You meet the girl of your dreams and you seem to hit it off immediately, but do you really? The world of text messages is rather vague, and there can be a lot of confusion about what someone really wants to say or share.

How do you know a girl likes you simply based on her text messages? 

There are signs, if you know what to look for. Here’s the ultimate list of signs that a girl likes you over text:

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15 Signs a Girl Likes You Over Text Messages

Adding up these signs can be a sure indication that a particular girl likes you back. The success of text messages relies on how you respond. 

1. She Doesn’t Play It Coy

When girls are not really sure whether they like you, they tend to take a while before messaging back. An instant return message means she’s not wasting time and likes you enough to start chasing after you. 

Reciprocate by not wasting time and holding back. Respond within a few minutes of receiving her text, and if you can find a few opportunities to respond while she’s still online, you’ve won some bonus points in her books. 

2. You Get Frequent Memes From Her

If she tends to send you a cute or funny meme each day, she is trying to make a connection, and this is a sign she likes you enough to try. Pick a few great memes to respond with, but make sure you know what her sense of humor is like. 

3. She Starts the Conversations

When you scroll through your text feed, you will notice she starts the text convos. She is intentionally looking for you, messaging you first, and seeking connection. 

4. Random Comments About Her Day

If the girl starts to share random information about her day, such as the weather or what she’s making for lunch, she is trying to draw you into her world. 

She likes you enough to want to share her day with you. Throw a few odd thoughts about your day out there and see if you can connect with her too. 

5. Her Texts Are Open Ended

Texts that have short “yes” or “no” answers are a sign she’s not interested, but when she asks questions that lead to more conversations, she is finding out about you and investing in your relationship. 

6. Texts That Become Sexy

When her texts start to take a teasing tone with a bit of flirty language and a sexy tone woven in, she is really interested and wants a romantic relationship with you. 

Take note of special words such as talking about “us” and she assigns you a nickname or stretches out words (the literary equivalent to biting her lip). These words and micro signs are all an indication that she’s simmering for you. 

7. Her Use of Emojis

Girls tend to use emojis more than guys do, but you will notice she starts to use even more emojis when she’s interested in you. Her emojis can say more than her words could. 

If you suddenly notice she starts to use laughing faces for every lame joke you text, you know you’ve got her attention (she’s blushing in text form). 

Use of Emojis

The giggle emoji could equate to her touching her face in real life, a sure sign that there’s an attraction. A great response to her text messages when there are more emojis is to select suitable emojis to respond with. Each lady will have her own unique preferences, so take note, and step out of your comfort zone a bit if you’re not an emoji type of guy. 

8. Text Time

You may notice that the lady in question starts texting you late at night and early in the morning. Great signs for both these times. 

The time of her texts indicates when she’s thinking of you. An early morning message means she’s thinking of you as soon as she wakes up. Late night messages could mean that she thinks of you when she goes to bed, or it could mean that she wakes up thinking of you. 

9. She Likes Your Likes

Sounds crazy, yeah? But when she likes posts you like and shares your Instagram or Facebook posts, she’s showing her support of you. These are all surefire signs that she’s into you. 

10. Her Texts Become Unfiltered

Unless she’s really bad at spelling, sudden typos could mean that her filter is slipping a little. She trusts you enough not to “polish up” her texts before sending. Having gained her trust, you are on the top of her list. 

Respond by opening up a little and showing her your vulnerable side. 

11. She Goes Deep With Conversations

Ever had a loooooong text conversation with a girl (often at odd hours of the night)? When a girl opens up a topic that’s deep and soul-searching, she’s comfortable enough with you to show her vulnerable side and ask your opinions on matters near and dear to her. 

online chatting

Don’t be a “yes, ma’am” when she opens up like this. Challenge her, value her insights, and respect her opinions, but don’t be afraid to express yours. Carefully choose what you text, but add a few emojis and contractions to make it more natural. 

12. She Appears When You’re Online

Ok, so this one is a little creepy too, but it shows that she’s really interested in you and likes you—a lot! If you go online and a text from her magically arrives in your inbox, it’s usually because she’s been online, waiting for you to come online too. 

She simply can’t wait to see you, and seeing you appear “online” is as close as this gets with text-relationships.

Cement the relationship by using a clever phrase like “I was just thinking of you” or “Wow, we really are in sync, as I was just about to message you.” 

13. She Wants to Know Everything About You

When she starts asking personal questions or asks you to tell you about random things from your childhood or even from your day, she’s showing how interested she is in your life. You matter to her, and she’s investing more in your relationship (or the relationship she’d like to have with you). 

Respond with a few personal questions too, but proceed carefully so you don’t scare her off. 

14. She Shares Her Favorites With You

A girl who likes you wants you to like her too. She will share the things she likes and approves of such as her favorite songs, movie lines, foods, and hobbies as she is looking for more areas where you can connect and spend time together. 

Respond by also sharing some of your passions, validating her choices, and surprising her with some unusual likes or dislikes. Be human and genuine in your favorites, and don’t try to suck up by saying you like something she does when you clearly don’t. 

15. You Start Getting Photos of Her

You may suddenly start receiving selfies of her if she is ready to make the final move (or wants you to). She will probably be ambiguous about it, sending you photos of her with a new dress or at a place you like and inviting your comments. 

Whatever you do, this isn’t the time to send her a photo of your “Tom-Thumb,” unless she’s taken the lead and sent you nude images too. 

online girlfriend

A well-placed complement will go miles toward moving your relationship along. Tell her that she looks stunning in the dress or that you’d love to meet her at the restaurant in the background of her photo. 

Final Thoughts

Texts have a powerful ability to make you aware of just how much someone likes you. When it comes to a potential love-interest, seeing a girl is interested in you because of her text messages is a great way to find out just how much she likes you.

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