Eastern European (Slavic) women are known for their beauty. An average Eastern European woman is at 7 out of 10 on a beauty scale. Their cooking skills are top-notch. They are also very confident with how they approach life. If you were looking to date a Slavic woman, you have to be ready to sweep her off her feet.

Your confidence has to match theirs, or you will be intimidated by them. I know that attracting women can be difficult. If you were looking for an easy way out; Slavic women are not for you. They are also very passionate and vocal about their feelings.

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What Is The Mind-Set Of Slavic Brides?

The idea of Slavic brides is almost a fantasy. It has become an undeniable trend, especially on online dating. Every man wants to settle down with a great woman who is right for him. These brides have all the qualities of becoming a great life partner. They have core family values and the mindset of creating a home. They are devoted and passionate wives and mothers who are very hospitable.

A Slavic bride is someone that will stick with you through thick and thin. They are very honest; their culture discourages empty words and fake promises. Forget about lies when you marry a Slavic bride. They are big on adventure and enjoying life, be ready for the best ride of your life.

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What Are The Perks Of Dating An Eastern European Woman?

A lot of times, women can get very demanding and uptight. An Eastern Europe woman is hopeful and cheerful throughout. They will respect your money and time. They are easy to be with because they live in the present. Because of their confidence, they are not clingy; they will give you your time. They are classy; they know how to carry themselves on different occasions.

They are the type of women you want to take with you everywhere because of the way they carry themselves. They are very feminine; they invest in how they look; they are poised, calm, and stunning women. Aside from their jaw-dropping beauty, they are also intelligent and committed hard workers. 

If you are looking for a woman, you can build an empire with, Eastern European women are the ones for you. With all these in mind, you will be pleasantly surprised each time you interact.

What Is Like To Date A Slavic Girl?

You might think that Slavic girls are cold and calculating from watching bond movies. That is far from the truth; they like attention and being pampered. When dating them, you will find that they like confident men. They will love being desired by you. They are not your typical kind of girl; they have a layered personality. It will be an excellent experience to date one.

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They will treat you like a man and are very respectful. They know how to show up; Slavic girls know how to look amazing. Their natural beauty is something to behold throughout your dating period.

Top Stereotypes about Eastern European Women

They are many things foreigners believe about Eastern European women. Most people believe that they are emotionless and cold. It is a popular generalisation that women from those sides do not show any emotions and are very calculative.

Some people think that all women from Eastern Europe are skinny and blonde. It is believed that they are constantly obsessed with how they look.

They are also believed to be gold-diggers. People think that they always look for rich men to marry. Another common stereotype is that they are not intelligent. People think that they do not like working, and they enjoy being kept by a man. These women are said to be fully dependent on men and cannot cope without a man.

They are also believed to wear a lot of makeup; especially dark eye shadow. It is believed that they lure international men to marry them so they can migrate.

What Do Slavic Women Seek In Men?

Confidence is the main thing Slavic women look for in a man. They are very confident, and so they expect the same from their partners. Before approaching any Slavic woman, you should believe in yourself first. They like respectful men; you cannot lure any Slavic woman without treating her respectfully. Mutual respect is of at most importance when you want a serious relationship.

You should be independent if you want to attract them. You should be able to stand on your own two feet before you can sweep her off her feet. Another major attribute they look for is creativity and energy. They are highly spirited women, and being dull might work against you when dating them. Try to be interesting and full of energy.

Did you know? Slavic women like men who know fashion and dress well. If you were thinking of approaching them, start thinking about your wardrobe.
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How to Choose the Reliable and Legit Eastern European Dating Site

Dating sites are the quickest way to meet your dream lover. These dating sites allow you to meet Eastern European women by selecting from thousands of them. There are many women on dating sites all over. First, make sure it’s a recognised dating site in Eastern Europe. Ensuring it is a legit site will help avoid being cat-fished. Fortunately, there are real ones, and you can meet women, talk, interact and form lasting connections.

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Make sure you review the site before signing up. Know how much it will cost you and what services are offered there. You can search for their reviews online and see what people say about them. That is a quick way to know if they are legit or not.

From peoples comments, you will tell where you will meet real Eastern European women. You can try multiple dating sites before settling for the one you like most.

Dating Services to Meet Pretty Slavic Women Seeking Love and Dating

If you are looking into Slavic dating sites, it means you have been attracted by their extreme beauty. It is important not to be carried away all too quickly. Engage the women in conversations and find the one you like most before you jump on a plane to Eastern Europe.


You can register freely, and there are no obligations required. Many people can attest to the success of this platform in matching people. It is an efficient and affordable way of meeting serious women who are interested in relationships.

You do not need a membership to see women’s profiles. But to get the full experience you can get a platinum membership with an activation fee of 95USD and 29.95USD monthly payments.

They organise meetings when the couples are interested. They will send you different matches on your email. There is also access to women’s videos. Their services are wide; you can even order flowers for a woman.

Their success rate is very high. It is easy to handle, and there are many services that are offered. Also, most of their women are serious. Loveme.com is an online platform that allows you to meet women from all over Eastern European countries.


Cuteonly.com is an international dating website matching women from Slavic countries with western men to find love and marriage.


The Basic membership is free of charge. You can only browse the profiles. Premium membership has the following packages:

The dating site’s usability is flexible as it filters the ladies by age and country. 

Why we like the site:


BeHappy2Day.com is an international dating site that connects single men to women from Russia, Latin America, Asia, and Ukraine, who are ready to settle down, fall in love, and build a family together.


Each function requires certain credits that you can purchase via an Email Credit System. It is through credit and debit cards. The cost of the credits starts at $2.96, equivalent to 20 credits. Most functions require at least 10 credits.

The website’s usability is easy for anyone to navigate as you can access ladies who are online and access profiles to choose anyone to your liking.

Why we like the site:


GenerationLove.com is an online dating website mainly for European women. It was established in 2006 and welcomes members with straight sexual orientation. It is a popular dating site with thousands of members from all over the world.

First, you must complete the medium-length registration process, then you can start using the platform. GenerationLove.com has an efficient search tool that you can use to find a potential partner. The search criteria on the website includes age, gender, online activity, and photo. In addition to this, the website has extended search criteria like location, priority listing, and appearance.

When you find someone that interests you from the search tool, you can start interacting with them by taking advantages of the services offered by the platform. Services offered by this dating platform include:


GenerationLove.com works on a coin-plan. This means that you use real money to purchase virtual coins or credits within the platform, which you will use to access online dating services. The coin-plan is non-recurring. It costs the following:

GenerationLove is for individuals looking to find international love and settle down. It is not for casual dating and link-ups as the ladies on the site are looking for serious relationships.

This is a legitimate online dating platform. It has several positive reviews, its website is secure, and it is a registered platform. However, I encountered a few fake profiles when I was browsing the platform.

Meeting a Slavic Woman: What to Consider?

I know there is no dress code for meeting a woman, but I would advise you mind what you are wearing when you want to meet a Slavic woman. The first impression is everything. Be honest and a little mysterious. Don’t give everything on the first meeting. 

Put on your romantic hut. Be interesting and charm her with every opportunity you get. You should consider dishing out compliments to her, but not too much that it gets creepy! Since they are confident ladies, try to match their confidence from your body language to how you speak. Carry some flowers.

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