In Thailand and other Asian countries, more people are signing up on dating sites because love is part of life. However, scammers are taking advantage of this and have developed ways of swindling unsuspecting daters. Thus, Thai online dating has its fair share of problems.

A common example of Thai dating scam that most men have reported is where the lady starts to give you ideas to buy property to have a place to stay during your visits. Note that the property will be under her name; thus, they will cut off communications with you once you buy the property.

Here in this post, I will share the types of dating scams, ways to avoid these corn artists, what to do when you are scammed, among other aspects surrounding Thai dating scams.

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What is a Thai dating Scam?

Thai dating scam is a type of fraud that occurs to unsuspecting internet users. When a person signs up to a Thailand dating site, the searching algorithm matches them with people who are either honestly or pretending to seek love. In a situation where the algorithm matches you to a person with malice, then that becomes a Thai dating scam.

Thai dating scam occurs in various forms such as:

Random Facts that you won't believe are true:

Anywhere from 50-80% of persons who use online dating websites lie about themselves on a profile.

Types of Thai dating scam

Lonely hearts suffer the most in this cruel world; this statement is especially true on the internet. Below are the various types of Thai dating scams many people experience on Thai dating platforms.

thai dating scams key facts

Use of a falsified picture

Here scammers use beautiful photos to tempt you, and you may not resist the urge. Therefore, always run a reverse image search to verify their identity.

Advance fee scams

If you get on a fake Thai dating site, the administrators may require you to pay a certain advance fee to get better services. It is always better to cross check and ensure the site is legit or suffer the consequences.

Military romance scams

If your potential match claims to be in the army and chats you up in military jargon, but whenever you want to facetime, there is always an excuse, then this could be a scammer.

Facts about Thai dating scam

Online dating scams have been on an alarming rise in the last couple of days due to numerous reasons.

Another fact about Thai dating scams is that most victims are led to believe they are in a stable relationship with the scammer. After meeting on the dating site, most victims develop affection for the criminal. Eventually, after some time, they flee with your money or other crucial details about yourself.

It is also reported that Thai romance scams bag the most significant losses per user than other types of internet fraud. Lastly, it falls upon you, the user, to stay safe while on the internet at all times. You may never know who the next victim might be. Therefore, do not share sensitive information about yourself with strangers you just met.

3 ways to avoid online dating scammers

Scammers are very easy to spot if you pay attention. I have come across numerous Thai dating sites, and they are riddled with scammers. How do you identify fraudsters? And how do you avoid them?

Here are some red flags:

Here’s how you avoid scammers

How to Find a Thai-dating site that is scam-free

In my experience, most Thai dating sites have scammers. Here is how you can find a scam-free Thai dating site. Consider Thai sites that do not ask for much personal information or exchange your data for free membership plans. A legit dating site will only ask for payment confirmation for you to get your premium membership.

thai dating scams key facts

Avoid Thai romance websites where everyone looks like a celebrity. Scammers create some websites with the sole objective of tricking lonely hearts. Therefore, they will create fake profiles, and once the algorithm suggests that match, you may fall victim to scamming.

Consider websites with reasonable subscription fees.

Finally, free Thai dating sites seem to be the fakest dating websites. That was the first online dating service that permitted users to choose each other in real-time.

Our advice to you:
It is always appropriate to inform your local authorities if such an incident occurs. They may help track down the assailant, and you stand a chance to recover any money you may have lost in the process.
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What should I do if I get scammed?

If you feel that you have been scammed on a Thai dating website or any other site, the first step would be to report the incident to the customer care desk. You may send them an email or call them whenever appropriate to forward your complaints.

Additionally, when forwarding these claims, it is always appropriate to attach screenshots as proof that you were scammed. Also, the screenshot may provide important information about the scammer, which will make it easier to track down the perpetrator.

Further, if you had given them your financial information, such as credit card information, immediately contact your bank or financial institution to change your passwords.

Thai dating Scam FAQ

Here is a section on the most asked questions about online dating scammers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, most scammers are good at what they do. Therefore you may end up believing whatever lies they feed you. The most common lie of all time is that they work on an oil rig, and that is why you may not communicate often.

Another outright lie is that they are in the military. Many women are naturally drawn towards the idea of having a boyfriend who serves his country. Therefore, scammers take advantage of this. Also, most scammers claim they are doctors with international organizations. Do not be a victim of these lies.

After spotting red flags, my advice to you would be to avoid these people at all costs. The first step towards cutting them off is by shutting down any form of communication between you and them.

Additionally, it is wise to talk to someone you trust and hear what they have to say about your new love interest. Ask your friend or sibling. You may also want to do a reverse image search of the scammers’ profile photo to see if it is involved with another name on the website.

The first place to report is the dating app or website you met the person. Contact the customer care team immediately and explain your situation. You may then file an FTC report (Federal Trade Commission). They will be of much assistance. Lastly, report the incident to your financial institution for further guidance on the matter.

If you meet a person who asks for money too soon into the relationship, that is the first red flag. Secondly, if the person insists on getting off the dating site and exchanging contacts too soon, be wary.

Thirdly, if the person professes their love to you too soon, then it might be a scammer. It is all about exploiting your emotional vulnerability and pulling your heartstrings. Sometimes it pays to have a cold heart, don’t you think so too?

The answer to this is simple. An online dating scam is when a person is led to believe that they are in a relationship with someone they met online. However, the other party is a cybercriminal using a fake identity to earn a person’s trust and later flee with their money or blackmail them.

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