The connection of dating sites with traditional Indian men has been evolving with the introduction of Indian dating sites and apps through online dating service companies. While dating sites and apps were not widely accepted years back, Indian men are finding love with modern dating sites. 

Modern India has much technological advancement and Indians seem to accept time has changed and embrace modernization while at the same time respecting their culture. Are you looking for an Indian woman in India? We have selected a list of excellent sites for Indian men interested in finding a partner.

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The Best Indian Dating Sites to Find a Match

Are you a man looking for an ideal woman to date online? Indian dating sites have made it easy to find love for Indian men just from the comfort of their mobile phones. Individuals must create an account with an online dating service and start their love journey wherever they are. 

Below are some Indian dating sites where men can find love and potential romantic partners in India.

For many years has been successfully helping Indian men meet the women of their dream. Successful matchmaking that leads to long-term relationships has been witnessed in this app by thousands of Indians who get to meet their match.

Costs only offers free basic options, but to explore the websites without any limits, you must subscribe to the premium membership at a fee. This plan has a recurring payment plan that requires its member to actively cancel the subscription to stop the payments from being taken. 

The premium subscription goes for 39.00 USD in one month, 89.97 USD for three months, and 149.94 USD for six months. Payment methods are PayPal, Credit Card, pay by Phone, and Postal Check/Money Order.

Features and Services

DesiKiss .com features allow users to decide the kind of partner they want to meet, such as their age and gender, based on the information they put in their account based on interests. has a regional search allowing users to look for individuals around their location.

It also has an option that allows you to invite or even enter private chats with other members of your choice. Members can also have live chats as the site is well established to meet this service efficiently for its members.

It also has an option that allows you to invite or even enter private chats with other members of your choice. Members can also have live chats as the site is well established to meet this service efficiently for its members.

Profile quality

The profile quality on is another feature they have worked on to ensure their members upload a fuller photo that will attract interest from other users. 

Usability is an effective website to use, and as a man interested in meeting a woman, you should get your account. All processes, including registration and upgrading to the premium subscription, have made it easier for all users to do everything themselves.

Safety has safety features to ensure its members’ safety as they mingle with their preferred partners. If one is not registered as a member, they cannot see other members’ profile pictures; this means your information and pictures cannot be seen by unregistered persons visiting the website. also offers block options to prevent any member you don’t want from contacting you and report any spam suspects you do not think are genuine.

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IndianС is another site that has created a space for its users to find friends or lovers via the internet. Its features have helped individuals to find their match, and as a man thinking of finding a lover online, you might consider being a member. has a desktop version and an app only available for Android users.


Users interested in the site are offered free platinum and gold options at a fee. All paid memberships last for one, three months, or one year. The cost charges of the platinum level are 39.99 USD,79.98 USD, and 159.99 USD, respectively.

The gold level goes for at least 34.99 USD, 69.98 USD, and 139.99 USD, respectively. Payments are made via Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, and Vouchers.

Features and Services

IndianCupid has various features and services that it provides to its users, such as free signup, profile setup, likes, profile review, and a basic search. Other features requiring a paid account are communication tools, advanced search filters, an anonymous mode of searching, and profile viewing.

IndianCupid also provides cupid tags that allow users to make their page more discoverable by others by describing themselves better, such as showing their interests and preferences.

Profile Quality

Regarding profile creation, users have enough space to fill in their pictures and add a description of their choice. A good quality profile should present the gender of the person, age, location, and a description preference of their preferred partner.


The design of the IndianCupid is very easy and loads quickly when navigating to another page. The only thing one should ensure is they have a stable internet connection to ensure everything runs smoothly. Its layout feature, from registration to site navigation is easy, allowing members to find their desired match.

The bottom menu is an informational window giving members the necessary information they might require.

Safety is safe to use as it has features that ensure members are safe when searching for their partners. The site allows restrictive measures from abusive users by offering block features to prevent them from messaging or viewing profile pics. is slightly different as it focuses more on the matchmaking of partners that will lead to marriage. The site is available in several countries, India being one of them. It is widely known in India and is the largest platform for an arranged marriage in India. was founded by Anupam Mittal in 1996 and is a good site for men who wish to find partners to settle down. review

Costs offers free membership upon registration, where members can search for matches on the search option. Members can also view public profile pictures of other users and send interest to other members.

The platform also offers several levels that require fees for more advanced experience on the site for its members. The gold membership goes for 97 US dollars for three months. Gold Plus membership costs 119 USD for the same period.

Then there is Diamond and Diamond plus membership, which comes with a price of 147 USD and 187 USD, respectively, for six months. Finally, the Platinum membership goes for a price of 269 USD for 12 months. Payments are made via PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, and cheques.

Features and Services

The kind of membership fully determines the features of that a member has. 

Gold membership allows you:

Gold Plus membership offers unlimited messaging to other profiles and 150 phone numbers; your profile is highlighted in your matches, and one can view hidden photos.

Diamond membership allows you:

Diamond plus membership allows you to send unlimited messages to other profiles, view hidden pictures, and your profile highlighted in your matches.

Finally, a Platinum membership gets you to view 600 phone numbers, see hidden pictures, and send unlimited messages to other profiles, and your profile is also highlighted in your matches.

Profile Quality

With, members must set a decent profile picture that shows who they are, such as age, interest, and partner preference they are looking for. The profile picture of every member must be good and not explicit in any form.

Shaadi app


The design layout is built to make it easy for all members to navigate the site. Free users can only start a conversation as there is a provision of the same feature if they upgrade to payable subscription membership of their choice.

Safety is safe as members are expected to provide some documents upon registration for identity proof. There is a proper way to report accounts or individuals with abusive language, and the site has a team that continuously monitors every user’s profile to ensure the safety of all users.

How Do We Review Indian Dating Sites?

Our criteria for finding an Indian dating site is entirely based on their reputation, features, service offered, cost, safety, mobile experience, and profile quality. Effective dating sites must meet the required standards to provide the expected service to all of their users. The site’s reputation solely depends on the user’s experience where features and services give a glance at what to expect from Indian sites they are interested in.

Cost and payments are also significant as they should be pocket-friendly to allow users to get the subscription they can afford. Another thing we put into consideration is the safety of members who are using or thinking of being members of the site. 

Indian parents are now okay with their children meeting partners of their choice and carrying on to marriage. With various modernization, Indians, especially men, have embraced online dating /internet dating, and finding partners through online dating is now a lifestyle in modern India.
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What is Dating like in India?

As a country in Asia, India has always held dear to its culture and customs, especially regarding love, relationships, and marriages. Love is beautiful, and every Indian man dreams of having a perfect love partner to settle with. When dating, there are some rules and customs that one is expected to adhere to when dating in India.

As the world revolves daily, the younger Indian generation has not been left behind as some changes are seen in today’s dating and love relationships among Indian communities. Some of these changes are that parental dating participation has changed due to modernization, and parents no longer set up meetings for their young adults. 

The Most Important Things to Consider When Dating Indian Singles

India is highly populated with many good-looking single women and men, and chances are they are looking for partners to have romantic relationships. Here are things to consider when dating Indian singles;

Your contribution

Many people in India already expect their ideal partner in their minds and their partners to play their part. Men are expected to be decision-makers, while women are housewives rather than breadwinners. It might sound stereotypical, but this has been happening, and all these ideals have been put in their minds. But in modern India, more single is open to discussing how they prefer their ideal love relationships with their partners.

Date to marry

Even in modern India, serious dating is highly considered by singles as most want it to lead to marriage. Dating is considered the first step to having a serious partner for marriage and creating a family, so the decision to date is never too first or taken jokingly.

Modernity vs. Traditional

Over the years, Indians have created unique cultural traditions and still follow them even today. Respect for your partner’s tradition is crucial to any dating life. If you grew up in another different culture and practices from Indian cultures, it is better to discuss with your partner if you have the same view of common and essential things.

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What to Know About Dating an Indian Woman

You should keep several things in mind when dating an Indian woman. Indian women are amazing, and every woman is different from the other as they come from different cultures and practices depending on which part of India they are from. Here is what you should know:

Her family is essential

Well, that being said, everyone’s family has a special place in their heart, and Indian women value their families a lot! As a man interested In an Indian woman, respecting her family is a great way to get into her heart and have her like you even more. Most Indian women are very conservative, so don’t be surprised.

Good food

Depending on where she comes from in India, expect her to introduce you to delicious Indian cuisine. Most have an excellent taste for food, and, as a man, it is tough to keep up with her spicy, delicious food. Remember, depending on which part she comes from, the food is served differently, so do not compare her at all costs.

Date to marry

As mentioned earlier, most Indian women get into dating to get a life partner to settle with and create a family together. It should prepare you for a huge wedding ceremony, the most special occasion, and other following ceremonies.

How to Find the Best Indian Dating Service

One can choose from various dating sites in India, as mentioned earlier. You can also check sites you mostly prefer online and review their reviews to understand how it works. Indian sites you find will have a website or application software that you can access through your phone or computer.

All measures are taken to ensure no spam and the option for a block in case of an encounter with abusive members. Dating sites are equipped with features that allow members to upload a quality picture to create their account, and most of the sites are designed to use them with mobile phones.

Putting it Together

Altogether, the Indian dating site has widely evolved in modern India than it was years ago. More online services have emerged with more dating sites as seen today, and registration is accessible on most sites and later upgraded at a fee.

Paid subscription at any dating Indian site gives you more privileges and experiences than registering and not paying for any subscription.

Last updated on February 23, 2023

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