Though there is no specific definition of an ‘intentional relationship,’ it all comes down to the kind of love you want. Spending time with that special person is building a relationship as you are investing your emotions in that person.

Intentionality in a relationship is simply putting persistent effort. It basically means prioritizing your partner, paying attention to their needs and protecting your relationship instead of dealing with issues when they arise.

Let’s dig deeper into an intentional relationship, including how to build one.

What is an intentional relationship model?

When it comes to love, the Intentional Relationship Model is simply establishing a suitable, sustainable, and pleasurable balance in a relationship. Lovebirds starting an intentional relationship should be inseparable and fully in each other’s lives in a helpful and supportive way.

Building trust takes quite some time, but it’s the guiding principle here. Trust and that special connection is the backbone to an intentional relationship.

It improves your relationship and you only achieve it by letting things flow through the positive energy and engagement.

How do you show intentional love?

The secret to showing intentional love is simple. Just go against those societal norms and design a relationship with your own intentions. Don’t allow outside factors to interfere with your relationship.

Strive to bring the best in each other and be each other’s strength. It will take intentional work to achieve this.

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Here are six ways to show intentional love:

1. Compliment your partner

We often have sweet words to say to those we care about but end up keeping them to ourselves. You might think they are just words but trust me; those are magic words.

They spice up your relationship by brightening your partner’s moods and making them feel appreciated. Make complimenting that special person a habit.

2. Every day cultivate romance

We all need some love from the person we adore. Your partner needs affection, closeness, and adoration. Romance is essential in a relationship; it’s the path to your partner’s heart. It is the final step towards profound closeness.

Keep the romance alive with a lengthy kiss at the end of the day, hold hands in front of the TV, or have regular evening dates.

3. Be a best friend

Maintaining a solid link and friendship is the key to a successful intentional relationship. Make time to learn your partner’s daily life, aspirations, dreams and existing personal problems.

By being empathetic and supportive, you demonstrate being there for your significant other. It shows you care and you have their best interests at heart.

4. Talk frequently

Life is hectic and we all want to sit in front of the tv at the end of the day. This is where most of our relationships fail, lack of communication. Make time for deep, meaningful and affectionate conversations. It doesn’t have to be about a specific topic. Again, it shouldn’t be about work or money; let it be about the two of you.

5. Cultivate your everyday, pleasant rituals

Don’t overlook the minor details. Say I love you, pour your spouse coffee in the morning, write a romantic text, bring home flowers, or attach a sentimental sticky note on their lunch box. The tiny things are often overlooked, yet they matter and are highly treasured.

Our advice to you

Love your partner unconditionally, put in the effort, devotion and commitment. Make it a priority and watch the relationship blossom with passion and love.

6. Be a giver more than a receiver

Love is selfless. This means you are ready to give more without expecting anything in return. Any relationship formed behind selflessness has a high chance of survival.

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If everyone is giving more than they receive, it shows you both are putting each other before your interests and what would be better than that?.

Why Intentional Relationships Are Better

An intentional relationship seems perfect, right? However, it is still faced with challenges. Challenges and disagreements are normal and instead of running away, be ready to face them together. This seems tiring, but it’s actually what makes the relationship strong.

So, why are intentional relationships better?

1. In the long run, they succeed

Relationships are faced with challenges that make them vulnerable. If you are not intentional, you won’t care enough to avoid emotional separation.

Being intentional entails recognizing a drift and devising a strategy to overcome it. Intentional relationships have a higher rate of survival compared to just any relationship.

2. Both parties are happy

What would be better than spending time with a loved one? Having someone who cares for you and goes the extra mile to ensure you are fine is the best feeling in the world. You share everything with this person.

Your secrets, worries, fears and most of it all, your burden. This person knows the good and bad sides of you, and they are still willing to stick by you.

All these come only if the relationship is intentional and the good thing is, you don’t force it. You just enjoy a happy and fulfilling moment.

3. They remain strong and unbreakable

Conflict and disputes are unavoidable. In intentional relationships, you work through them by practicing proper conflict resolution. The more you talk about your difficulties instead of letting them prevail, the closer you get to each other. Your bond grows, becomes strong and unbreakable.

What are the ways to build an Intentional Relationship?

Now that you know how to show love in an intentional relationship, your next question may be ways to build an intentional relationship. There is nothing hard, provided you are guided with pure intentions. Below are three ways to build a strong, intentional relationship:

1. Understand each other’s love language

How you receive and reciprocate love is your love language. While some of our love languages are gifts, touch, quality time and acts of service, some express affection through words.

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Since we all express love differently, it is essential to understand your partner’s love language to avoid feeling and making them feel unloved.

2. Start discussions on topics that will answer your questions

One of the most beneficial techniques I’ve discovered in relationships is approaching situations by asking questions rather than making comments. If you don’t understand your partner, be open to it. You must be able to see the best in the person you are with.

3. Know your partner's body language

Different body languages pass on different information. It is vital to understand your partner’s body language. Understanding body language saves you a lot. You might offend your partner unknowingly and even though they won’t say, their body language will speak out.

4. Discuss your plans and free time

Whether it’s a lunch date, vacation or a simple romantic setup in the house, making plans to enjoy quality time together builds your relationship. Besides, you create beautiful memories to hold on to.

There is nothing better than spending your free time with the one you love. Discuss your daily activity and free time so you can catch up during breaks. You can even have lunch together on a lunch break during workdays.

5. Do surprises

Imagine walking home to beautiful flowers, a beautiful gift or a surprise birthday party. Romantic, right? Spice your relationship with surprises that will leave your partner happy and feeling loved.

The surprise doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even cook their favourite meal and see how happy you make them.

6. Have fun together

Don’t be all business. Have some fun together. Make jokes during conversations and enjoy a good laugh.

7. Be each other’s cheerleader

Be supportive and encouraging to your partner. Be their number one cheerleader by being the person they want to run to when they feel down.

Loving Intentionally FAQ

Loving intentionally necessitates you recognize and convey your feelings towards your partner. To build intentional love, choose to share all your worries, uncertainties, pleasures, dreams, and other sensitive emotions.

Yes, being in an intentional relationship will help you relate with your partner. This will help you open up; in the process, you gain trust. In return, you receive love and get to feel accepted.

Of course! The main aim of being in a relationship is to have someone you can spend the rest of your life with. Getting someone you are compatible with within all aspects of life will make you want to marry them.

Relationships can take different turns, but they all have a few common characteristics: open communication, mutual respect, and healthy limits. Communication is an essential component in developing a healthy relationship.

Yes, we all need someone to run to in times of difficulties. Intentional relationship teaches how to love each other in ways that make you both feel loved.

Bonding over good things and understanding are two levels of healthy personal sharing that lead to true intimacy.

Final thoughts: Being intentional with your relationship is like creating a solid foundation

A solid relationship is built on trust, commitment, sharing, and communication. All these things are part and parcel of starting an intentional relationship. If you want a relationship that will help you grow, start it intentionally. The person you build a relationship with intentionally will be a true definition of a soulmate.

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