Most of my clients are Western men looking for love abroad, and while I can certainly help these men find the woman of their dreams, there are a few countries that are my go-to places for women who love American men. 

These countries also offer the best possible match in terms of the local culture, future in-laws, and several other pros. 

Of course, it’s never moonshine and roses, but with the right woman, you can create an environment that makes you feel comfortable. 

It all starts in her country, so choose one that welcomes you, like these top 5 countries that love men from the U.S.

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TOP 5 Countries that Love American Men: Our Selection

American men are not always well-received in all foreign countries. Some cultures don’t welcome outsiders, and there are some countries where the perception is that American men are loud and merely players that visit to have a good time with the local ladies before leaving them again.

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However, there are countries where American men are welcomed with open arms, as long as they have noble intentions toward marrying the local ladies. 

Here are the top five countries for an American man to try his luck at finding love: 

1. The Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country, and you’re sure to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, friendly people, and delicious food. The local women are shy, beautiful, and affectionate. Your Filipino bride will try her best to look after your every need and create a loving home environment.

The Phillipines

Some of the pros include: 

phillippines women

What about the local culture? 

Well, many Filipino ladies are raised Christian, so religion won’t be a huge challenge if you share the same faith. Likewise, you can be assured your Filipina lady won’t cheat on you or badmouth you as this is not something her culture condones. 

You can look forward to lively festivals and colorful garments for traditional dress. However, your date will wear tasteful Western clothes most of the time, and she will most likely be happy to move back to the U.S. with you. 

Love often comes with the ideal of starting your own family, and your Filipina lady will want to have children; plus, she’ll be an excellent mother and set up a beautiful family home for you. 

Learn more about dating Filipino brides in my detailed guide. 

2. Ukraine

If you’re a little older (since Ukrainian women like more mature men), then the gorgeous and hot ladies of the Ukraine are for you. The country has a very enlightened outlook on people from other cultures. While the Ukrainian people are proud of their country, they believe in equality and sharing cultures.

Ukraine country

In Ukraine, you would happily spend time with the local people, where hospitality and having an entertaining time is free to all. 

When you visit Ukraine (once the current war is resolved), you will be surprised by how educated, independent, and intelligent the local ladies are. Add to that their beauty and easy personality, you are heading to marital bliss. 

Ukrainian ladies are very welcoming to American men, and many love the idea of moving to America. While they love their country, they are also adventurous, and they look forward to starting a home with you. 

If you want a family, then visiting the Ukraine is definitely a must. The women make excellent mothers and will dazzle your friends and family with the beauty of the home she will create, how fabulous a hostess she is, and how well she will raise your children. 

Pros of dating Ukrainian women include:

As you can tell, Ukrainian women are very family oriented, and she will adore her new in-laws, and her family will welcome you with open arms—as long as you are a respectable man who treats their daughter well. 

For more details about what it’s like to visit Ukraine and date a Ukrainian lady, read my detailed Ukrainian dating guide

3. Japan

If you are intent on visiting Japan to find a little docile geisha girl, then I’d strongly advise you to look elsewhere. Many still have the stereotypical idea that Japan is a country stuck in the past. While the ladies here are raised with traditional values, they are educated and intelligent. 

Japan country

One in 30 marriages in Japan are to foreign men, so your chances of finding love and marrying your beautiful Japanese girlfriend is a real possibility. 

The country is as beautiful as the women, and if you want an exotic bride who is delicate as a flower but strong as a samurai sword, then Japan is the right place for you (if you treat her with the utmost respect). 

Some of the pros of visiting Japan to find love include:

The culture is very exotic in Japan, and many Westerners who journey there are absolutely enthralled by the beautiful colors, traditions, and dresses. While Japan is very busy, it’s also a peaceful place. 

If you take the time to learn some basics of the local culture, you will find the Japanese ladies much more interested in you, and their family will also accept you more easily. 

Japanese families respect a man who dresses well and has some financial stability, and if you polish up your best manners, you will impress them. 

Japanese women

For more about the intricacies of Japanese culture and dating, read my detailed Japan dating guide

4. Thailand

Beautiful Thailand is a popular tourist destination, and while the nightlife is wild, not all the Thai ladies are. Thailand is an ideal place to find a sweet partner who will honor you and create a beautiful life with you. 

Thailand country

Discuss food, exotic dishes, and wonderful experiences, but if you’re going to talk about money or sex before you’re at the point of marriage, you’ll burn all chances you’ve got.

thai dating women

Pros of choosing a woman from Thailand as your partner include: 

Thai culture is exotic, intriguing, and intoxicating. Far from being an obstacle, you’ll fall in love and it may be you moving to Thailand, not your wife moving to the U.S. 

thai women online

If you’re mature and ready to start a family, a Thai wife is exactly the right partner for you. For more on Thai dating and how to win a Thai woman’s heart, my guide has you covered. 

5. Brazil

If you’re ready for a sincere and honest relationship, then Brazil is the country to visit. Brazilian ladies are honest, and you can rely on her honesty in all things. While we only see the party side of Brazil, the country is breathtaking, and the people have a great warmth to them. 

brazil country

Prepare yourself for exciting conversations and a unique life view, and your Brazilian partner will keep you on your toes with her quick mind. 

Pros of dating a Brazilian lady: 

Some Brazilian women speak English quite well, and while the culture is exotic, it’s not so unnavigable to you. 

Brazil women

For more on dating Brazilian women, I’ve got a detailed guide to help you avoid some pitfalls. 

Final Word on Dating Beyond Borders

I always caution my clients to be aware that people are unique, no matter where they come from, and if you enter a relationship expecting a certain norm, you are setting yourself up for failure. 

Be open to possibilities and let the person you are dating show you who they are and what their life is like. 

The global adventure lies ahead of you, and by knowing which countries will welcome American men, you can miss out on a few unfriendly experiences, but most countries will happily make Americans welcome as long as you show your best and charming self. 

Dating is never easy, but with some great dating tips, you can always put your best foot forward. 

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