Modern dating relies significantly on messaging. More often than not, the most interaction you have with a woman is through text messages.

Therefore, conventional flirting may not work in this case. You ought to be creative with your messages and learn how to flirt and make a woman swoon at your texts.

In my experience, some specific flirty texts can make her swoon.

Let’s start!

15 cute and flirty texts to make her smile and blush

Flirty texts create a whole new way to connect with your date without meeting in person. The following are some creative and sweet flirty texts that will help you get her to smile and blush.

#1. I cannot fall asleep. Do you know why? It’s because you are not next to me.

While this may sound a bit cheesy, in my experience, it is bound to make your date smile and swoon. It is a straightforward way of flirting and inserting a bit of humor. It also communicates that you miss her and would love to have her in your bed.

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#2. You are the kind of girl I’d like to make a sandwich for

This is one of those “aww” text messages that is bound to make her cop a smile. It is both flirty and complementing. It subtly communicates that you would love to spend the night with her and make her a sandwich in the morning. It also communicates that she is special.

#3. I’m counting the minutes until I get to hold you in my arms

While this may sound like a cliché’ it always works. It is one of those “old is gold” messages that is bound to make her smile and blush.

#4. It took me no time to realize how special and unique you are

This is one of those messages that will not only get her to blush but make her entire day. It is something she is going to remember for a long time. It is also going to help you get her to lighten up as you continue conversing.

#5. Oooh, the things I would do to you if you were standing in front of me!

This is one of those messages that do not beat about the bush. You can only imagine how it is going to help you. You can use this text if you want your conversation to take a naughty little turn. However, with such a message, you ought to be careful not to sound creepy or weird. It would be wise to read the mood or tone of your conversation before sending such a text.

#6. I have been confused most of the day, and I know it is your fault

This text sends a message that you have been thinking about her all day. This is something that women love to hear as it makes them feel special. Therefore, it is bound to make her smile and blush. It is also going to win you some points. This is one of those messages that can completely alter the direction of your conversation.

#7. I just wanted to let you know you were in my dreams last night

This is a great message to send to your date first thing in the morning. While it may sound cheesy, it is bound to make her smile and make her entire day. Depending on what you type next, it can also help you get your conversation to take a naughty turn. Therefore, you should be prepared for whichever turn the conversation takes and have some control over it.

#8. I had such a rough day. All I can think about is getting to see you later

Women love feeling needed and essential in your day-to-day life. They also love to see some vulnerability in a man. This message communicates that she has the power to make your day better. It is a straightforward message, but it is bound to make her blush. It will also make her anticipate your meeting and want to chat some more.

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#9. I just walked out to the most beautiful day and thought to myself, the only thing I have seen that more gorgeous is you

This is one of those messages that will get her smile bigger and bigger as she continues to read it to the end. Women love being complimented. Therefore, a creative compliment like this message is bound to get her feeling flushed and cop a smile. It is one of those “aww” messages.

#10. What on earth did I spend my days thinking about before I met you?

This message communicates that you think about her a lot. It is bound to get her blushing and smiling from cheek to cheek. It is also one of those messages that will make her day and give you many points in your dating life. It is also one of those messages that makes her feel unique and different from other women.

#11. It is incredible how nearly everything makes me think about you

As mentioned before, women adore knowing that you think about them, especially if they are also so into you that they think about you a lot. Therefore a classic flirty text like this is bound to make her smile and swoon. It is also bound to make her day.

#12. I know we just spent the whole day together, but I still want to see you

This is a fantastic text to send after a great date. It is bound to keep her swooning even after the date and get her anticipating the next date. It is also a great way to get her to talk about the next time you will meet. For a man, you know what the regular dates are going to get you.

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#13. I wish I could go back in time, find you sooner, and love you longer

This is another one of those favorite cliché’ messages. However, it always works wonders. Contrary to popular belief, women are not that difficult to impress. A simple message like this one is bound to make her smile from grin to grin and make her entire day. You can try it for yourself and see how it works.

#14. It is so cold out tonight. Want to come over and be each other’s human blanket?

This creative yet slightly naughty message will make her smile and send butterflies to her belly. It is also a subtle way of inviting her over for a cuddly and romantic night. It may sound simple, but it is bound to work, especially if the weather is the same as where she is.

#15. I just wasted a lot of water in the shower today because I was thinking about you the whole time

This is a subtly flirty yet cute message that is also going to make her swoon. It has some naughty undertone that is easy to detect. It is also cute because it lets your date know that she has been on your mind.

This simple text can do a lot of wonders for you as it can completely alter the direction of your chat. It is mainly a perfect message for the end of the day when you know you are both at home relaxing and can indulge in some back and forth flirting.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true
  • A single message can change the tone and direction of your entire conversation. Therefore, you ought to be careful about what you send
  • Before sending a risky flirty message, you should first read the tone of the conversation as it could work against you
  • There is nothing wrong with using the classics or cliché’s as they are always bound to work
  • Women differ. Therefore, the same message may not work for all women.

Putting it together

When chatting with a date, the best thing you could do is add a bit of humor combined with creativity. This will help you write the cutest and most flirtatious messages to make your date smile and swoon.

Flirty texts are a great way to connect with your date and add humor and romance to your conversation. It is worth noting that not all women are the same. Therefore, some texts may not work for all women.

Getting to know your date will help you know the right texts to get her smiling and swooning.

Our advice to you

The best way to flirt with your date via text is to use some imagination and creativity. However, you can also use some classic flirty texts once in a while.

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