Are you seeking non-committal relationships, short-term connections, or casual hook-ups with a potential partner? This guide is for you. In today’s hyper-connected world, you can explore different types of relationships and meet new people for fun while sitting on your couch.

Thanks to the many casual dating sites available online, I can now browse other users’ casual dating profiles, identify those with whom we share some interests, and then use messages and video call tools to organise a hook-up, irrespective of my marital status. 

Casual dating sites have revolutionized how we approach relationships and work best for people who want non-committal connections. Also, these sites are your most ideal option if you have difficulty meeting new friends due to work obligations or distance.

In this comprehensive review, I will explore the leading casual dating sites in 2023, their services, cost, pros and cons, and why we like them.

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What to Remember about Casual Dating Sites?

When I started using casual dating platforms, I realised that these sites offer a convenient and accessible way for anyone looking for non-serious and short-term relationships. Also, the sites are a great way to meet new people and explore different relationships. Besides, there are a few guiding things I advise people to keep in mind to achieve a positive casual dating experience.

First, your safety and data safety should remain a top priority when using a casual dating site. I always remind people to take appropriate precautions when interacting with their newly acquired partners. For instance, never share your personal information with a person you meet on casual dating sites unless you feel comfortable. Nor should you go to your first meeting privately.

In addition, remember to be respectful of others. Whether you are interested in a relationship with them or not, always use appropriate language when communicating. Treat others with kindness and respect. Always have a clear intention when visiting these sites, even if you are looking for a casual hook-up or a more serious relationship.

Casual Dating Sites: Our Criteria of Selection

The following features typically guide our selection criteria when choosing the most suitable casual dating site in 2023.

Top Best Casual Dating Sites

Casual dating sites work best for people who are after fun, casual relationships and flirtatious encounters. It is helpful to note that each dating site has a unique feature that tends to its ideal constituency. 

That is why I recommend that users go for casual dating sites that meet their needs and preferences. Here are the four top best casual dating sites I recommend.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison began operations in 2001, gaining a large user base over the years. The site has a controversial reputation due to its distinct approach to the market. Besides, this dating platform is ideal for married people who want to spice up their relationship with an extramarital affair or discreet casual dating.

However, this dating site is not just for such experiences. Some singles seek a compatible match for a long-term relationship.

ashley madison app

Ashley Madison has a variety of services for its members designed for discreet and casual dating. As a member, you should use the site’s privacy features and advanced messaging system to connect with your ideal partner worldwide. You can also send virtual gifts to other members during your interactions.


When joining a premium membership plan, the cost of each plan varies depending on the duration of your subscription. Here are the current payment costs on each subscription plan.

Why do we like it

I love this site because of its discreetness and privacy feature. As a married user, you don’t have to worry about your profile being exposed.

This dating site opened its doors in 1996 and has 80 million user base. AdultFriendFinder is famous for casual dating, and the platform is ideal for anyone looking for hook-ups and casual relationships. Also, it has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate when searching for other profiles.


If you have an account with AdultFriendFinder, you can attest that this site offers numerous services to members looking for a casual dating experience. These services include an advanced search option, communication features, a sex academy, a mobile app, video chat, member blogs, and forums.


The cost of a paid membership at AdultFriendFinder varies depending on the subscription duration. 

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Here are the current prices in US dollars:

Why do we like it

AdultFriendFinder offers discounts and promotions, and I advise new members planning to purchase a subscription to watch for such opportunities.

Pure app

Pure is a casual dating app popular for casual hook-ups and one-night stands. Unlike other traditional dating sites that demand detailed profiles and lengthy questionnaire answers. This site has a simplified application process that uses a ‘quick and dirty’ approach.

pure review

Pure offers an all-in-one service that entails time-limited chats, self-destructing messages, a geolocation app, and a gender-inclusive platform. Also, the system has a verification system that ensures a member is not a bot.

pure app

If you decide to use Pure, depending on your geolocation and subscription, below is a general pricing guideline.

Why do we like it

The mystery and excitement of this app is the ability to create an anonymous profile with just a photo.

Are you planning to explore consensual relationships with open-minded people? Feeld is a casual dating site you can try out. The site helps users create profiles and match with others using their interests and preferences.

feeld review

If your interest is in exploring open relationships, non-monogamy, or polyamory, this site has got you covered. Feeld creates a safe and inclusive environment where members can explore sexual and romantic desires without discrimination.


You will enjoy group chats, massaging, and coordinated dates when you join the paid subscription. Also, if you are an Android or iOS user, you can download the app for free and receive Feeld services.

feeld app

The subscription price will be as follows, although the amount may vary depending on your location and local taxes.

Why do we like it

Compared to other casual dating sites, I can attest that this platform is cheaper if you go for a more extended subscription.

Casual Dating Sites - FAQs

Most reputable casual dating sites have put in measures in place to protect users’ privacy and security. However, many of these sites are safe for users. But I advise users to be cautious when using all online dating platforms. Never share your personal information with strangers, and avoid meeting your partner in unfamiliar locations.

If someone you are not interested in writes you a message, be respectful and clear in your response. I would advise you to send a brief text thanking that person for their interest. However, you should indicate that you are not interested in a relationship with them.

When you join a casual dating site, you must make your profile stand out. This action is doable when you are explicit and honest about your intentions. Go ahead and select your profile photo. I recommend you choose the latest photo of yourself.

Casual dating sites are dating platforms that allow individuals to connect with like-minded people. Most of these sites offer short or non-committal relationships. However, you can be lucky and get a partner ready for a long-term commitment.

You might wonder how these sites work if you are inexperienced to casual dating. Casual dating doesn’t require many details from its users. Most of these sites will allow you to create a profile and specify your bio information. After that, the site will enable you to browse for suitable profiles.

Final Words

I have been actively involved in casual dating for a couple of years. I can attest that these sites are for people who want to meet new people and experience other types of relationship. However, I suggest you approach these dating platforms with clarity of your intentions and a healthy dose of caution.

Nonetheless, people planning to use casual dating sites should take time and research on their ideal dating site. For instance, to arrive at the best casual dating sites in 2023, adequate research was done on each casual dating site. Based on the above-mentioned selection criteria, we were able to achieve the results.

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