From my experience, I would say that dating any person ought to be special. Serbian Dating, on the other hand, is a privilege, which is what many people who have dated or married women from this part of the world think.

As far as nations are concerned, Serbia is one of the most underestimated countries, as not many people take the time to learn about its citizens. Past interactions with their women have taught me that dating a Serbian can prove to be a real bliss, provided you’re serious about it.

Given that Serbia is a special nation and highly specific, this article will look into what it’s like to date from this part of the world. It will also provide you with tips on sites to visit for Serbia dating, including the pros and cons of each platform.

What Is Dating Like in Serbia?

Traditional dating customs hold strong in Serbia.  Interesting to know that manners aren’t forgotten and that chivalry certainly isn’t dead in this part of the world. Foreign men should always ensure that their dates get home safe and that they take care of the bill.

My experience has shown men that this is all thanks to the defined gender roles that are a part of the Serbian culture. These are quite noticeable, more so, when it comes to the dating dress code.

serbian woman

In Serbia, one is either a feminine woman or a masculine male. It’s as simple as that! Serbian men often possess a rugged edge and will not be seen wearing skinny jeans on a date or when attending a formal function.

Another Serbian courtship trait that I found to be quite attractive is the importance given to zodiac signs. You’ll come to learn that star signs matter.

The Most Important Things to Consider When Dating Serbian Singles

Serbian women have some of the best cooking skills that you’ll come across anywhere in the world. Their partners must attempt to keep up with their local culture, which includes learning about and enjoying their cuisine.

Men looking for foreign brides should ensure they exercise patience at the start of the relationship. These are women who want care and trust in the relationship. Many would prefer dating men from their part of the world. However, this shouldn’t be seen to mean that they aren’t open to dating foreigners. They just find it simpler to date men who understand their culture and who can treat them right.

What to Know About Dating a Serbian Woman?

Did you know that Serbian women have a sharp wit? You shouldn’t try to fool her or mess with her in any way, as they have mastered survival tactics that make it easier for them to scope out bad men. Foreign men are advised to be honorable and to only approach women they like.

My experience has taught me to also be on the watch for the men in Serbian women’s families. The men in their lives tend to be highly overprotective over the women in their lives. Therefore, make it a point to always play your cards in the right manner.

Serbian culture frowns upon sex before marriage. As such, you shouldn’t try to get the woman into bed after you have started dating. Over the years, I have come to learn that men need to have a great future lined up. Become a man who can present himself in the right manner.

How to Find the Best Serbian Dating Service

Finding a Serbian dating service is an important first step towards connecting with potential Serbian singles. Many platforms offer their users free trial periods, with some being completely free to use.

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I recommend that foreign men looking for Serbian brides online consider registering on several websites to improve their chances of meeting interested women. As you begin to browse through the available sites, focus on those that will connect you with singles who share the same objectives as you.

For example, if you want to find a religious woman, look for sites that promote religion. Additionally, some Serbian dating services are tailored for men and women who want to get married, while others emphasize hookups and casual dating.

Another important factor to consider during the search for a good dating service is the costs that come with using the service. Keep in mind that there are both free and paid dating services. Take your time to evaluate each service before creating a profile.

The Best Serbian Dating Sites to Find a Match

Ask any person what their favorite dating site is, and the answers will vary from one person to the next. Why do you ask? Because not every person is looking for the same thing. Some are looking for love, while others are more interested in casual hookups.

Moreover, some want to know whether there is something in between love and a casual fling. So, which Serbian dating sites do we think are the best? Our advice to you is to consider the following two sites, especially if you’re looking for a foreign bride. is a free dating platform that’s not only easy to use but which has a large user base with millions of single men and women from different parts of the world. During signup, the site will ask you to answer several questions, which will include your favorite authors, music, and TV shows.

Although these questions are optional, it’s always best to answer as many as you can, as this will greatly increase your chances of getting matched. It provides tons of features which include video chats and instant messaging.

You may need to upgrade your membership for you to get access to all the available features. For example, users need to have a paid membership for them to see the women who have read their messages, use the advanced search, and initiate contact with other users.


  •  It has been operating for the past few years
  •  Our review of the site shows that it has a valid SSL certificate
  • may have some adult content


  •  It’s not possible to know who runs the site
  •  Its ranking on Alexa rank is a bit low
  •  It has not been properly optimized for search engines


The platform allows its users to create free profiles. But as earlier mentioned, you need to upgrade your membership to access certain features such as to send instant messages, see who’s online, and engaging in video chats.

Upgrading your membership also means you will get to send winks, block certain users, and use the advanced search function.


In terms of usability, we found the site to be mobile-friendly. On the downside, the site doesn’t have any native apps, which means that users have to use traditional browsers.

Costs provides users with three standard subscription plans. They include:

  • One-month plan for $19.99
  • Three-month plan for $44.97
  • Five-month plan for $77.94 is a foreign dating site that’s open to men and women from different parts of the world. The site is owned and operated by Cupid Media network, which is known for niche dating.

Here, you can find single Serbian women that are looking to get married to foreign men. It’s interesting to know that the platform allows memberships from all parts of the world who want to find love and to get into a relationship.

Internationalcupid review

With hundreds of success stories being published on its website daily, has proven to be one of the best sites to find beautiful singles. Our review shows that its membership is made up of thousands of singles from Africa, Russia, Latin America, and Asia.

In addition to being a dating platform, its owners want it to be known as a social discovery site, where you not only get to meet singles but also have lots of fun through its many features.


  •  It has a diverse membership
  •  Registration is quick and easy
  •  Suspicious profiles are quickly detected and deleted


  •  Free users don’t have access to all its features
  •  It doesn’t have an app for iOS users


As mentioned above, the platform doesn’t provide its free users with any special features. However, the users can see the people who have visited their profiles.

You also can see when a person was last seen online. Message translation is one of its prominent features and is a handy tool for foreign men looking for Serbian brides.

Usability is one of the friendliest sites that you can find online today. It’s mobile-friendly and has an app for Android users.

Costs has two main subscription plans. Their costs are as shown below:

Gold Membership

1 month

29.98 USD / month

29.98 USD

3 months

20.00 USD / Month

59.99 USD

12 months

10.00 USD / Month

119.98 USD

Platinum Membership

1 Month

34.99 USD / Month

34.99 USD

3 Months

23.33 USD / Month

69.98 USD

12 Months

12.50 USD / Month

149.99 USD

Putting it together

Serbian women are not only feminine, but they are also spectacular and can easily compete with women from different parts of the world. Our experience has shown that Serbia is a cool place, with a vibrant culture and with some of the most beautiful women on earth.

Before you begin dating Serbian women, we advise that you begin by learning their culture, their likes and dislikes, and what it’s like to date these women. Learning all these will ensure that your interactions with them are successful and increase your chances of finding love.

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