Indonesian girls are worth meeting, dating, and even marrying if you are lucky. This article will help you hit the ground running when you get to meet one of them. Dating a person from a different culture can get tricky. You need insight into some of the basics if the relationship is to work. Most Indonesian girls are Muslims; some are conservatives, while others are liberals.

You will meet different types of these girls. Many of them are registered in different dating sites in Asia and the world. You can interact with them there or meet them physically when you decide to visit Indonesia. They are interested in dating men from other countries, especially western men. That is an upside for a western man looking to find an Indonesian bride; they are open to the possibility.

What Is It Like Dating An Indonesian Girl?

Dating an Indonesian girl will be different from what you are used to in most western countries. Do not expect a lot of affection with the first few dates; most girls are not used to moving too quickly. It will take time before she is comfortable with you to display affection; you should practice patience at every level. As you already know, they are mostly Muslims; their religion is a big part of their upbringing.

It manifests in their dating culture as well. Accept and respect her religion, customs and traditions. They are serious about dating; most of the relationships lead to marriage. If you are looking for something more than just a hook-up, Indonesian girls are right for you.

Why do western men like indonesian girls

No matter how open-minded she is, you should still take things slow, be prepared to spend on a few dates before you make a move. You move too quickly, and you risk scaring her away, but it will be a fantastic dating experience if you do everything right.

Stereotypes about Indonesian Women

Most people believe that Indonesian women are gold diggers. It’s believed they lure western men who have money to help better their lives. That’s because people assume most of them live in poverty, but most parts of the country are developed.

The women are educated and living comfortable meaningful lives. When she dates you, most of them are interested in a serious relationship. Foreigners have the mind-set that all Indonesian women are very conservative, from their attitude, behaviour and dressing.

Even though a modest outfit is considered polite, most of these women are free to dress and behave however they want. You should be prepared to meet conservative Indonesian women, but not all of them are.

Some will be as liberal as the girls you are used to in your country. A common stereotype is that all Indonesian women are either Javanese or Balinese. There are over three hundred ethnic groups in Indonesia with different customs and traditions.

Why Indonesia Women So Special?

These women believe in respecting and submitting to their partners. Their different cultures and religions have taught them that from an early age. Their behaviours and mentality are what makes them so special.

How submissive and respectful they will depend on how you treat them and the relationship. Treat her right, and you will have an excellent and beautiful life partner. She won’t try to boss you around or disrespect you in any way. You may get different reactions if you treat her badly.

Their sexual attitudes are unique and make them special. It’s not unusual to marry a virgin in Indonesia; there is still some stigma around sex before marriage. However, they have a very positive attitude toward sex in marriage.

They also value family and building a stable home; they value parents, siblings and other family members above everything else. You will be integrated into their family quickly once you get to know each other.

Do Indonesian Girls Like Western Men?

Indonesian girls appreciate western men a lot. There is a stereotype that they look for western men to marry to get mixed race babies. The notion is not true for all women, but one thing is for sure, they like western men. Do not be afraid to approach any of these women; they are open to learning new cultures and dating foreigners.

They mostly look for a man with good values; the fact that you are western will come second. How you treat her matters more; for many years, these women have dated and even married men from the west. Most of the women who marry foreigners are seen as bed-warmers and gold diggers. The view is slowly changing with time because many Indonesian women have serious relationships with western men.

Are Indonesian Women Good Wives?

Indonesians make the best wives, especially if you want the traditional type of wife. They are submissive and will care deeply for your home. Most of them are well-rounded; they are educated, beautiful and respectful women. She will cater to your needs and that of your family without complaints. They are great cooks, most of them and excellent mothers, do not marry one of these women if you don’t want children.

Unless she tells you otherwise, they want children and to build a home with you. With regards to the traditional division of labour, Indonesian women may be more comfortable than westerners.

They expect their husbands to lead and assume the head of the household, and they take a more passive role. The mentality may vary from one woman to another, but it can’t be disputed that they all make good wives.

Random Facts that you won't believe are true:

Child marriages are common there in ethnic communities. It is also one of the triggers of diseases like cervical cancer in women.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Marrying An Indonesian?


Marriage is sacred to them. It’s one of the reasons why marrying an Indonesian is good for you. They are good partners to live with and will value your marriage above everything. Her family will always come first, and that’s why their divorce rates are very low.

Fidelity is guaranteed with an Indonesian spouse. An Indonesian bride will make a very loyal wife; they will be dedicated to you alone. It’s highly unlikely that she might cheat on you; she is also very supportive of your dreams.

Their hospitality is an advantage you will enjoy. Indonesian women are very kind and gracious hosts; your family and friends will always feel welcomed to your home. It is part of their culture, they grew up showing love, kindness and hospitality to people, and they will carry that to their marriage life.


Sometimes their conservative nature may not agree with many of your beliefs. It can be hard being married to someone with different beliefs, religion and customs from yours. It’s an obstacle, but with understanding, it can be overcome.

There might be some resistance from families. Mixed marriages don’t always get the blessings of both families. You will have your work cut out for you. Try and do your best to win her family over because they value their families a lot. Without a good relationship with family, marriage to an Indonesian woman will be tricky.

Are Indonesian Women The Most Beautiful In The World?

Indonesian women may be the most beautiful in Asia and even the world. Their looks are characterized by a mixture of Chinese, Arabic and Latina. They are the thickest women in Asia; their voluptuous body makes them very attractive.

Their skin is gorgeous; they don’t use a lot of makeup, just enough to complement their features. They are a total package; their personality matches their looks which makes them a catch. 

You will be lucky to date any one of them; they have a natural beauty that captures the eye; it’s not something you can miss. Their beauty is treasured by them and society. The bride price would differ depending on how beautiful a girl is in the traditional Indonesian setup.


Thanks to online dating, you can easily access Indonesian women. Understand their dating scene first before you begin interactions. It will give you an upper hand with the local ladies and improve your dating experience. 

Our advice to you: Find an Indonesian girl who is interested in you, then begin your dating experience. If you use dating sites, make sure your profile is very appealing; use good photos to attract the women. Dating sites are the best way to interact with Indonesians; you get to meet different types of women and select the ones you like most.
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Dress to impress and always make a great first impression; putting your best foot forward will give you a better chance with an Indonesian woman. First dates make or break a relationship.

Men are expected to be breadwinners and providers; you should be ready to pay for the first date. Be open to learning new things and compromising your beliefs; local Indonesian women are very cultured; you need a middle ground for the relationship to work.

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