Looking for a way to flirt with your girl? Here are 25 flirty things you can say or send. From sweet texts to cute emojis, this list offers plenty of ways to get her attention.

Whether she’s your girlfriend or just someone you’re crushing on, these tips will help you make the first move and show her that you care about what she thinks.

These will make her smile, blush, and maybe even consider talking with you in person. Just pick one and see if it gets a response.

They all work like a charm.

1. "You're looking pretty hot in that dress."

This is a great way to tell her she’s looking good. It will make her feel beautiful, and you will get some extra brownie points because it shows your appreciation for the effort she put into choosing this outfit.

2. "I could stare at your beautiful face for hours."

This tells her she has got a perfect face, and you love how much it means to you. She will understand that this is more than just the usual compliment, and the meaning behind it will make her feel special.

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3. "I'd love to snuggle up to you."

This is a simple way to let her know you want to cuddle. Most girls like this, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

4. "You take my breath away."

This is a classic line from Adele’s song, but it can be used as a flirty thing to say as well. Just as the song suggests, this phrase shows that the girl leaves you breathless.

5. "I can't wait to kiss you."

This is an exciting way of saying, “kiss me.” It’s a little more interesting and entertaining than just saying, “I can’t wait to kiss you,” but it makes the other person smile.

6. "It's like I've known you forever."

This is a nice thing to say when you feel like you have known someone for a long time, but it is your first day with them. It’s sweet and sentimental, showing that you feel like you know them even though you just met them.

Interesting to know:
  • People often flirt to blond
  • 90% of women initiate flirting
  • Flirting is a large part of a young woman’s life

7. "I think I have a crush on you."

If you want to be super cheesy, this is the phrase for you. It’s slightly corny, but it makes the other person smile, so they know how you feel about them. This can also help break the ice between the two of you if things are keeping you from being together.

8. "I was thinking about how much I like your smile."

This is another sweet compliment that can make someone feel special and important. It is nice to know there are people out there who appreciate the small things about you.

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9. "I love the colour of your eyes."

Just as it sounds, this phrase tells the other person that you find them attractive. It is a nice compliment to let someone know they are on your mind and you thought about them.

10. "I can't resist thinking about kissing you right now."

This is a great thing to say if you are already dating. It shows that your mind jumps from kissing her to thinking of everything you love about her and how much she means to you. Girls like being kissed, but they also like it when their boyfriends are sweet because that shows that they care.

11. "Your smile makes my heart skip a beat."

If you want to go for the corny line, this is the one for you. It’s very cheesy but somewhat cute at the same time. If she likes being complimented, then she might enjoy this phrase. It’s a cliché that is still sweet, showing that she brightens up your life and taking notice of that will make her feel extra special.

12. "I love the way you laugh."

If you want her to know that you pay attention and listen when she speaks, this is a nice thing to say. Saying that you love the way she laughs or smiles shows that you are listening to her. It lets her know that you are paying attention to what she says and taking note of the small things about her.

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13. "I can't stop thinking about you."

Another corny but sweet phrase that shows her you can’t get her out of your head. It is a very straightforward way to tell someone you like them and want to be with them.

14. "I was just thinking about how beautiful you are."

This is a great way to start a conversation or make her feel special. It’s like saying, “You look good today. What made you dress this way?” It shows that you think enough of her to notice all the hard work she puts into looking nice for herself and others.

Random Facts that You Won’t Believe Are True:
  • Flirting is a type of kindness
  • Complimenting a woman on her lips is a perfect way to flirt
  • Physical flirting depends on smells

15. "You'll be the most beautiful thing I see all day."

This is an excellent way to start or end a conversation. Saying that she looks good and then telling her that she has more beauty in-store shows that you believe in her. If you feel like she is letting herself go or not taking care of herself, this is a great way to boost her self-esteem.

16. "I hope you have a sweet dream."

This one says it all because nothing could make someone feel more loved and cared for than knowing someone wishes sweet dreams upon them. It shows that you are thinking about her all the time and takes nothing for granted.

17. "I'd rather spend my time with you than anyone else."

This is an excellent way to let someone know that they are unique and you enjoy spending time with them. It shows that the person would rather be around her than other people, and she’s more important to him than anyone else.

18. "You're great."

This is a nice thing to say because everyone likes to be told they are great. It says, “I like you, and you’re sweet.” If she knows that you don’t backstab people and always vote for the nice guy, it will make her feel good about herself.

19. "I can't imagine my life without you."

This is great to say to someone if they are making big decisions or something huge happens in their life (for example, graduating college or finding out that you’re having a baby). It shows that she’s made the right decision by choosing you. She should never forget how much you love her.

20. "You're my anchor."

This is a cute thing to say if she’s the one who always keeps your head on straight or keeps you grounded. People can sometimes get lost in their own lives and forget what’s important, but when she reminds you of what matters and why you started doing certain things in the first place, it makes her an anchor in your life.

21. "You make me want to be a better man."

This is great if she inspires you to do good things and makes you feel like you can accomplish great things. It’s an adorable thing to say, and it tells her that all of the good things in your life are because of her, including becoming a better man.

22. "I felt that spark the first time I met you."

This is good to say if she’s the one who made your heart skip a beat. This phrase tells her that she was different from all of the other women you’ve seen (which sparked something inside you). It shows that she has great qualities that set her apart from the rest.

Did You Know?
  • Eye contact activates effective flirting
  • Humans are not the only people that flirt
  • Flirting fails often turn into comedy

23. "You are simply perfect."

You must think she is perfect, but showing her how much you believe this makes it all more powerful. It shows that you notice everything about her and appreciate everything about her.

24. "There's something special between us."

This tells her that there is something between the two of you that is significant. It shows that your relationship isn’t just based on looks and sex, but there’s a deeper connection.

25. "You're my soul mate."

This is an important phrase to tell someone that they are your soulmate because they complete you in every aspect. They aren’t just your lover, but they are also your best friend and everything in between.

Our advice to you

Don't be afraid to send her one of these phrases because what could go wrong? She will love it, and you are sure to impress her. Once she gets a taste of the sweetness that's inside of you, there's no turning back. Just make sure that whatever you say is genuinely from your heart.

Putting it together

Whether you are looking to flirt with your significant other or want a little fun in your day-to-day life, these flirty things will have your favourite person smiling all over the place. They are artful ways of telling them you love them.

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