Are you ready to settle down but still waiting for the love of your life to magically transport into your living room and exclaim, “Honey, I’m here. I love you”? 

Sadly, life doesn’t work that way. Love can find you, but you need to be open to it and put in the work too. After all, any relationship is a two-way street. Plus, you may not have found your dream lady in your local town or a local dating site. 

There are plenty of lady fish in the sea – especially when you look in international waters. But which countries have the most beautiful women who are interested in you, an American man? 

Here’s my list of 5 countries that can show you the way. 

Note! I don’t like to generalize and stereotype, and I urge you to be open-minded when you enter any intercultural relationship. Get to know the lady for who she is and fall in love accordingly.

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Our Comprehensive Ranking of the Best Countries for American Men to Find A Wife

Here is our ranking of the five best countries where you can find your Ms Right:

The Philippines

phillippines women

One of the first countries you can consider looking for a wife is the Philippines. Why? 

Filipina women are beautiful with petite figures, dark hair, and flawless skin. They look exotically Asian. 

If you enjoy intelligent conversation, talking with a Filipina lady is a treat. These ladies are smart, and the Philippines has a near perfect literacy rate of 99.27%. Plus, they have a great sense of humor, so you are in for an exciting ride. 

Philippinische frauen kennenlernen

Filipinas are also responsible, faithful, and loyal, and they are close to their families. If you are lucky enough to land one of these beauties, know that you’ll be part of her family too. 

There’s no shortage of stunning Filipinas on online dating apps. Statistica reports that Tinder is the most popular dating platform, followed by Grindr, OKCupid, and Coffee Meets Bagel. 

If your Filipina lady loves you, she’d be willing to move to the US with you – provided you treat her right!


Thailand country

Thailand is another popular country to find your wife-to-be. Once you start meeting Thai ladies on online dating sites, you’ll agree that these Asian beauties are very approachable and friendly. They don’t call Thailand the “Land of Smiles” for nothing. 

Since Thai women are very family-oriented, they are caring, nurturing, and loyal. If you are more traditionally minded regarding the roles of men and women in society, you’ll be pleased with your Thai wife who may be happy to be a stay-at-home wife and mom. 

thai women online

You’ll find enough Thai love matches so you can take your time to find “The One.” And your Thai bride may be happy to move to the US with you, provided you don’t ask her to forget and forsake her family who means the world to her.  


Another country where you can find your future wife is Columbia. The ladies are as beautiful as they are kind and friendly. Expect a highly attractive woman with bronze sun-kissed skin, hazel eyes, and dark hair. 

The ladies in Columbia are raised to prioritize family and loved ones, so know that your Columbian wife will love you and take good care of you when you become part of her family. Your family will become hers too, so if you are family-oriented, that’s great news for you. 

colombian dating sites

There are various online dating apps that cater to the South American dating market, and Columbian women register on international dating sites, such as Tinder, Badoo,, and eHarmony, too. So don’t fret! Your Columbian true love is out there, waiting for you to find her.  


China Matchmaking

You can also find a family-oriented future wife who is Chinese. Your Chinese love match may live in China or elsewhere on the planet, and where she grew up and lives now will determine how traditional or modern she is. 

Chinese ladies are beautiful – especially if you love the Asian look. They are also smart, respectful, hard working, industrious, and loyal, all of which are great qualities to have in a romantic partner. 

partnersuche china online

There are many Chinese singles who use online dating services. A survey reported that more than 33 million people in China are actively using online dating sites to find love. So look for your Chinese true love on an Asian dating site or a more international one.  



Ukrainians are ethnically diverse, and a study found mixed-race people are more attractive. Because they have a diverse gene pool, they have a better chance of survival (should the apocalypse arrive or there be another ice age), so if you have babies with a “genetically fit” person, your offspring will survive. It’s a bit more complicated, but that’s the gist. 

And also why Ukraine is on our list of the best countries where you can find a wife! 

Ukrainian ladies score high in the beauty department, and what makes them even more attractive is that they are resilient, supportive, hard working, romantic, and kind. Ideal features for your future wife, right? 

Ukrainian and Russian dating scams key facts

These ladies are also well-educated and they know how to take care of themselves. Expect a romantic partner who wants a career, husband, and kids.

There are plenty of dating sites that cater to ladies from Eastern Europe, and you’ll find Ukrainian singles on other international dating sites too.     


Since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine on 24 February 2022, many Ukrainian refugees have moved to Canada, the United States, and countries in the European Union. This makes it a lot easier for you to meet up with a beautiful Ukrainian lady. That’s a win, right?

Our Recommendation for the Best Foreign Dating Site: also goes by another name: A Foreign Affair (AFA). The international dating site is the best if you are looking for a foreign wife because it has been around for more than three decades. 

The dating platform has thousands of members, and it caters to those who are looking for a long-term relationship with their Mr or Ms Right For Me. 

How Does Work?

Once you’ve registered and created your profile on, you can search and browse profiles and you also get matches sent to your inbox (based on your dating preferences and the personal info you provided). 

Services you can expect to use on the platform include:

Costs of

Basic services like sign up, profile creation, matches in your inbox, search, and browse are free, but if you want to communicate with the beauties on, send gifts, and more, you need to pay. 

Here’s a breakdown of the A Foreign Affair costs to access premium features with a Platinum membership on 

Non-Platinum members can send messages, access videos, and more too – but they’ll pay more for each service.

Who Can You Meet on

You can meet ladies from all over the world on, but the platform mostly caters to women from Eastern Europe, Russia, South America, and Asia.

What We Like About

What We Like About

Things to Remember about International Dating - Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of international dating is that it’s an immersive experience where you learn – first-hand – about other cultures, languages, and countries and you can find the love of your life. You also learn more about who you are and how you relate to the world. Dating someone from another country gives you experiences that make you a better person.

Find the right online dating service that caters to your international dating needs and learn about the local dating culture. Consider,, eHarmony, SilverSingles,, or OkCupid and see what niche these sites cater to. Then sign up and create an attractive – but honest and authentic – dating profile and connect to your love matches in meaningful ways.

International relationships can definitely work. Dating long-distance is often better because you learn to cherish every moment you and your loved one are far apart. But as with any relationship, you reap what you sow, so be authentic, work on building a great foundation, and truly connect with your girlfriend or boyfriend to ensure a healthy, happy, and lasting romantic partnership. Read this guide: 10 Simple But Effective Tips To Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Having an international relationship is worth it, provided it is what you want. Dating someone from another country comes with cultural and language barriers, so it’s essential to keep an open mind. It is what you make of it, but if you are ready and open-minded, you are in for a world of fun and a unique romance journey.

An international relationship can last, but you and your romantic partner need to put in the work. Be honest with each other, be yourselves, work on your communication skills, listen empathically, build trust, be respectful, and always be kind, compassionate, and considerate. A good foundation can make your relationship a success.

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