A lot of relationships begin because people choose to ignore the red flags. At the same time, many relationships end because of red flags that people ignore earlier in relationships. I don’t want you to end up with a broken heart and trust issues because all this can be damaging. With a few pointers, you can avoid falling into that trap.

In this dating guide, you will find some random facts that you won’t believe are true, and I will also share some red flags that you should never ignore concerning dating international women online, to be specific.

What are considered red flags in international online dating

Here are a few signs that might be interesting to know. It can be a red flag if:

Dating red flags are complex

Dating red flags can be complex. Sometimes it is hard to read into a red flag. Someone’s intentions and ideas may seem so genuine. It can be challenging to be in such a situation. It makes it hard to tell the true intentions of your partner. Most people are guilty of overlooking red flags in the early stages of a relationship.

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However, complex red flags are the opposite of ordinary red flags. You may not even realise the situation you are facing. In case you identify such red flags, do not waste time getting out. Ignoring complex red flags can get you in the following:

5 Big Dating Red Flags When Dating a Foreign Lady

Here you will find an overview of 5 dating red flags when dating a foreign bride online:

Red Flag #1. She shows lack of respect, Integrity or Interest

Mutual respect is a key element in any relationship. Whether she is older than you or earns more money, your lady should always reciprocate the respect you give her. It is one way to judge if a red flag is right in front of you; a disrespectful partner will always have you frustrated and chasing for her approval on many occasions.

If you tolerate her behaviour, you end up on the losing end every time she wants things done her way, and she will take delight in walking all over you. Any time your partner shows signs of dishonesty, or if you notice a lack of ethical and moral consistency to their actions, that could be a clear red flag of her integrity.

One of the biggest red flags ignored by men today in international online relationships is lack of interest. Promises of a future together or exciting stories of how she was thinking about you at work are often very enticing to every man in an online relationship. Your imagination can often be misleading. You don’t want to look back, later on, only to find that all the signs you ignored have come back to bite you.

Our advice to you

You speak up on these issues in a suitable tone and try to work it out with your partner before things get out of hand. However, if you think the damage is beyond control, then at least you can move forward into your next relationship with a clearer vision.

Red Flag #2. Moving too fast in your online communication

Have you ever found yourself talking to someone and they agree with everything you say even before you finish what you’re saying? Or maybe you know one of those annoying people that always ask for favours almost immediately after you just started getting to know them.

You might wonder why she wants to know how much you make in a year after you only asked where she went to college, or maybe finds it amusing to share with you her detailed and well thought out plan of the exact number of children she plans to have, and all their names and what activities they will be engaged in.

Well, if you’re into this type of ambitious woman, then I can’t fault you for playing along. In most cases, these are signs of a toxic relationship. You have to be very careful not to be swept away by your imagination. As in most cases, your lady’s intentions are purely to bring hope and not alarm.

Some people are okay with moving a bit faster while others like to take their time and build slowly. It is important that you find a balance and that both you and your partner are on the same page before you let things get out of control.

Red Flag #3. She does not want to send everyday pics

Let’s admit it, we all want to brag from time to time about that girl we’re dating. Pictures are the best evidence to prove your case to your friends.

So when your foreign partner who you just recently met online refuses to send any of her photos, you might get a bit sceptical and start to worry. I would feel the same way too. Mainly because every phone has a camera, and social media has changed our lives to the point where everyone has a few seconds in their day to take a selfie.

No matter how busy their schedule is or even if their camera quality is mediocre, there is simply no excuse for your new online partner to hesitate when asked for a few photos every other day. You can take some time for a video call over the weekend or at the end of a busy day if you can, as this can bring about reassurance about your partner’s intentions.

It might make sense to assume that maybe she has insecurities and does not like taking pictures. However, a quick snap of her outfit for the day or a picture of her pet can be important in online dating. It boosts confidence and can even push her to take more pictures. So don’t buy into the sad stories and start watching out for this red flag so you can point it out when you see it.

Red Flag #4. She does not want to move from the dating site (after weeks of active communication).

You might find yourself chatting with a lady and she never gives you any of her contact information like her email or phone number. Instead, she may insist on keeping it on the site or app where you met for a prolonged period.

It would make sense for her to be a bit reserved with her contact information if you were just in the beginning stages of your relationship since you have to earn her trust with time. However, you can easily tell when someone is taking it a little too far, without much experience or expert advice.

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That’s a clear red flag if I say so myself. She might be holding back to make you chase after her. Some women like to seek attention. If she refuses to give you more of her contact details, it could be a red flag that she has dependency issues. She maybe feels by letting you closer, the attention she gets from your will reduce or maybe, the opposite, she might not want you to invade her space for some reason.

I agree that in some cases, it’s advisable to keep a healthy distance. However, if this goes on after weeks of talking and getting to know each other, it could be a red flag. It is best to bring the matter to the table. Communication is a fundamental building block of every relationship, so it can be the thing that either makes or breaks you.

Red Flag #5. Never talking about next steps such as meeting in person or inviting you to their country

One of the biggest signs to watch out for when dating a foreign woman online is her lack of interest to meet you physically, even though it’s understandable for her to be cautious when asked to meet a stranger she just met online for the first time

I mean, you first have to show some proof that you’re not a sketchy guy. Constantly insisting on a meeting, it may sound like you are nagging her, but if you’ve played your cards right and made efforts to build some trust, then she shouldn’t have an issue with arranging a date at a public place.

In case your partner is overseas, then the only way for you to meet is for either of you to visit each other’s country, and the best way to show commitment as a man is to visit her country first. Some women will not want to host you in their country even if you offer to cover every cost.

If she shuts you down every time you bring up the idea of wanting to set up a trip to her country, or when you ask her to invite you, these gentlemen, is a sign that she might not have been as sincere as you thought. Maybe, there are some things she doesn’t want you to find out when you meet her in person. It can be because she lied to you about where she lives, or she doesn’t want to take the relationship further than online.

Final Words: Your intuition never lies to you

After reading this, you’re probably wondering whether you should give up on international dating, and my advice to you is that you should be more excited to go back in there and dig in with confidence now that you know what to watch out for when in doubt.

If you follow the advice in this piece, then you can master the world of international online dating and easily find your next match without having to go through bad experiences. And lastly, trust your gut because sometimes you may be glad you did. I hope you find this article useful in your future encounters.

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