Officially, there are 195 countries in the world, so that’s a huge dating pool. 

How exactly do you go about choosing the best countries for dating? 

Usually, most singles have a preference: They like people from certain countries or cultures more than others, either because these foreign singles share many similarities so there’s less gaps – language, cultural, religion, etc. – to bridge, or because they like an adventure, learning about different cultures, and more. 

Love can be just a plane ride away, or the click of a few buttons on an online dating site. But with which countries do you start? 

Here’s my guide on the best countries for dating and why you should start looking for your love match here. 

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The 14 Best Countries for Dating - Our Expert Selection

Here we go with our list of top14 countries for dating (before you can also read: TOP 5 Best Countries to Find a Wife):

1. Ukraine

Ukrainian ladies are popular, and it’s no surprise that Ukraine is one of the best countries for your dating needs. 

Ukrainian brides

The women here are beautiful (#understatement), smart, and hardworking – everything a guy could possibly want. Your Ukrainian beauty will likely want a career AND a family with you, and she’ll give her all (and then some) to achieve a work-life balance that just works. 

Check out my guide on Ukrainian brides to learn more about why you should be dating and falling in love with one of these single women. Related reads: Main Reasons Why Ukrainian Women Are So Beautiful & TOP4 Mistakes Men Can Do When Dating Ukrainian Brides

Best dating site to find your Ukrainian single: (Looking for Ukrainian Dating Apps & Sites – Try These 4)

2. Iceland

The Icelandic ladies are exotic. They are tall, with an average height of 5.7’ and athletic bodies. And their blonde hair and blue or green eyes are striking against a pale and flawless complexion. 

icelandic women beauty

Real men know that beauty is more than skin-deep, so what makes an Icelandic woman even more attractive is her brains. These ladies are smart, so prepare yourself for great conversations and more. 

Best dating site to find your Icelandic single: Tinder or

3. Philippines

Looking for a partner who is hardworking, polite, loyal, pretty, and loving? Then a lady from the Philippines is a great love match for you.

Filipino woman

Filipinas are more traditionally oriented, but at the same time, they are open-minded too. When you marry a Filipino woman, her family becomes yours because a connection to family is important in this culture.

Ready to learn more about Filipino women? Then read my comprehensive Filipina bride guide

Best dating site to find your Philipina single:

4. Germany

German ladies are honest, direct, and logical thinkers. But don’t think these women are cold. Once you get to know your German love, you’ll realize what a warm and caring lady your partner is, and you’ll be hooked for life. Read also: Characteristics of a Typical German Woman

Dating German women

Remember to always be on time and be prepared for soul-deep conversations. 

Best dating site to find your German single:

5. Japan

Japan is another great country if you are looking for love. Japanese ladies are shy and can be quite traditional, but win your Japanese love interest’s heart, and you’ll have a loyal, hardworking, caring woman by your side. 

Japanese women

Be ready to learn about Japanese culture, be respectful, and confess your feelings so your Japanese lady knows how you feel. 

I’ve got all the deets on dating a Japanese bride here. 

Best dating site to find your Japanese single:

JapanCupid review

6. Thailand

A Thai lady could be the girl of your dreams. They are reserved, loyal, friendly, and optimistic; after all, Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles.” Read also: What makes Thai & Filipino women good wives?

Your Thai bride will treat you with respect, and you will be cared for. These ladies are more family oriented than career-minded, so if you are looking for a wife who’ll mind the home and kids, then start looking for your partner in Thailand.

Thai women

Best dating site to find your Thai single: (Romance trip as an option: Romance Tour to Thailand: The Complete Guide)

7. Colombia

It’s not exactly a secret that the women in Colombia are stunning. And while that’s one reason men chase after these Latin American beauties, these ladies bring more to the relationship table. They are warm, friendly, and quite outgoing. Related read: Why are Colombian girls so beautiful?

Colombian women

Colombian women take relationships seriously since they are more conservative. So don’t toy with your Colombian partner’s feelings; once you know she is “it” for you, put everything into the relationship and make it work. 

Best dating site to find your Colombian single: ( Cost: Pricing Options)

8. Russia

Another country that rates highly for foreign men looking for love is Russia. Ladies from Russia are more traditional and place value on family. While some Russian women will want to have a career, others will be happy to be your stay-at-home wife and mind the kids. Related read: The 7 Common Russian Women Stereotypes

Russian women

Another benefit to dating a Russian is that these ladies are pretty and intelligent (#BestOfBothWorlds). 

Read more about dating Russian women in my complete guide. 

Best dating site to find your Russian single: (TOP5 best legitimate Russian dating sites)

9. South Africa

Countries in Africa rarely feature on these ‘best’ lists but there’s no reason that South Africa shouldn’t and can’t be a best country for dating. Read also: Dating African Women: The Complete Guide

There are plenty of singles here and you have quite the variety to pick from too. The ladies are beautiful, and there’s no singular South African look. Diversity is the spice of life. 

woman from africa

Language won’t be an issue as English is an official language. While there may be cultural barriers, if you fall in love and want to make the relationship work, you won’t have to cross obstacles in leaps and bounds. 

Best dating site to find your South African single: and South African Cupid / Related read: EliteSingles vs eHarmony: Which site is better?

EliteSingles review

10. Spain

Spanish ladies are as passionate about life and romance as they are beautiful and cheerful. What more could a guy want? 

When you have a Spanish partner, you can look forward to intelligent conversation, so you will never be bored. You also don’t need to worry that she’ll be like a clingy girlfriend you dated before; Spanish women are independent. 

Latino women

Best dating site to find your Spanish single: OkCupid and Parship 

11. Poland

Polish ladies are cute, quite traditional, and nurturing. They are great partners if you too value family, hospitality, and romance. And romance is a must as you’ll need to woo your Polish lady and be her knight in shining armor. Read also: What are the differences between Polish and Russian women?

Polish women

When you date a Polish woman, be attentive and respectful and plan dates so you can get to know each other better. 

Best dating site to find your Polish single: (read also: Polish Dating: Tips for Finding the Best Polish Dating Site)

12. United States

One thing that makes the U.S. one of the best countries for dating is diversity. You’ll find single ladies from African, Latin American, European, Russian, and Asian descent so the dating world is kinda your oyster here. 

There’s plenty of single fish in the sea here, and if you are American, it’s likely that you’ll at least share that great American dream with the lady of your choice. But if you are looking for the more exotic, you’ll find that in the United States too. 

American women

I’ve got a guide on how American ladies compare with their foreign counterparts if you want to know more – Dating American Women vs Foreign Women

Best dating site to find your American single: Bumble and eHarmony

eHarmony app

13. Sweden

The ladies in Sweden are open-minded when it comes to relationships and sex. It’s quite common for Swedish singles to live with their partner and have children together, and then later tie the knot when it feels right. Related read: Dating Swedish Brides: The Complete Guide

Swedish women

So if you aren’t in a hurry to hear wedding bells but want to commit to a beautiful, intelligent, confident, and hardworking lady, start looking for your Swedish soulmate.

Best dating site to find your Swedish single: Be2

14. Kenya

Yip, another African country. Kenya has stunning single ladies, and they have many personality traits that make them attractive. 

kenian dating

Kenyan women are resilient, hardworking, kind, caring, loving, and talented. They make great partners (or wives) and mothers, but your special lady may want to have it all: a career and family. Don’t be worried; you’ll be her priority. 

If you need to go and meet the parents, remember there are beautiful places to see and explore in Kenya.

Check out my guide on dating African women to learn more. 

Best dating site to find your Kenyan single: Tinder and

Final Thoughts

There are just 14 of the best countries for dating, and there are plenty more options. You know what qualities and attributes your dream lady should have, so start finding your ideal partner on the relevant dating site. Read also our new article: Ideal Countries for American Men to Seek Life Partners

Another option is to book a singles tour to Latin America, the Philippines, Thailand, or Russia. Or check out my guide on the 10 proven places to meet women.

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