Both Thai and Filipino women make good wives though there are some cultural, personality, physical appearance, influence and upbringing differences. Overall, both Thai and Filipino are attractive, charismatic and have great sexual appeal, carrying themselves gracefully.

Each has a different religious influence that they subscribe to, are good homemakers and cooks. Here, we go into detail on these aspects to give you a better picture.

What Are Thai & Filipino Wives Like?

Thai women are mainly timid, serene, soft-spoken, reserved girls who will only open up after she’s known you better. If you win their trust, they make excellent companions, making you feel so much younger than you are. Thai women often wear white make-up, sometimes looking strange like Eurasian or biracial, Latina or even Korean. Their fashion style is fancy; they wear contact lenses and have sizable tattoo eyebrows.

Their faith is Buddhism. They make great homemakers, maintain cleanliness around the home, treat you with much respect, and are very loyal. A Thai wife will treat you like a king, and if you don’t get engaged with a golddigger, you will not have much drama or complications.

What makes thai filipino women good wives

Filipino girls are more outspoken, friendly, and open to trying new things in a relationship. They generally do not wear much make-up like the Thai, and their dressing style is regular clothing, nothing fancy. They are exceptionally sexual, and if you marry one, it is unlikely you will get bored in the bedroom.

Random Facts that you won't believe are true:

Out of all the southeast Asian countries, Thailand is the only one that was not colonized by the Europeans, no wonder Thai women are still true to their uncontaminated culture.

How To Differentiate Filipinos And Thai Women

Thai women are generally very well-mannered. From a young age, there are taught how to embrace femininity by their mothers and the entire female community.

You will find aunts, teachers, granny shopkeepers, and even the cleaner woman in the school bathrooms all playing a role in ensuring these girls grow up knowing how to behave. As a result, you will find that many of them behave similarly.

Filipino girls are generally short and have brown skin. They tend to be thicker than Thai girls due to a diet of fish, meat, and rice. Filipinos are curvier than Thai women, and they tend to have big butts. While Thai women may be referred to as pretty, Filipino girls are sexy because of their curves.

As a result of avoiding the sun, Thai women are white-skinned. They also maintain a healthy diet of vegetables, finding it hard to spot a thick Thai girl. On average, they are petite and short and have facial features that resemble Chinese girls.

Attitude Towards Marriage Among Thai & Filipino Women

Unlike women from Western countries who expect the hard work in the relationship is in your docket, Southeast Asian women are generally concerned about pleasing their men.

Thai women are reserved and prefer to save sex for marriage. Do not display affection or argue with her in public; both are considered offensive. Being overly affectionate physically will make her think you have wrongly confused her for a sex worker. Treat them with prudence and self-restraint. Thai women are great homemakers, observe cleanliness, cook good healthy meals, and are passive in the bedroom. They expect faithfulness in the relationship.

Filipino women also make good homemakers, and they enjoy preparing meals. They are receptive to open displays of affection and are more jovial. They are more willing to try new things out in a relationship, making them adventurous. They display lots of prowess in sexual matters. Treat her with respect, and this will be reciprocated.

What Are the Benefits of Marrying a Thai or Filipino Girl?

Thai women are excellent cooks. They specialise in preparing healthy, nutritious dishes with plenty of herbs, spices, vegetables, sprouts, and a smaller proportion of fish & meat. Filipino women are also great cooks and prepare local dishes from the Philippines, filled with rice, fish, and meat. They cook lots of fried food, with minimal vegetables and fruits included in their meals. If you enjoy your meat platter, you’ll love the Filipino diet.

While Filipinos may not be as meticulous in cleanliness, they make good mothers and home keepers. In the Philippines, street children are abundant, primarily due to the poverty levels in the country. As a result, a few Filipino women abandon their children after birth due to their inability to care for them.

Your Thai wife will request you to take off your shoes when entering the house to keep it clean. Thai wives keep their homes a little smarter and more pristine than Filipino wives. Nevertheless, Filipinos will adequately care for you and the family.

As A Tourist, Is It Better to Travel to Thailand or The Philippines?

Both countries have a lot to offer and make great tourist destinations. For a long while now, Thailand is on many travellers’ must-visit lists. It borders several southeast Asian countries and is famous for its neighbouring islands and beaches full of natural wonders and socialisation.

It’s also famous for its lively nightlife, low transportation costs, activities, accommodation, and bargain shopping. It’s also a perfect destination for meditation and introspection as it has gorgeous temples, as it is a Buddhist country.

The Philippines is a more recent entry as a preferred tourist destination. It consists of 7,000 islands, making it a prime destination if you are looking for a laid-back life on the island and exotic beaches. It is popular with scuba divers due to its reef systems that cover 9,600 square miles. Filipino hospitality makes it easy to fall in love with the country.

What Is the Weather Like in These Two Countries?

In the Philippines, as a tropical region, they only experience two seasons, dry and wet. In recent years, seasons have changed, becoming occasionally unpredictable. The rainy season generally peaks between June and August. Despite the monsoon and rainy season, it feels much like summer throughout the year.

The tropical and sub-tropical climatic conditions in Thailand rely on the monsoon winds change, presenting three distinct seasons. The summer months are between March and mid-May. The rainy monsoon is experienced until October; then the cool, dry season takes over between November and February.

Frequently Asked Questions: Thai & Filipino wives

Who Is More Selfless Between a Filipino and a Thai Woman?

A Filipino woman is considerate and helpful. She may not feel the need to put much effort into being selfless since, after all, her sexual expertise should make up for her inadequacies in all other areas. They will care for you well without much selflessness.

On the other hand, the Thai woman is selfless and will pamper and spoil you completely. That includes cleaning your home, shopping for you, and doing anything else that you’d like done. A Thai’s mission is to please you.

What makes thai filipino women good wives

Do Thai & Filipino Practice the Same Religion?

Thailand and the Philippines practice different religions, none of which is more superior to the other. The Filipino’s follow Christianity and the Thai follow Buddhism. If you delve deep into the ways of Buddhism, you will learn that peace and serenity are a way of life for them. This tranquillity makes Thai women more beautiful character-wise as they tend to be more relaxed and calmer.

A good way to experience this calmness is to walk at night through Bangkok’s safe streets or Manila’s chaotic streets. However, you can get bored quickly with too much calm. Hence, the upbeat nature of the Filipino woman becomes a pleasant preference.

Which Cuisine is Better, Filipino or Thai?

Both Filipino and Thai cuisines are tasty. If you like to eat healthily and are diet and weight-conscious, it’s an easy Thai cuisine. Thai people prepare their meals with a good proportion of vegetables and minimal meat quantities.

On the other hand, Filipinos prepare many fried foods, which means more oil in their diet, and their fish and meat proportions are large. If you love more meat and fewer vegetables, then the Filipino diet is perfect. Maintaining a Filipino diet long-term may make you add some weight depending on your metabolism.

Do Thai & Filipino Women Speak English?

You will rarely find a communication barrier with a Filipino woman. America colonised the Philippines in the 1800s, which facilitates the ability for almost all Filipinos to speak English. While their English may not be perfect, it’s easy to speak to Filipino girls in English though they sometimes use slang and curse words more than the Thai. Thai girls’ English is poor, causing a significant language barrier.

You can have a shallow communicative chat with a Thai lady, but an intense, deep conversation will be challenging. On the bright side, if you are tired of English arguments with women from the West, this language barrier may be a breath of fresh air.

Is It Easy to Get Thai or Filipino Women to Bed?

There is no one standard answer to this question, no matter the nationality of a woman. Being an easy lay is subjective to an individuals’ morals, beliefs, and upbringing. Filipino women tend to have more fun due to their outgoing nature. In contrast, Thai women are more clammed up due to their reserved nature. Also, for both women, where you are in your relationship is a factor when it comes to opening up sexually.

Putting it together

Overall, both the Thai and Filipino women would make a good wife due to their caring, faithful nature combined with high family values. Filipino women are more outspoken and fun, making great company if you like going out.

If you prefer a more reserved life, then the Thai would be ideal as a wife. Filipino women are innovative and enthusiastic in the bedroom. The Thai are more reserved and do not appreciate public displays of affection. 

Divorce is illegal in the Philippines, so the only way out of a marriage with a Filipino woman is through annulment, which will cost you about $5,000.

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