Navigating the modern dating world is a lot like finding a needle in a haystack. We all have our “type,” and it sometimes feels like we will never find our perfect match.

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of dating a Kiev woman?

Trying to find your soulmate on this great big planet may seem like an unreachable dream, but what if I told you there was a way to make the world a little smaller and a whole lot closer? 


Online dating sites. Bye-bye awkward blind dates, and hello exciting profiles and bios.

If you are considering dating a Kiev woman and ready to feature in the best romance story of your life, then I have all the information you need, right here.

Why Trust Doves-of-Love

Meeting Kiev Women: Why Are These Women Popular in International Dating?

Men from all walks of life can’t help but admire and desire women from Kiev. (and who could blame them? They are gorgeous.)

It isn’t easy to narrow down the reasons why Kiev women are so popular in the international dating world. But there is something special about Kiev ladies that sets them apart from women from other cultures and countries. Related reading: Is it safe to travel to Kiev alone to find a wife?

Here are some obvious reasons why women from Kiev are so popular in international dating:

They are alluring.

Women from Kiev are known for their seductive and alluring beauty, and they have a classic Slavic/Romany gypsy appearance (read more: Main Reasons Why Ukrainian Women Are So Beautiful).

They have long, luscious hair that ranges from blonde to dark brown or black. They are known for their delicate facial features, large almond-shaped eyes, thick dark eyebrows, full lips, and high cheekbones.

kiev dating

A stereotypically beautiful Kiev woman is voluptuous with a tiny waist. They are darker in complexion than women from Poland or Russia and are often referred to as looking like a cover model.

They are well-groomed.

Kiev women pride themselves on their well-groomed appearance. A well-groomed woman knows what she wants, and she knows she will get it.

Kiev women are not afraid to show off their femininity or sexuality and are aware of the attention they attract. 

They are friendly.

One reason that sets Kiev women apart from other women is that they are friendly and very approachable. You can approach a woman in Kiev on the street (or online), and she will be more than happy to strike up a conversation with you (especially if you are a foreigner).

Kiev women are also highly intelligent and have strong family values.

Kiev Dating Scene: What to Consider?

When pursuing a woman from Kiev, it’s essential to ensure you impress your lady rather than cause her to block you. These beautiful ladies know what they want, and they want to be desired and appreciated.

kiev dating scene

If you want to successfully date a woman from Kiev, consider the following:

What Is the Dating Culture in Kiev?

Every country has a different dating culture. Let’s take a look at some of Kiev’s dating customs:

Our Criteria: How Do We Select Legit Apps for Meeting Kiev Women

When selecting legit dating apps for meeting Kiev women, I ensure they meet our very strict criteria. This means you are in a safe place to share information about yourself without stressing that your personal information is being shared with other sites (however, scammers are getting smarter so always beware).

I choose the best international dating sites based on their:

I only recommend sites with a good reputation for being legit and successful in helping people find their perfect match.

I ensure that the site’s costs are fair and that you get what you pay for (especially when it comes to expensive sites).

I always check that the profile quality on the sites is superior. It’s also important to remember that you don’t want to be overwhelmed by too many profile options.

Therefore, profile quantity is also very important, so you can focus on making a real connection with a lady.

I strive to ensure that the dating site or app is user-friendly.

With all the scammers and fake profiles out there, I only pick reputable sites that vet their users and have anti-scamming systems in place.

Dating Apps for Kiev Dating To Try In 2023

Are you ready to meet the Kiev woman of your dreams? Then here are the 4 best Ukrainian dating sites and apps to make your dreams come true:

The first site I reviewed for this post is It works by sending matches directly to the email linked to your dating account.

Every match it sends is based on the dating preferences and personal information submitted during signup. I found that almost all its communications require a paid subscription.

Its built-in search engine allows you to sort filters by keywords, e.g., hair color, sports, job.


Women can access the site for free, but men have to pay a monthly subscription fee. The fee starts at $29.95 per month.

Who is Loveme for and not for?

From my experiences on the site, I can say that this site is perfect for:

However, I don’t recommend for the following:

Is Loveme service scam or fake?

This is one site that has withstood the test of time and has helped match single men and women to Kiev women for years. So YES, it’s legit.

Behappy2day was established in 2004 and has made many single men’s dreams come true by allowing them to meet Ukrainian women from Kiev online.

Top Services from Behappy2day 

Behappy2day Costs 

Sign up to for free, and you can view profiles at your leisure. Behappy2day uses an email credit system, and if you want to communicate with a love interest, you will need to purchase credits.

For the affordable price of US$14.99, you can get a bundle of 20 credits, allowing you to buy your lady flowers and have a 1-minute 2-way live video call with her.

What We Like About Behappy2day

This premier dating site seeks to connect men from around the world with Ukrainian women looking for new love. also features profiles from women in Eastern Europe.

Its basic search criteria allow you to run a search for potential matches using criteria such as:


You need to have a paid subscription to run a more extended search.

Its pricing is based on credits to your account. For example:

For 30 coins (the cheapest subscription), you’ll need to pay $22.90 and $249.90 to get 500 coins (the most expensive subscription).

Who is GenerationLove for and not for?

I can recommend GenerationLove dating for the following:

The following should, however, avoid it:

Is GenerationLove service scam or fake?

It has been around since 2008, making it one of the most active sites to date. But I found that most women here are only interested in scamming men off their hard-earned money. is a great online dating platform that has matched couples since 2005. This is the perfect app if you are looking for a soulmate

CuteOnly seeks to connect Kiev women with men from different locales. 

Its search algorithm allows you to expand your search beyond Ukraine and includes women from all over Eastern Europe.

You can run your search using criteria such as height, weight, and religion.

Top Services from


You can start with a free account, but I recommend you get a paid subscription to access the more advanced features.

The membership prices are as follows:

Who is CuteOnly for and not for?

I recommend CuteOnly for the following:

Avoid this site if:

Is CuteOnly service scam or fake?

It has thousands of profiles, many of which are questionable as they only depict models. I am inclined to believe this site is fake.

Putting It Together

Learning about Kiev dating culture will help you win over the lady of your dreams (otherwise you can make a lot of dating mistakes: TOP4 Mistakes Men Can Do When Dating Ukrainian Brides). 

Even though Kiev women like men to make the first move, it’s crucial to ensure you make an excellent first impression.

Everyone is unique and has different views on relationships. Getting to know your soulmate is a beautiful part of online dating, so stay true to yourself and keep the communication channels with the Kiev woman of your dreams open.

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