Romania has some of the sexiest and feminine women on the planet; that’s probably how you found yourself here and are interested in getting one. In Romania, women aren’t concerned about gender imbalance and the lack of high-value men. Instead, when going out, they always have their hair, nails, and makeup done. This is the societal norm, as none of them wants to feel like the odd one out.

They don’t leave the house in sweats, not even to the gymnasium, and once there, you got to have yoga pants, not one of those baggy sweatpants. This article has been put together to advise on acquiring, maintaining, and keeping a Romanian woman.

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What is Dating Like in Romania?

Romanian women are forward and independent. They aren’t very bothered about finding husbands as Ukrainians and Russians are. No rule says women can’t ask men out. However, it is important to have your parent’s approval. No matter where you are in the world, dating is pretty much the same. You will always find the good and bad in people.

Romanian women

In Romania, there are two things to consider when seducing a Romanian girl:

  • Stability

This includes being mature and having financial freedom. This is important as Romanian ladies live with their parents until they are married.

  • Show-off Value

Romanian women love showing off; being a foreigner is your edge; use it to your advantage. This doesn’t mean you pry on the ladies and take advantage of them.

The Most Important Things to Know about Dating Romanian Singles

As much as Romanian women are known for their beauty and style, it would help if you considered a few vital things before taking a Romanian girl out.

  • Learning some basic words

As most Romanians speak at least one foreign language (English), it’s important to learn a few basic words in Romanian to impress your date. You can take a few lessons online to help immerse yourself in Romanian culture.

  • Avoid talking about sensitive topics during the early dating period

Romanians are open to conversation about their culture, food, and beliefs. It’s important to steer clear from talking about the stereotypes you have in mind. Asking about delicate matters in their personal lives is not advisable and is best kept for later.

  • Be polite and respectful

It is important to respect Romanian women as they are well-behaved and friendly people. They expect you to be the same and treat them with love and respect.

  • Be humble about wealth and achievements

Nobody likes a brag, especially Romanians. As much as they will appreciate your life’s accomplishments, it is key that you don’t brag, be humble about it. Having a sense of humor is important, don’t be surprised to see them laugh at themselves.

Random Facts that you won't believe are true:

Romanian women have a soft spot for foreign men. They love attention from foreigners, and if you tried to win her heart, you would likely have better chances than your local counterparts.

What to Know About Dating a Romanian Woman?

Before considering dating a Romanian woman, there are a few things to be aware of. Figuring out how to either deal with or avoid them before getting into a relationship with one is a unique experience. This is a short list of some of these requirements;

  • Live in your own apartment

Romanian women usually live with their parents since their families come first and stick with them until marriage. Having your own space means that both of you will have some alone time and privacy.

Romanian women find it rude when you run late as a foreigner, either for a date or just for dinner at home. Therefore, it is important always to call ahead to let her know that you will be running late. They find it a very disrespectful gesture when you don’t inform them.

  • Buying her an odd number of flowers

In Romania, it is said that an even number of flowers are designated for a funeral. Hence, when buying flowers for a lady, it is important to buy an odd number. They tend to get offended when gifted with an even number of flowers.

  • Be a romantic

No one loves a non-romantic partner. It’s boring to be with someone who doesn’t take you out for dinner or open the door for you as a lady. Romanians generally have a strong connection with their natural surroundings; getting her flowers is considered a lovely romantic gesture.

  • Could you make an effort to learn her language?

Most educated Romanian ladies speak either English or French. Making an effort to learn Romanian is important because they have made an effort to learn English to better communicate with you.

How to Find the Best Romanian Dating Service

Dating can be tricky; no matter the situation, there are still ways to find a partner. Thanks to the internet, it has become easier to acquire meaningful companionship. While virtual dating isn’t a far cry from Zoom meetings, it still works out.

Romanian woman

There are several good dating sites and apps where you can find casual hook-ups or, maybe, the love of your life. Most dating sites or apps mix casual dating with long-term dating.

The general public sees online dating sites as a normal means to find casual dates after living with online dating for the last 20 years. Not all dating sites are for casual dating; some are serious and offer long-term relationship dating.

The Best Romanian Dating Sites to Find a Match

Much like Bulgaria and Estonia, Romania has a small online dating scene. There are a few usual sites, but it’s preferable to go for the more location-specific sites rather than those with members from around the globe. This comes in handy, especially when visiting the country. Below are a few of the best dating sites; is a branch of World Singles. Since its inception in 2001, World Singles has successfully connected singles with love, romance, marriage, and friendship.

They stand apart for several reasons:

  • World Singles strive to help you make real connections based on how you feel, and their tools are designed to support your intuition.
  • As a Platinum member, you can talk to whoever you want to as much as your heart desires. Not only that, but regular members can also reach out to you. They make it easy to communicate with the people you like.


  • With a regular account, RomaniaKiss offers a decent number of features that most dating sites don’t. For example, sending and replying to messages, searching and viewing photos, and responding to video chats.
  • RomaniaKiss boasts a five-star safety program, allowing you to put your mind at ease and trust the process.


  • Unlike other Eastern European dating sites, RomaniaKiss does not tout itself in specialising in mail brides.
  • The initial sign-up process is quite easy, but its downfall is that it requires a large amount of Information.


  • Basic: free
  • One month: 24.99 USD
  • Quarterly: 19.99 USD per month
  • Half-yearly: 14.99 USD per month

CuteOnly has offered its services to singles from around the world since its inauguration in 2005. Unlike most other dating sites that censor messages and prevent you from sending your email address or phone number, CuteOnly allows the users to message each other and even share contact details.

Romania has some of the most beautiful women globally, and CuteOnly is the perfect place to meet them.


  • There are no mediators or matchmakers
  • The site has beautiful women, be it teens or more mature women; they don’t disappoint
  • The search options are very precise, from hair, eye colour, religion, height, and weight.


  • To begin communication with the women on the site, you need to register and pay for your membership choice. The free membership only lets you browse.
  • Most men who have reviewed the site claim that most women on the site are scammers after their money.

Suppose you are looking for a chat buddy or a cute girl to flirt with. In that case, this is the place since they allow you to exchange contact information and continue talking outside the site.


  • Basic: Free
  • Monthly: 29.99 USD
  • Quarterly: 50.97 USD
  • Half-yearly: 77.94 USD
Our advice to you: Visit Romania for incredible sight-seeing, good food, fun times, beautiful women, and to experience new cultures. Romania has amazing things to do and landmarks that will leave you speechless. Remember to be respectful in all your interactions and treat the women with respect.
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Putting it together

In conclusion, is the best dating site to use to get yourself a date in Romania, be it male or female. It is important to respect the culture as Romanians are cultural and somewhat traditional. The women are not concerned about gender imbalance and are very respectful.

Romanian women put family first, and dating for just a few weeks is long enough for her to ask you to meet the parents. In Romania, it is preferable to use a dating site to get a gorgeous date. It is pretty easy to get trapped by a minor as young adults appear older than they are. On the dating site, membership is strictly for those above 18 years.

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