a traditional wedding celebration may last a week or more, which carries quite a cost too. 

Do You Value Looks and Skills Over Loyalty and Integrity?

Knowing what skills set you would like your future wife to have will help you decide which country is best. 

Some countries have beautiful, intelligent, and hardworking women who are interested in having a family, but other countries are known for passionate lovers who will challenge you. Knowing what you want goes a long way to avoid mistakes.

Do You Want to Start a Family?

Not all women want to have a family. Many countries with a strong Catholic heritage tend toward grooming women to want a family, but there is always the possibility that you don’t want a family immediately. Conflict can arise if you don’t know whether you want children and if you don’t want to start a family soon after the marriage. 

What Is Your Dating Budget?

Knowing your budget will go a long way toward identifying which countries are open to your price range. Of course, you aren’t “buying” your bride, but in reality there are costs involved to the process. 

Be realistic and open about your finances if you are using a dating coach or dating service with personal matchmaking. 

Do You Know Yourself and What You Offer?

You should know yourself if you want to choose any bride. Be clear about what you bring to the table, what a woman gets when she marries you, and what your plus points are. Acknowledge your shortcomings as women adore a man who is honest about themself. 

The Best Asian Countries to Find a Wife

Looking at different parts of the world, I recommend the following countries as the best for finding your partner and wife:

Several Asian countries make for great brides, offering both beauty and brains, as well as other characteristics that are ideal for a marriage partner.

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My personal favorites to recommend to Western men are the Philippines and Thailand. 

Here’s what you can expect of either:

The Philippines

Filipino ladies are beautiful, charming, and friendly. If you want a loyal wife, you can’t go wrong with a Filipino lady. Filipino women focus their whole being on their husband, and these gorgeous women are eager to start a family—plus, they are excellent mothers. 

Filipino women

The language barrier won’t be so large as many Filipinas speak English quite well. Likewise, many Filipinos are Christian, making it easier to share the same religious convictions with your pretty woman from the Philippines.

A lovely Filipina will want a husband for love, so if you believe you can “buy” your way into her heart, guess again. Instead, be honest, open, and respectful. 

Your Filipina lady will want a man who will treat her gently and create a stable home with her and your family together. If you think she’s going to simply hop under the covers before the “I do,” you’d also be sorely mistaken. For more on Filipina ladies, read my detailed Dating Filipino Women: The Complete Guide


If you want a beautiful woman who will seem almost ageless in her youth, you’d be impressed with a Thai lady. The women from Thailand are gorgeous, and they have an endearingly childlike honesty about them that’s refreshing. 

Thai women

Due to their more traditional upbringing, a Thai girl will be quite reserved, though she also brings a great sense of optimism to the table. 

Show her you will be a good man, family oriented, and mature, and you will honor her independence, and she will adore you. For more on what it’s like to date a Thai woman and overcome the cultural differences read my handy Thai dating guide

Best European Countries To Find A Wife

Europe offers a range of nationalities, physical traits, and characteristics based on the countries you visit. 

I love recommending women from the Ukraine and Romania as these ladies make excellent wives. 


Perhaps I am biased, since I am from the Ukraine, but Ukrainian women are every man’s dream wife. With a Ukrainian wife, you will find an intellectual equal who works hard, supports her husband, makes an excellent mother, and keeper of the home. 

Ukrainian bride

Ukrainian ladies are family oriented, and if you want to have children and know they will have the best possible mother, you’re right on the money here. Ladies from the Ukraine look for a stable relationship, so if you are upfront about wanting to settle and begin a family, she will love you all the more. 

Additionally, a Ukrainian bride is beautiful, elegant, and always well turned out. She loves socializing with you and will make a perfect hostess for your friends and family when they visit. 

For more about the beautiful ladies of this gorgeous country read my detailed guide on all aspects of dating a Ukrainian woman


If a truly exotic looking wife is what you desire, then a Romanian lady will dazzle all when she’s on your arm. Your Romanian woman will happily leave her homeland and even her family to start a family with you in your home country (no matter where that may be). 

Despite having a passionate nature and gorgeous features, you need never worry about your Romanian lady stepping out on you. Loyalty is conditioned into her from birth, and she will walk through fire to be your dutiful wife. 

Romanian woman

Your Romanian partner will never confront you or become defiant, and she will respect your role as the head of the house. Perfection for an equally loyal Western man. 

Find out more about what it’s like to date a Romanian woman in my in-depth review

Best Latin American Country To Find A Wife: Columbia

Latino girls are every man’s dream—fire, beauty, and intelligence. I recommend Colombian ladies as the best marriage material. 

Woo your Colombian bride with a flash of romance and a healthy serving of respect. She is interested in starting a family, so make it clear you aren’t just fooling around when you start dating her. 

Colombian women

A Colombian wife is warm, beautiful, and she takes good care of herself. Aside from being an incredible lover, she will also thrill your tastebuds with the best food you’ve ever eaten. She will love her in-laws like they are her own family, so a Colombian wife will please your mom too. 

For more about these lovely Latinas, read my detailed guide on what it’s like dating a Colombian woman

Setting up the I Do

To ensure you make the most of your foreign love adventure, it’s important to start on a reputable online dating site or service platform. Simply dashing off to a foreign destination isn’t always the best way, nor the cheapest, to find your ideal wife. 

I recommend you sign up to one of these five international dating sites once you’ve decided what country your bride should be from. 

Happy “I do-ing.”

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