Ukrainian ladies are some of the most charming ladies you’ll ever meet. They are intelligent, beautiful, exciting, and coupled with other desirable features men want. As a result, most men would be inclined to wanting to date them. Sadly, those who have tried dating Ukrainian ladies have made the wrong approach, thus failing in the process.

For that reason, here’s a guide covering the basics, myths surrounding Ukrainians, and the dos and don’ts to help you win the heart of a Ukrainian lady.

What are the common mistakes in Ukrainian dating?

Sending her money with the hopes that she’ll love you even more. Offering financial support is the role of any man. However, sending a Ukrainian lady money before you guys even get to meet is not the key to a Ukranian’s heart. Sending her money when you’ve started only sends the wrong information.

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Falling in love with a photo. If both of you are far away from each other, she’ll send you her pictures frequently. It’s here that men get twisted and fall in love with her photo rather than the lady’s personality. Eventually, this will end up in a toxic relationship when you finally meet her. If you want to date a Ukrainian successfully, fall in love with their character, not body.

Myths and stereotypes about dating Ukrainian girls

Ukrainian ladies love wealthy men

Most individuals have the perception that Ukrainian ladies are attracted to wealthy foreigners. However, this is not true since most Ukrainian ladies have their minds set on something other than money, love. Ukrainian ladies value love, not money. As such, they’ll settle for a man who’ll cherish and love them over a man who’ll provide them with all the luxury the world has to offer.

Ukrainian ladies are career-oriented

Most Ukrainian women are industrious and goal-oriented. As such most men perceive them as career-oriented ladies. Sadly, this is never the case. They would settle down and have a family of their own. Ukraine ladies are brought up in a society that encourages women to be independent while maintaining a family.

As a result, they turn out to be industrious and determined at their goals—however, this just one side of their story. They can be submissive to the right man, settle down and raise a family when they put their minds into it.

TOP4 Ukrainian dating mistakes many men do

Who should pay for dinner?

Unless it’s a business deal, you should never think twice or ask about who’s sorting the bill. As a man, you should sort the bills always. It’s the responsibility of a man to sort the bills, even at home. And under no circumstance should you let your date sort the bills. Psychologically speaking, sorting out the bills brings out the impression of a defender and a supporter.

Men who present the financial burden of sorting the bills to ladies are regarded as a failure. Additionally, sharing the bills with when on a date portrays you as a man who isn’t somber nor ready for responsibilities. While some women might insist on helping with the bills, you should keep in mind that the bill is yours to sort.

Talks about previous relationships

Nobody wants to listen to you whine and complain about your ex. She dumped you; it’s in the past. Get over it. Most ladies are jealous and will want your attention to themselves. Talking about another lady around them only lowers your score as a man. If you are engaged in any conversation with a Ukrainian lady, avoid talking about our exes at all costs.

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Talking about your ex only shows you haven’t moved on. Further, it shows that you still have issues to address with your ex. In turn, this will turn off any interests a lady has for you. So, with that in mind, engage your dates with something different than your ex. In case you are finding it difficult to converse, make inquiries about her life. Ladies love to talk about themselves.

Lying about yourself

Trying to impress a woman by lying to her will only get you grounded and blocked. If you want the attention of any woman, try being honest, even when you can’t. Women cherish honesty and will feel secure around an honest man. Women can sniff dishonest men and can tell when they are lying or not. It’s the sixth sense they possess.

In most cases, you’ll get away with it for a while. However, she’ll get you lying and it’ll be an issue. Women have a good memory and will often recall events as they happened. Additionally, their inquisitive nature will unearth the truth eventually. They’ll investigate what isn’t right, and in the long term, they’ll get you in the act. So, with that in mind, try being honest with Ukrainian ladies. Honesty is priceless to them.

Expecting sex on the first date

Most women want to be known and understood from a personal level. Once understood, they’ll want to bond with you and trust you before granting you access to the cookie jar. 

The main reason behind going on a first date with someone is knowing them personally, not having sex with them.

Yes, you’ve been talking to each other for extended periods of the night. Texting each other daily, sharing ideas, and checking up on each other frequently. However, this doesn’t mean that you know each other.

Hence comes the first date. Going on a first date allows the lady to develop a sense of security around you and feel loved. Sadly, this can be ruined if you expect sex on the first date. Consequently, she’ll get scared and think of you as a pervert or a rapist.

Is it OK to make mistakes?

Relationships can, at times, be tricky and messy. And for that reason, it’s normal to make mistakes. You are starting something new with someone different. For that, you have to understand them, accommodate them, and tolerate them too. Doing this is never easy since you’ll likely fail before you get it right. For that reason, it’s OK if you mess up several times before you get it right.

Nobody is perfect, and nobody will ever be perfect. It’s our imperfections that define us and the kind of people we are. If you get into a relationship with any Ukrainian, you’ll make mistakes before getting it right.

Our advice to you: She's from a different culture, and so are you. And for that reason, you won't always agree on everything. Nevertheless, suppose you can accept your deeds and lower your pride; you'll always have a common ground to sort your issues responsibly.
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Lastly, it’s OK to make mistakes. However, don’t make it a daily trend. She might not expect you to be perfect, but at least try and tone down the mistakes you land yourself into. Making mistakes daily and asking for forgiveness frequently can at times kill the vibe in any relationship.

What should I do to build a successful relationship with a Ukrainian bride?

Surprise her from time to time

The value of surprises in a relationship is priceless. For example, surprising your lady can help rekindle your relationship and set things straight again. Surprising your Ukrainian lady creates a magical moment that spices up relationships.

Relationships need new dynamics for them to keep the fire burning. Otherwise, the two of you will feel bored and in a bogged relationship. And as a result, this might result in daily fights that might ultimately collapse the relationship.

Spend time together

Even if your schedule is tight, spending time off work shows her that you value her. Skipping work once in a while to spend time with her creates a bond between you two. In turn, this promotes a strong relationship between the two of you. Additionally, spending time with your partner allows you both to share your emotions. Consequently, this allows you both to solve your arguments peacefully and in a constructive manner.

It's never too late to learn new things

While parts of this guide might be challenging to implement fully, it’s never too late to learn new things. Remember, you are dating someone from a different setup. And as a result, you’ll need to adjust your ways. It might be difficult at first, but things will eventually get better for you. You guys will gel more than you thought you would.

Putting it together

All in all, it can be a challenge dating a Ukrainian lady. Both of you are from different cultures, have various beliefs, and are from different nationalities. However, the above article should guide you and possibly double your odds with a Ukrainian lady. Further, this article also highlights the tips you can easily implement into your relationship and maybe make it work.

Lastly, this guide also highlights the myths and misconceptions surrounding Ukrainian ladies. And as a result, you are better equipped on how to handle one and informed on what to expect from one.

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