Virtual dating is ideal for people who miss out on real-life dates due to long-distance or busy schedules. Besides, with the pandemic’s travel bans and social distancing protocols, more people are dating virtually through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp Video calls and Google Hangouts.

Did you know that dating virtually allows you to concentrate on the most essential things? You focus more on personality and interests than physical looks and appearances.

Questions for a virtual date help you connect with a woman and understand who she is as an individual. We have created a list of 20 interesting questions you can ask during your virtual date.

What Were You Up to Just Before Our Virtual Date?

This question is an excellent start point because it feels natural. It gives you an idea of how your date spends her time. Whether she was working on a project for her job, trying a new recipe, or catching up on a film, it inspires follow-up questions. For instance, if she was working out, you can ask about her fitness regime and goals.

Feel free to share what you were up to before the date and answer any follow-up questions she may ask.

If Our Date Was Not Virtual, Where Would Be Your Preferred Location For a Date?

The way your date responds will give you a glimpse of her thoughts on an ideal real-life date. Whether she loves a live concert, a romantic picnic or a horse riding session, it may help you understand her personality and interests.

Exchanging ideas about your ideal dates allows you to fantasise about activities you could do together once you meet in person.

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What Would You Like to Ask Me But You Are Nervous?

During the first virtual date, the atmosphere may be tense and awkward. This question could serve as an instant ice-breaker. Nervous energy may cause your date to withhold information or feel uncomfortable during the conversation.

Asking this question acknowledges your date’s nervousness and assures them that it is normal. Once she relaxes, you can communicate openly and honestly all through your virtual date.

Where Would Be Your Perfect Vacation Destination?

Travel and vacations are popular topics for first-time dates, whether virtual or real life. Sharing about beautiful destinations you have both been to or aspire to travel to unlocks endless topics for conversations.

It would be interesting to know that your date shares the same vacation bucket lists as you. The more similar travel experiences and aspirations you have, the more compatible you could be. You and your date could also get ideas for your future vacations together.

What Do You Find Humorous?

Several online dating studies show that singles highly rank a humorous partner. Regardless of the season of life, singles want someone who adds some cheerfulness and lightness to the relationship.

You can look up some humorous random facts that you won’t believe are true and read them to lighten the conversation during the date. Finding out what the woman you are dating laughs about will bring their personality and general view of life to light.

Do You Plan Ahead, or You Go With The Flow?

This question is an eye-opener on how your date runs their everyday activities. It will help you understand how compatible you are. If they plan their day or activities, it is crucial to plan for virtual dates beforehand. If she is a spontaneous woman who goes with the flow, you can always hop on a video call anytime you both agree.

You should also let her know if you plan or are spontaneous. If your habits are not the same, consider finding a balance if you plan to go on more dates in the future.

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert?

Again, this question can give you a deeper understanding of your date’s personality. Getting an accurate understanding of your partner on a virtual date may be challenging as everyone tries to portray a perfect picture. Your date may seem introverted, while in real life, they are extroverted.

The best way to gauge a partner’s personality is by asking them to describe themselves. Depending on their social life and what they do in their free time, you can get hints of an introverted or extroverted personality.

What Are You Looking Forward to Currently?

As a man, you want to take the lead and keep the conversation as positive as possible on your virtual date. Life issues can prove challenging, and sometimes there could be little to anticipate.

This question allows you and your date to remain grateful and keep a positive tone throughout the conversation. Besides, you can find out what makes your date happy in their day-to-day life.

What Movies and TV Shows Are You Presently Watching?

There are numerous streaming services with so much content. There is a good chance that your date will be interested in discussing the current TV show or series they are watching. If you have similar interests in movies, you can plan another virtual date to watch something you have both not seen before together.

Do You Mind Telling Me about Your Love Language and How You Prefer to Show Love?

Love languages play a significant role in how effectively you give and receive love in a relationship. Talk about all the five love languages, including quality time, physical touch, gifts, words of affirmation and acts of service. Have your date say how they like to receive love and how they show love to others.

If your relationship blossoms, you will both be in a better position to give and receive love effectively

Who Are the Most Significant People in Your Life?

The way your date talks about their parents, siblings, friends or relatives gives you a good impression of who they truly are. The relationship with family and friends will either display respect and love or red flags that you do not want carried into your new relationship.

Besides, if her friends are important to her, the way she describes their principles and lifestyles will tell you more about her personality. If she keeps good company, she is a good person.

What Works For You in Terms of Communication?

It is crucial to agree on how you wish to communicate after your virtual date. You should choose a mode and frequency that both of you are comfortable using. You can choose to text, voice call or video call before you schedule your next virtual date. If you plan to go on more dates and grow your relationship, open communication is very significant.

Could You Share Your Relationship Deal Breakers?

It may look like a tricky question, but it is necessary if you and your date are willing to develop a long-term relationship. Deal breakers like not wanting kids, living a particular lifestyle or diverse political views are better tackled in the early dating stage. They may cause bad breakups later in the relationship when you are deeply invested.

Would You Rather This or That?

This is more of a game, but it can help you better understand your date’s logic and the things they value most. Dates should be fun, and including a game in your virtual date can help break the monotony of a serious conversation.

Here are some questions that you can ask your date.

How Crucial Is Some Alone Time for You?

Once you have established that you will have more dates, whether virtually or in person, it is essential to ask your date about their alone time. You may want to text or call them while they prefer to keep their phone away during their alone time. Asking this question ensures you do not feel left out when they take hours to respond.

How Is a Typical Day for You?

Instead of quizzing your date about what they do, consider asking them what a typical day for them entails. It will lengthen the conversation and help you understand if they are a morning or night person. Besides, you will know how they spend their free time, whether with friends, doing some self-care, or working on their projects.

What Are Some Goals You Want to Achieve?

We all have dreams and goals at every stage of our lives. They could be career goals, family-related, world travel or personal life goals. You want to find out if your date’s dreams are compatible with yours or complement them. You feel more confident with your choice of partner if your goals are aligned, and you push each other to achieve them.

What Are Your Thoughts on (insert a current event in the news)?

This question gives you an idea of your date’s current events knowledge, political views and opinions on other news headlines. If they are not aware of what you are talking about, you may want to drop the current events conversation on your next date.

What Exciting Things Have You Learned This Week?

If you are going on a virtual date, you do not have much time to spend in person. It is interesting to discover new things your date has learned during the period of minimal or no communication. They may have learned a new exciting recipe, found an interesting book or discovered a new hobby they can share with you.

Feel free also to share new and exciting things you have discovered. You never know; you may have shared interests that could fuel your friendship to greater heights.

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What Are Your Favourite Foods?

Food conversations always come up naturally during dates. Find out what recipes your date enjoys most and share your favourite dishes too.

Did you know that you can cook together during your virtual date? You can chat as you prepare a beautiful meal that you both love. Besides, ask about any allergies that she may have. It will help when you eventually meet in person and decide to enjoy dinner at a restaurant.

Conclusion: Preparing for a virtual date is relatively straightforward

You have to be available at the agreed time, dress well and have your dating questions ready. Our advice to you is to maintain a positive tone throughout the conversation and avoid an interview-like approach. Ask your date questions, listen attentively and also talk about yourself. You want your date to also understand your personality and interests.

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