Shyness can be burdensome if you are trying to connect with people. Generally, you may be awkward with people so it does not make your dating life easy. But in this article I give you tips to make it so much easier.

Approaching someone you like is not an easy task for anyone. Even the non-shy people. It takes a certain amount of courage to do it because there’s a chance you will face rejection. This article helps you to overcome your shyness and approach a girl you like no matter where they are situated around the world.

So buckle up.

Shy in talking to girls online? Why might dating be difficult for shy guys?

Your reluctance to talk to girls online stems from uncertainness over the response you will receive. You do not know if they will shut you out or not reply at all. But the question you should be asking yourself is, what if they like you back? What if it works out?

The more you train your mind to consider the possible positive outcome, you will find it easier to approach girls. Also this positive outlook will help you to face rejection bravely. You get to understand it was not meant to be, and that is ok.

dating tips for shy guys

It has nothing to do with you or your shortcomings. It is probably for the best because you would not want to be in a relationship where you are doing the most, emotionally speaking and the other person is always on the receiving end.

Dating is difficult for shy guys because you take longer to convince yourself to go for it. The more you think of the negative outcomes the easier it is for you to retreat to your cocoon. But the first step to getting over your shyness and talking to girls online is by learning the art of starting engaging conversations online. Introduce them to your personality!

Is virtual dating a good alternative to overcome your shyness?

Virtual dating is one way to overcome your shyness. Part of the reason you feel shy in the physical world is because we are the worst judges of ourselves. Sometimes insecurities about your appearance may be the reason you find it very difficult to approach girls in real life.

You may have a problem with your facial structure but another person may find you absolutely striking. You may think you are weird but to another person your uniqueness makes you attractive.

Virtual dating eliminates the awkwardness at the initial stages when you approach a girl. You can get to know each other virtually. Even send pictures, engage in video calls after some time of getting to know each other. Virtual dating allows you to be vulnerable, but not 100%. It gives you a sense of control.

You can choose not to send your picture or video if you are shy about your appearance. You can choose to text and avoid phone calls if you are insecure about your voice. But at some point you will have to reveal all these parts of yourself for the other person to accept you as you are. Virtual dating just gives you enough time to prepare for this eventuality.

Can shy guys date foreign brides?

The dating scene has no restrictions when it comes to regions. Existing limits are those you place on yourself. If you believe long-distance relationships do not work, you will probably keep off dating women from different countries and nationalities. If you are up for it, the online world has made it so much easier.

Modern transport helps too because if you have your finances right, you can arrange meetups from time to time. The gift of free choice is also in your favour here. If you decide The One is a woman a million miles from you, a plane ticket and a resolve to change your life as you know it are all you need to move and settle in another country.

Your shyness cannot limit you if you do not let it. If your heart wants something it is always wise to explore it then have a future full of ‘what ifs’. You can date anyone from any part of the world as long as they are into you as much as you are into them. Self-affirming is crucial if you want to break through the barriers holding you back. You do it despite the shyness, fear, or anxiety.

Do girls like shy guys?

Girls like shy guys because some find it cute. But they can only like your shyness if you actually approach them. Because feelings of shyness make most guys go quiet, the women consider them to be good listeners. A reserved person is easier to accommodate than a loud and boisterous one. Your shyness can also come off as funny, which girls love. Shy guys are considered to be more genuine. They may speak little but they mean what they say.

Beyond the awkwardness though you need to find a way to approach the person of your interest to know whether they are interested in you too. It goes back to you taking the situation into your own hands. Virtual and online dating sites and apps are effective to use without feeling so shy.

Whether the person you have your eye on will like you back is up to them. People have different tastes and types. If a person rejects you it may not have anything to do with your shyness. Maybe they want other qualities in a guy. But the good thing is, your better half is somewhere in the world waiting for you to find them, or them you.

Random Facts that you Won't Believe Are True

People in their twenties have more dating options as compared to middle aged people who might find it hard to get a partner in their current lives or circumstances. Interestingly still, people who meet online wed much quicker as compared to couples who meet offline.

What to consider when starting International dating online?

What should you consider when starting international dating online? You might find your heart likes a girl from another country because we do not choose who we like. We just do. Maybe our hormones play a role too, like oxytocin.

But whatever the case, hormones, fate, or destiny, you find you like a person who is significantly far from you. You approach them and they are willing to give it a shot, thanks to you talking to them despite the shyness.

You need to find out whether your girlfriend is okay with long distance relationships. Find ways to connect virtually. You can have virtual dates, eat together, and go places together. So prepare for these new aspects of your life. Learn to use video conferencing apps and PC software.

If you do not have a common language, learn your partner’s language to ease your communication process. If you speak a similar tongue, focus on creating a plan for easy communication between the two of you.

Talk to your significant other about creating quality time for each other where you talk about your lives, know each other, and plan the future. Because if you are serious with them, the end product is you two finding a way to be together finally.

10 simple but effective tips to make International online dating for shy guys work

For a shy guy, meeting women online is easier than physically. It allows you to be yourself without so many restrictions and doubts. Understanding how to make it work if you are dating someone online from a region different from yours is one way to ensure your relationship grows before you are able to meet physically.

Some tips includе:

1. Communication

You can make international dating work if your heart is fully in it. Communication means you are both making time for another. Have a phone plan that allows both of you to make international calls affordably. You can make time around both your schedules to talk daily. Skype too from time to time.

2. Romance

Keep the romance up. The good thing about everything happening online, is that you can go to an online website selling gifts or sweets and order your miss her favourite chocolate bars, indicate her delivery point, leave her contact information and she will receive her presents. How thoughtful, right? Send gifts, send letters.

3. Be virtually available

Your girlfriend needs to see your commitment to the relationship especially because its international. If there are so many instances of doubt from either end it will likely run its course. Ensure you uphold a suitable level of charm, romance, fun, and availability in terms of time and emotionally.

4. Meet up

Although you cannot be together throughout, you should arrange a meeting from time to time to catch up. Use the chance to do a couple things together, like travelling, walking, cooking, just to get to know each other better.

5. Shut out negativity

Stop listening to anyone who keeps saying your relationship will fail because it is long-distance. They are not you, and you are not responsible for their thoughts. What you and your partner feel is all that matters.

6. Set a time frame for when the relationship becomes not virtual

If you are both in for the long-haul, which is mostly the case, you need a plan about living together or in the same city or country in future. It means you will have to make major life changes.

7. Be Confident

Insecurity is an ugly colour on anyone. Find a way to trust your partner even if they are miles away. It will help you avoid unnecessary arguments which will only create a rift between you two.

8. Do things together

Being separate does not mean you can’t do some things together especially if these things spark both of your interests. Some of these activities you can do together are;

9. Resolve conflicts

Always solve conflicts. Do not leave unturned stones just because you are not physically together. Address all issues to ensure you are each happy.

10. Look at the positive side

You have more time for self-growth. It can be school or hobbies. You have time for friends, and family. When you meet, before you can fully be in each other’s lives, you appreciate spending time with your partner more.

International dating for shy men: FAQ

Bumble – ease of starting conversations with women who actually want a conversation

Match and OkCupid – you browse anonymously with incognito settings

SilverSingles – for shy guys over 50

Zoosk – shy anxious guys get to send messages with ease

Be truthful from the onset about yourself. Say the correct age, weight, and anything else your partner asks. You need to build your relationship on solid foundation. Trust is the solid base. Be emotionally available. Solve all conflicts without sweeping anything under the rag. Prioritise your relationship.

  • Mastering the Adventure of International Dating by Mark E. Davis.
  • Ukrainian and Russian Bride Guide by Walter Parchomenko
  • Dating Abroad by Rick Kay
  • The Unplugged Alpha by Richard Cooper

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As they say, life comes with no manual. There are no written rules of when to complete your studies or who to date. If you want to marry the girl of your dreams who is in Africa, yet you are in the Pacific, go for it. Meeting people online might be why you discover the wife you have always wanted.

If you find yourself thinking of your relationship in the lines of time consuming instead of thinking of it as spending time with your partner, then something is wrong. While international relationships mean you do not get to see each other daily, you both need to make solid efforts to stay in touch daily through communication.

Final words

International dating is advantageous because you get to talk more and learn a lot about your partner during this time. If you were together from the beginning, you would probably spend more time watching films, going to movies, eating out, traveling, and less time just talking about everything.

It is possible that the women you interact with daily or meet randomly do not make your heart sing, which is why international dating is perfect for you. If you have met someone on a dating app, do not be afraid to build a relationship with them. They may be your partner for life for all you know and you are a social being, as all humans are.
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Individually, you create a life outside the relationship focusing on your interests and social life. These facts make you more interesting as a couple. The fact that you do not live in the same country means you value the moments you get to spend together more.

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