Dating is hard. And meeting women seems next to impossible.

There. I’ve said it. 

You are awed when you hear that your friend or colleague found a girlfriend. You are amazed when you hear that someone has been in a healthy, successful relationship for a couple of years and it is still going strong. 

You may even be a little envious seeing happy couples at sport events, restaurants, and even on TV shows and movies. 

Where’s your happy ending? Your true love? Your “one” who adds happiness, joy, and adventure to your life? 

She’s out there.

And if you are ready to meet her, I’ve got 10 proven places where you can meet ladies. But first, let’s see why it’s so challenging to meet women today. 

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Why Is It So Hard to Meet Women Today?

You aren’t alone in thinking that dating is difficult and that it’s difficult to meet women these days. In fact, according to a 2020 study, 47% of Americans find dating more challenging today than a decade ago. 

Among the reasons cited for dating being hard is that 46% of people find it difficult to approach people, 37% of people don’t have enough of a choice with finding people to date, and 53% of people have trouble finding people looking for the same type of relationship they are. 

Romanian women

Other reasons include an increased scam risk, shifting societal expectations, and technology. 

In general, here’s a few more reasons why you may find it difficult to meet women:

The Best Places to Meet Single Women

There are various places you CAN meet a single lady – if you are open to the possibility. In fact, you might even meet your true love in a place you’d never have thought of.

And yes, you can most certainly meet your future girlfriend in a place other than a bar or club. I guarantee it. 

Here are proven places you can meet single ladies: 

Yoga & Pilates Classes

The ladies in yoga and Pilates classes are fit, flexible, and into a Zen way of life. Or, they attend these kinds of exercise classes to find some calm in their lives. 

You have a great chance of meeting single ladies at Pilates and yoga classes. Plus, there’s one secret weapon that counts in your favor: 

Many more women are into yoga and Pilates than men … so chances are, you won’t have to worry about the other manly competition here. You can just stretch into shape and be authentically you. 

Speed Dating

Speed dating events are very goal-oriented. The specific mission of speed dating is to help you find a single lady whom you have something in common with and whom you can spend time with in the hopes that she’ll become your partner or girlfriend. 

But like with all things in life – don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. 

Accept speed dating for the opportunity it presents: A chance for you to find your special romance, and if you don’t, you might walk out of a speed dating event a friend or two richer. 

Concerts & Other Events

You can also meet single ladies at concerts, gallery openings, wine tasting events, improv nights, museums, and others. 

If you like music or art or wine, then go where like-minded ladies hang out. Just think: you’ll already have something in common, and you can wow her with your insight into the local wine industry, modern art, or new theories on how dinosaurs became extinct.

Ask Friends If They Know Single Women

This is one of the oldest matchmaking tricks – aside from being set up with an arranged marriage. 

Almost everyone has a story of being set up on a blind date with a friend of a friend, and there are some success stories too. Who’s to say your blind date story won’t be a success? 

And even if you just pick up a new friend, you are still richer than you were before the blind date. 

So go on, ask your friends if they know any single ladies who’ll be a good match for you.  

Romance Tours

Romance tours (also sometimes called single tours) are another way you can meet women. The biggest pros about these kinds of tours are that you get to meet exotic women who’ll love you even if you are an average-Joe and experience a foreign country and culture. 

Plus, the tour is organized, so you can just sit back and relax and be you during the social events. 

The best romance tour operator in the industry is (check our review: Review: How reliable and serious is A Foreign Affair?). The matchmaking company has decades worth of experience. 

You can choose to tour Russia, Ukraine, Asia, and Latin and South America.

Curious about these romance tours? I’ve got a comprehensive guide on romance tours as a reliable way to find your future wife!   

Matchmaking & Marriage Agencies

You can also get the help of professional matchmakers and marriage agencies to help you find The One. 

Each agency works differently, but in general, you can expect an in-person consultation session so the matchmaker can get to know you and learn about your preferences. The agency then starts recruiting. They look for potential matches and vet every partner. 

They may even offer to arrange the first date for you based on your preferences and when you are free. After the date, the agency will collect feedback and use that information to further refine their search for your true love. 

Online Dating Apps & Sites

Yes, of course, dating apps and sites will feature here (read more: Comparing Online Dating Sites: Which Dating App is Best?). 

This is, after all, a great way to meet women – whether you are extroverted, ambiverted, or introverted. 

But, before I say more, I want to stress how important it is to be aware of romance and dating scams. 

Don’t rush into anything. Follow your gut. 

And run if something (or someone) sounds too good to be true. 

There are thousands of online dating platforms, and while you could go and sign up to hundreds of them, who has the time? Rather, play the game smartly. 

Select the best dating app for you based on your goals and preferences. I’ve got complete guides on how to choose the best dating service for you and 10 dating sites to suit a specific need.  

If you are in a hurry, here are our recommendations: - Best for International relationships has been in the dating biz since 2004. The company’s aim is to help you look for your perfect partner, whether they are Asian, Russian, Slavic, or from any other nationality. 

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Various credit bundles are available:

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Here’s some of the services and accompanying credit costs: 

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Like on other dating sites, you can register, create your dating profile, send winks, basic search and browse, view profiles, and favorite profiles for free on 

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Singles Holidays

If you are planning a holiday or vacation, you can definitely meet single women on your trip. 

You choose to book your vacation through a tour company that’s good at organizing and planning a singles holiday or join a tour for part or the whole of your vacation. 

Alternatively, just follow these best tips to meet ladies on your vacation: 

Evening Dating & Lifestyle Classes

Self-improvement is a big topic these days, and all in all, working on yourself makes you a better person – you become more self-aware, you learn about your triggers, and you heal from past trauma. 

All of this makes you a healthier person when you realize you are already whole and you don’t need someone to complete you. But you’d like someone to add to your joy and to share your joy with your loved one. 

While you are improving yourself, you can also meet single ladies. 

Consider attending: 

Walking the Dog

Ladies go goo-goo and ga-ga over a man with a cute little puppy. 


Don’t go out getting a pooch and you aren’t naturally a dog person or ready for the commitment of looking after a dog. This won’t bode well for your relationship when you do meet Ms. Right.  

dog walking

So if you love dogs, you can meet single ladies who are also into dogs at dog parks and animal shelters. 

You can also join sites and Facebook groups and communities that cater for local dog lovers. 

Final Thoughts on Where to Meet Ladies

If you open your eyes and your heart to possibilities, you can meet single women anywhere.

There may even be a cute lady who works in your office who’s been checking you out but you haven’t noticed. Or maybe there’s a single barista at the local coffee shop you frequent on the weekends or someone at your gym. 

Look around and you’ll see single ladies everywhere. Be the gentleman you are, be authentic, and make the first move. 

Go on. 

You can do it.  

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