Finding a wife or a romantic partner is not as easy as most people think. When you are young, you often feel that it should be easy to get a wife or a person with whom to get in a serious relationship when you grow up. However, this is not the case. The hardest part of finding a romantic partner is approaching a woman for the first time.

Fear of rejection causes most men to shy away. Online dating platforms have made it easy for men and women to meet, interact, and get to know each other before meeting face to face. This post focuses on online dating sites for meeting Russian women.

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Finding a wife from Russia online - what to consider?

Russian women are some of the most stunning ladies in the world. Most of these women have model-like features that prompt men from all parts of the world to desire relationships. Online dating platforms have made it easy for men to find international wives with exotic looks.

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When using an online dating platform to find a wife from Russia, you ought to consider the following elements:

TOP 5 most popular Russian dating sites

Since Russian women are some of the most sought-after brides globally because of their looks and qualities, several online dating sites are designed specifically for them. These sites mainly feature women from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, among other Slavic nations. Sadly, not all these sites are trustworthy since there have been numerous complaints about fake sites with multiple scammers. Therefore, when choosing an ideal site to find a wife from Russia, you should consider the elements mentioned above.

Below are five of the most popular and trusted Russian dating sites on the internet: is a popular international online dating platform featuring Russian women. It also features women from Ukraine and Belarus.

It was established in the early 2000s and had since then connected thousands of singles to their partners.



Services offered on are:

Using the website is relatively easy. All the essential elements are found on the home page, where you can access them effortlessly. The platform also features a mobile app for added convenience.

You can join the online dating platform for free. However, you have to pay 30 dollars for a monthly subscription. Subscribing will grant you access to all the essential features on the forum. To reduce the amount you spend, you can give your contact information to the women. is one of the best and most trusted online dating sites in the world. For more than two and a half decades, the online dating site has helped millions of singles from across the globe meet their international partners.

Thousands of married partners from different parts of the globe also credit the site for linking them to their life partners.



This online dating platform features numerous services. Below are the fundamental ones:

The platform is highly usable because of its simple website design. However, the platform features a vintage design that does not quite compare with the latest website designs.

You can access services on the platform at around 30 USD per month. However, creating a profile is free. is one of the largest international dating platforms. It features more than 1.5 million single ladies from Russia. All the ladies are looking to get into serious relationships that would potentially lead to marriage through the platform.

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This platform mostly centers around women from Eastern Europe or Slavic women.



Below are some of the best services offered as

russiancupid app is one of the most usable sites in existence. It features a creative and comfortable design that allows users to access all the features effortlessly. The online dating site also features a convenient mobile app that makes conversation with the ladies faster and easier.

Creating a profile or registering to the platform is free. However, to become a paid member, you have to pay 34.99 USD per month or 139.99 USD yearly. is one of the oldest and most trusted online dating platforms in existence. It was established in 1998. Since its establishment, the online dating platform has brought thousands of single men and women from different parts of the globe together. 

While the online dating site features beautiful women worldwide, the platform mostly features women from Russia and Ukraine.

Random Facts that you won't believe are true: has garnered a positive reputation globally because of the thousands of Slavic beauties with profiles on the platform



Some services offered on the platform are:

Since the online dating platform was launched more than two decades ago, it features a conventional website design. This is an advantage because the site is easy to maneuver. It also features a convenient mobile app clients can use on their phones. The app makes application easier and attracts clients who want to use the site on the go.

One of the most common complaints that users have about this site is that you have to pay right away to access the features and services. You have to purchase credit at 7 dollars per credit. This is more costly than most sites.

Our advice to you:
Be very careful which site you register to and the personal information you give out during interactions with the ladies.
International dating blogger is an online dating site based in the United States. It is a Ukrainian mail order bride platform centered around women from Ukraine. Most women with profiles on this platform are often looking for marriage, international romantic partners, or serious relationships.

UkraineDate review

Therefore, this is not a platform for men looking to have a good time with no attachment involved.




ukrainedate chat

The usability element of this platform is top-notch. It features a simple yet creative website design. It also comes with a mobile app with the same elements as the website.

Subscribing to the platform costs 50 dollars per month. You also have to pay for the romantic tours. The money, in this case, is non-refundable.

Putting it together

The internet features a swarm of international dating sites where you can meet Russian Women. However, a few are used as a front for illegal or shady operations like scamming.

Doing this will protect you from potential scammers or fake profiles. Note that each of the platforms mentioned above is an incredible place to meet beautiful Russian women. All you have to do is compare the features for each when choosing your needs’ ideal site.

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